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My Indispensable Mate

My Indispensable Mate

Author:Hajarat Ayo


General Romance

Sitting on a rock looking back in time it is amazing growing fast and knowing you are not aging neither are you gonna die with a love so beautiful and pure it is a dream so beautiful and a world so giving with peace I look to my right side and see him his look is so filled with love unexplainable it is intoxicating but worth drowning into and I smile I am Nayasmie and this is my world and I deserve it

In a small city of forks,

where vampires and werewolves live in discreet to humans

A place where these creatures feed on blood flesh and human food

In the dark forest with mountain of beautiful scenery lies a two region separated by a lake .

The blood drinking tribe and the flesh eating tribe, the vampires and the werewolves

In the living room well furnished with light beams reflecting from the outside through the large glass windows surrounding half of the living room.

Nayasmie Nayasmie... Called Bella

In a flash with a speed of lightening a lady of about 5.4ft with beautiful long hazel hair, a little tan skin, slightly lushed cheeks, pale red lips with deep Amber Eyes with slightly thin eyebrow stood a few feet away from a lady who has a resembling eye with the other lady with a little difference sitting on a couch taking a sip from a glass of cup filled with red viscous liquid

Yes mother, answered Nayasmie, the lady put the glass of blood on the table , stood up and said

Well my dear, where were you, asked Bella

I have been in the forest hunting, mother. Said Nayasmie

Oh I know. Bella said turning to the window looking at the man approaching the building from afar and she smiled with pleasure and love filling her eyes

I smell that. Said Bella

Oh you can but I made sure to get rid of the smell, I guess I didn't do that well. Said Nayasmie

Yeah well, I called you here to tell you that we will be having visitors. Said Bella

Oh really and who are these people coming here. Nayasmie said, moving to the shelf at the end of the living room picked up an apple and munch on it

Well they are people you will be excited to meet said Bella

Oh really are they someone I can guess if possible. Asked Nayasmie

Well it is your aunt Alexis who is coming with your uncle Charlie and your new cousin, said the man who just came in. Edward.

Hey dad, Nayasmie said moving closer to the man and giving him a hug

How is my big girl doing, the man said ruffling her hair

I am good dad, Nayasmie said smiling

That's good to know well I am not surprised Jake is probably filling that gap, Edward said

Nayasmie blush and said stop embarrassing me dad

I hope you are not doing anything odd in any way, Bella said with her right brow raised up

Come on my love give her a break, Edward said giving her a side hug and a kiss on her hair

No I won't take that she is just eight years old..........

And she is a vampire, fast growing at that. Edward cut Bella off

Oh I can see that and I am not blind......

Oh please stop you two, Nayasmie cut of the conversation. Nothing is going on, I mean nothing odd we are just going on trips and rides it was fun too, nothing unusual which is also usual. Nayasmie said

Oh OK, Bella said with her arms folded in front of her.

Well we were saying something before that conversation right.... Said Nayasmie taking another munch from the apple

Oh yeah your aunt is coming like I said and that's it. Bella said

I know but why not tell me more about this cousin of mine... Nayasmie asked

Well as you know he is going to be a new breed and I hope you can help him control himself, that is, if you can do that. Bella said

Well I don't know it depends...... Nayasmie shrugged take another munch from the apple and take a sit on the couch beside her

Well I heard that he is no trouble and he is trying his best to control himself, Nayasmie, so be nice. Bella said stressing on the so

Mom I am nice, I am the perfect definition of nice, OK so no worries I just mean that it depends if he wants too. Nayasmie said

OK I trust in you to handle him well for the sake of your aunt, Bella said

Is that a bribe, Nayasmie said smiling while she munch again on the apple

Well I can't say that, Bella said as she shrugged

Oh mom, I love you. Nayasmie said

I love you more dear, more than anything. Bella said

Does that mean you don't love me anymore. Edward said

Well you are getting old and I need to find a young man don't you think so. Bella said

You can't do that to me. I am as new and young as ever as though we ever age so what old. Edward said

Hey... Nayasmie scolds suddenly

What, what happen did you see anything. Bella said

Well your old man seems to be messing with my head here finding things not lost..... Nayasmie said with her look pointed at Edwards

Edward leave the girl alone.... Bella slaps Edward on his thigh

Ouch, what, I did nothing wrong... Edward said like a wronged child


Nayasmie laughed

Like you feel any pain,


Bella said giving Edward another slap on the thigh

Oh Mademoiselle, I love your seduction ..... Edward said pulling Bella in for a hug and sniffing her hair. I have missed you so much.

We were in all night and we were not even separated for even an hour and you miss me............. I am speechless. Bella said slapping Edward on his shoulder .

Edward wrapped his arm on her waist and pull her close to him and the two forgot Nayasmie's presence by engaging in a deep kiss

Get a room you two..... Nayasmie said heading out

I love you too baby, Edward said to Nayasmie as she head out

I love you both... Nayasmie said picking another apple on the shelf

Take care my baby........ Bella said

I will mom bye..... Nayasmie said munching the last piece of the previous apple And in a flash she moved out.....................