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Return of A Supreme Sword God

Return of A Supreme Sword God


Xian xia

The sword respected life and rose against the heavens! The Sword Sovereign of this generation had been plotted against by the Divine Emperor and had been reborn back to the earth 300 years ago. In this life, I would be the Divine Emperor's slave. Anyone who disobeyed me would be killed!

At night, at the entrance of the city police station.

Jiang Xiyue clenched her fists and stared angrily at the man in front of her.

This was her husband, Ling Xiao, who had just been bailed out of the police station. This was not the first time she had bailed Ling Xiao out. To be exact, Ling Xiao must be one of the clients in the police station.

At this moment, Ling Xiao looked around in confusion. Hadn't he died in the space channel? Why had he been reborn 300 years ago?

He even possessed her 300 years ago!


Ling Xiao's eyes became fierce. This was a trap. It was not a space channel at all. The space turbulence could not kill him at all. It was a space channel.

This was part of the Divine Emperor's plan. He wanted to use the space-time turbulence to kill him!

Ling Xiao was originally from Earth and the eldest son of the Ling Family. He was born with low intelligence and was born with brain disability. Later, he was cured by a mysterious man and taught cultivation methods. From then on, he went on the road of cultivation.

Ling Xiao became famous for his sword and killing. He was invincible in the Cultivation World. After he ascended to the Heaven Realm, he became sworn brothers with four masters who shared the same goal. The five people stirred up a bloody storm in the Heaven Realm and killed tens of thousands of people. Therefore, Ling Xiao got the title of "Life and Death Sword Master".

Later on, Ling Xiao and his three brothers tried their best to ensure that their big brother would become the Divine Emperor. However, during the thirty years after their big brother became the Divine Emperor, the three brothers disappeared one after another.

The Divine Emperor had suddenly summoned Ling Xiao yesterday, saying that for some unknown reason, his three brothers had reincarnated to the Earth of the Mortal Realm and asked Ling Xiao to personally bring them back to the Heaven Realm.

To this end, the Divine Emperor did not hesitate to use his primordial spirit to break the passage between the Heaven Realm and the Earth Realm and send Ling Xiao to the Mortal World. However, Ling Xiao was killed by the space-time turbulence and was reborn 300 years ago.

It was only now that Ling Xiao realized that this was all part of the Divine Emperor's plot.

The Divine Emperor was trying to get rid of all those who had tried their best to protect him from becoming an emperor.

"Big brother, big brother, that's how you con your brother!"

"Since you cut off the brotherhood first, don't blame me for peeling off your skin when you reach the peak again."

Ling Xiao never lacked courage to start again. In his previous life, he had created the fame of the first sword in the Heaven Realm in only 300 years. In this life, he could also do it, and he would spend a lot of time.

"Do you want to go home and hang out with your bad friends?"

At this time, Jiang Xiyue's suppressed angry voice pulled Ling Xiao's thoughts back to reality.

Looking at Jiang Xiyue's angry face, Ling Xiao's 300-year-old memories flooded into his mind.

For Jiang Xiyue, Ling Xiao only felt guilty. There was no love or kinship.

The union of the two was an exchange of interests. Jiang Xiyue's father owed a huge amount of gambling debt and was found by the underworld. At that time, the Ling family was about to find a wife for Ling Xiao, so the two sides immediately got together. The Ling family paid the debt on behalf of Jiang Xiyue's father, and Jiang Xiyue married Ling Xiao.

After they got married, Ling Xiao continued to hang out with the childes from rich and powerful families. His attitude toward Jiang Xiyue was extremely harsh. Although Jiang Xiyue felt wronged, she had never given up on Ling Xiao. Every day, she would go to work early and return late to make money to support the family, so that Ling Xiao could spend money. Ling Xiao made trouble, and she had to help Ling Xiao to clean up his mess...

In this regard, after Ling Xiao stepped on the road of cultivation, he had been guilty for 300 years and had never had a chance to make up for his guilt to Jiang Xiyue.

"Jiang Xiyue, I'm sorry," Ling Xiao said guiltily.

"Huh?" Jiang Xiyue looked surprised.

Ever since she and Ling Xiao got married, Ling Xiao had always been indifferent to her. What was going on today?

"Does this guy's IQ drop again?"

"Don't go to that kind of place in the future." Jiang Xiyue thought that Ling Xiao apologized because he was a prostitute.

Ling Xiao smiled bitterly and said nothing. In fact, the reason why he went to those brothels was not for fun. When he was 16 years old, he had been drugged. Women were useless to him. He went to the brothels places to deal with those "brothers".

Once something happened, he would stand up and shout, "I did it, it's none of our business."

The reason why the rich and powerful young men around the city liked to play with him was that they took a fancy to his role as a scapegoat. If anything happened, they could blame him for it.

"Let's go home!" Jiang Xiyue sighed.

"I'm hungry," Ling Xiao said awkwardly.

Jiang Xiyue was speechless. "How dare you apologize to me? You want me to treat you to a meal, don't you?"

"I'll give it to you when we get home."

"I want to eat meat."

Jiang Xiyue took a deep breath and coaxed him. "It's late at night. Where can I buy you some meat? I'll eat it tomorrow, okay?"

"There's a barbecue shop ahead."

Jiang Xiyue was so angry that she laughed at Ling Xiao. "You remember this very clearly, but why can't you bear the lesson of others making you take the blame again and again?"

The two of them came to the original power barbecue shop. As soon as they sat down and ordered the food, the boss of the barbecue shop recognized Ling Xiao. "Hey, isn't this Young Master Ling? You've changed women again, haven't you?"

While saying this, he narrowed his eyes and stared at Jiang Xiyue, secretly thinking that this woman was really excellent.

Upon hearing this, the diners all looked at Ling Xiao in surprise. "Is this Ling Family's idiot, Ling Xiao, the most famous scapegoat in the city?"

However, when the diners looked at Jiang Xiyue, they were all envious and jealous. Why was a fool able to sleep such a energetic girl, while his brain was normal, but he was still single?

A bald man with a wolf head on his bare arms walked over, patted Ling Xiao on the shoulder and asked, "Master Ling, how much money do you have? How about you play with me for a few days?"

Ling Xiao frowned, and his eyes flashed with killing intent. In his previous life, his sword had already cut the bald man into pieces.

But his current body was too weak, and he had kidney deficiency, prostate, and other diseases. He couldn't beat the bald man at all.

Moreover, Ling Xiao knew very well that the boss of this barbecue shop had a underworld background, and he could not afford to provoke him for the time being.

"Let's go." Ling Xiao took Jiang Xiyue's hand and left.

However, the bald man had been fascinated by Jiang Xiyue's beauty. How could he let Ling Xiao and Jiang Xiyue leave so easily?

"Trying to escape? I'm afraid it won't be that easy, will it?"

"What do you want?" Ling Xiao protected Jiang Xiyue behind him, and his eyes became sharp.

"You've ordered all the dishes. If you leave like this, won't the chef be busy for nothing?"

"I can pay."

"You can pay, but what about the food you ordered? It's a shame to waste it."

Ling Xiao could see that these people were determined to make things difficult for him and Jiang Xiyue. In that case, he would eat first.

Ling Xiao motioned for Jiang Xiyue to sit down, and he also sat down and waited for the barbecue leisurely.

This made the bald man a little unprepared. He thought that Ling Xiao's IQ would fight with him, so that he could openly beat Ling Xiao and then take Jiang Xiyue as his own.

He didn't expect Ling Xiao to put up with it.

These days, even brain-dead people have learned to endure?

The bald man gave the boss a questioning look. Seeing the boss nod, he immediately went to the kitchen to make arrangements.

At this time, Jiang Xiyue looked at Ling Xiao in surprise. She felt that her stupid husband was different from before. It was not that she had never been teased by others before, but Ling Xiao always watched the fun happily and never helped her.

But this time, Ling Xiao protected her in every way, which made her suddenly feel that her husband was very heroic and powerful. It was too absurd.

After a while, the bald man came out with a whole roast sheep and put it on the table. "Eat it. Don't leave until you finish eating."

Jiang Xiyue frowned slightly. "We ordered roast mutton skewers, not an entire roast lamb."

The bald man took a bamboo stick and inserted it into the whole lamb. "Here, this is the roast mutton skewer. There's no other way. The mutton skewer in our shop is so big."