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Birds In White

Birds In White




The Garden Of Blood Trilogy: Book Two *** I am the Devil's secret weapon. A pun played in the game of blood and lust. I am the difference between a serial killer and a psychopath. Maybe I am both. Fun for me is having a massacre and leaving a trail of bodies in my wake. If it was not for my family and the Law Of Blood, innocence will not matter. They managed to tame a monster that has no feelings. ******** He was Hell's servant Loyal only to his King and Queen. Blood, Lust and Power



Always remember where you came from...



Being a child soldier was the norm where I lived. I am only fifteen but I killed more men than I could count. Remembering a time when blood and death were not in my life has become a blur.

I do not know if my parents are among the living or the dead. Working my way up the ranks in the army, I had been awarded most skilled in getting enemies to squeal under torture.

The bad part was I did not care about the lives I took. I was a man before I even was a boy.

The man laid strapped to my torture bed, groaned as his senses became alert to his environment. My captain wanted to know where the Americans were being held.

"Kid, where am I?" he coughed and struggled in his restraints a bit before realization dawned on him. He tried to beg before I started cutting away pieces of him.

Usually, I did not ask questions, my victims would start talking on their own. And this one was no different, a half hour into his torture I knew where the Americans were being kept, who was in charge and what their plan of attack was.

I had yet to ask a question.

My tools did the talking for me, I even named them. In a way, they were my friends since most of my time was spent with them.

Dropping my tools I took up the recorder that I taped him on and walked out of the room. I had to take it to cap.

Knocking on the door I waited for him to say that I could enter.

"Yes come in!"

Pushing the door open I kept my head down and placed the recorder on his table. I nodded my head when he asked if I got our captive to spill. I turned around to go but someone stopped me.

"Who is he?" a man's voice asked. I could feel him staring at me but I still kept my eyes aimed at the floor.

"That is Pain. He does not talk much but he is one of my best men and he is only fifteen years old."

It was true, I have not spoken in seven years. Not since my village perished by the men I now work for.

"I want your price." the man who seemed to have some sort of power over my cap, inquired.

"Well he is not for sale, did you not just hear what I said...he is one of my best men." cap stood up from his chair and turned towards me "Pain leave!"

"No Don't !" the man who wanted me commanded before I could move a muscle. "You know I was asking nicely don't make me use force..." the two men went a stare off but my cap lost.

"Fine give me a million and you can take him without force." my cap sat back down with a huff. The other man pulled out a book and wrote on it.

"Drop the boy here tonight and you will receive your money in return." he threw the paper at Cap and walked out but not before telling me his name.

"My name is Pablo... kid," he said patting my back and walking out of the office with five other men behind him.

The present...

Pablo was the closest thing I knew to a father. He took me from that hell hole and brought me back to France with him.

I became second in command when his son established his own family. I was trained for the role. Pablo gave me a brother and a sister. He gave me a new life but that could not erase the damage done.

Wanna know the difference between a serial killer and a psychopath?

A serial killer feels remorse and kills one person at a time. A psychopath feels nothing and kills in numbers. Massacre after massacre, the higher the body count the better.

It is fun letting your body be drenched in the blood of your victims. It is a feeling of accomplishment...of fulfillment.

You feel like you have superhuman strength. Your mind doesn't work the way a normal person does. It does not calculate the right emotions one is supposed to.







Those emotions are foreign to me. Maybe I felt that way when I was a very young child but now, I feel nothing.

Pablo is dead now killed by an enemy named Vito Demonte but he is also dead. Buried with the ones he killed.

Something went missing from my life when he died, but I did not feel sadness or grief. I wish I could feel, even if it was just that one emotion...sadness.

Even when it came to my sexuality I felt nothing. I was an Asexual male. Which meant I was not attracted to either of the genders.

River Colson was the one person I found interesting but I stopped following him after everything went to shit at the estate. I met him once but I was too busy with my family.

Nikolaos and Arden needed me. I was the key to getting Vito and we were successful in killing the bastard.