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The Alpha's Seventh Wife

The Alpha's Seventh Wife

Author:Celeste Ravren



“You, I chose you to be my seventh wife.” Her eyes widened. She couldn’t believe that among the twenty women that passed through his evaluation, he chose her! “C-can you choose another woman?” “I chose you. No one in this room passed through my taste. It was only you, I will make sure to get you pregnant, Shiloh." Shiloh Harding, a 25-year-old half human and half Lycan from a wealthy family but when her father died, their family fell into debt that they needed to pay off. Loki Roosevelt, a 38-year-old ruthless and powerful King Alpha of Verlice. He is the last male royal blood of Roosevelt, unfortunately, after trying to conceive a child for twenty years over six wives, the Royal Council wanted him to surrender the throne. In order to keep his position, he has to do everything to conceive a child within the year.

Chapter One: I Chose You.

TREMBLING in fear, Shiloh looked up to the King Alpha, who was now standing proudly in front of her. King Alpha Loki has piercing dark forest green eyes, the way his eyes darted on a lowly being like her, it made her knees wobble. She could sense his powerful aura, that no one couldn’t omit. Her mouth parted after seeing how he pointed his finger at her.

“You, I chose you to be my seventh wife.”

Her eyes widened. She couldn’t believe that among the twenty women that passed through his evaluation, he chose her! She doesn’t really want to be his wife. It was her mother who pushed her to do this because of money.

“W-why me?” she stuttered.

Loki squinted her eyes and then mockingly laughed. “You should’ve been happy that I chose you. Why the long face?”

“They… they forced me to do this,” she replied honestly. “C-can you choose another woman?”

What she said startled the King Alpha, his expression seems annoyed. But then a loud laugh echoed around the entire room after a few seconds. Holding his stomach, Loki couldn’t help but to laugh at how this woman rejected him. He felt insulted, but then at the same time, he liked how brave this woman was.

Loki’s laugh made Shiloh feel nervous. Tears formed in her upturned blue eyes. He wasn’t happy. She can feel that. His laugh sounds evil!

Until it subsided. His piercing green eyes landed on her again, and it made her hold her breath. She didn’t know, but there is something in his eyes that’s making her weak.

“I chose you. No one in this room passed through my taste. It was only you,” he clearly replied. “Now, come to me so we can start.”He forcefully grabbed her wrist. It was painful, but then she couldn’t complain. Then he pulled her into a different door from the other ordinary door. A werewolf was engraved on the oak door. A male servant opened the door for them, then they entered. Shiloh couldn’t help but to feel amazed by how enormous and elegant the room was. Yes, she came from a wealthy family, and she used to be in an elegant place, but this is amazing!

She’s still gawking over the room when Loki dragged her into the biggest bed she has ever seen. Confused, she turned her head to Loki.

“W-what are we going to—”

She hasn’t finished her sentence, Loki brushed off his fingers through her soft cheek. Shiloh couldn’t help but stare at his beauty, the way his eyes made its way to her lips. It’s really seductive. From his cheek, his thumb made its way to her lips and then he parted it.“You have to bear a child no matter what.” Loki said before throwing Shiloh on the enormous bed covered with white sheets. The bed bounced after she fell on it.

It has been three months since Loki broke up with his sixth wife for not bearing a child. The Royal Councils of Verlice wanted him to step down, because he couldn't have a child to inherit his position. Loki was the only full-blooded left in the royal family of Roosevelt. If he wouldn’t give them an heir, then he has to step down. Shiloh wasn’t even his mate, even his past five ex-wives. But Loki is desperate…

“A-alpha… I don’t want to marry you. We don’t love each other, we are not even mates.”

“It doesn’t matter to me now, Shiloh Harding. All I want is a child, and if you can give it to me, then I can also give you the world.”Shiloh’s family is known for having more than ten children; the family line of Hardings has more children than other families. In fact, Shiloh’s mother had fifteen children. The last three died because of an illness. Loki couldn’t accept the fact that he might be a barren, and so he chose a woman that might have the genes to get pregnant right away.

Loki started unbuttoning his white long sleeves polo. His long fingers swiftly unbuttoned each button; revealing his chiselled chest with tiny hairs. His dark forest green eyes staring at Shiloh deeply, making her lose herself. Loki’s eyes were hypnotizing, it felt like telling her to obey everything that he wanted to do. She really doesn’t like this, but there is a powerful force that’s urging her to submit to this powerful King Alpha.Soon after, when he finally took off his long sleeves, he climbed up on the bed and positioned himself on top of Shiloh. He spread her legs widely, using his wide and rough palm. Shiloh’s smooth skin matches her creamy complexion. She bit her lower lip when he lowered his head to lick her legs, making its way up to the precious thing between her legs. Before she could push him away, Shiloh couldn’t help but to roll her eyes, after feeling the bolt of electricity that passed through her whole body. She trembled, and a moan escaped her lips. It made Loki feel determined and excited to make his way to her core.

“I will make sure to get you pregnant, Shiloh. Or else, you have to die…”That night, Loki Roosevelt got Shiloh Harding’s purity. It wasn’t what she dreamed of. She doesn’t want to marry a terrible and heartless Alpha like Loki. But then she has no choice. She has to do this in order to pay for their family’s debt. But what if he was really a barren?

Left with no choice, the Alpha has to do something to make her get pregnant, no matter what. Even if he has to throw her to the Beta after their wedding…

“Alpha has no choice. The officials wanted him to have a child within the year,” Beta Lincoln said. “I am sorry if I have to do this…”

She wanted to reject this, but if she do, what would happen to her? To her family, who’s barely eating out of debt?

Lincoln sighs before climbing up on the bed, making his way to try conceiving a child tonight… While Shiloh closed her eyes, trembling while clenching her fists; she needed to accept all of these. In order to live and to give a better life to her family.