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Not Loser Anymore: Young Miss's Kickback

Not Loser Anymore: Young Miss's Kickback



She was the number one mercenary of the present age, the top tier alchemist of Prosperous House. She had traveled through time and became the lowest ranked ninth young lady of the Qing family in the Black Tortoise Continent. Was she trash? Unable to cultivate? She came to teach you what it meant for a demon to descend into the world! What's so great about being a saint? She accidentally used both medicine and poison to defeat him! Was the top tier medicine very powerful? Using a peerless medicinal pill to sweep through the world! Was a million demon soldiers extremely arrogant? They were puppet soldiers that could not be destroyed in tens of thousands of years. They understood! It was just that they accidentally provoked a demon. Where could they escape to? The first time she saw him, he was the Illusion Palace Master. She accidentally borrowed his clothes and looked at his naked body. He chased after her when she escaped. The second time she saw him, he changed into a supreme prince of the Skywolf country and came with glory. He hooked her chin and said softly, "You must be responsible for me. You are not allowed to escape for the rest of your life!"

"Qing Jiuge, you hid Big Brother's treasure, the Heavenly Cauldron! Hand over the cauldron and we'll let you go."

Qing Jiuge sneered, and her high ponytail swayed in the wind.

His thin feathers were slightly transparent, and his cherry lips were stained with blood. They were as dazzling as flames.

With a gentle wave of his finger, a small and exquisite black cauldron appeared under his wrist. It glowed with a cold light under the sunlight. A blood color fell into the cauldron bit by bit from his finger. The black cauldron was gradually dyed red.

"Luowu wants it? Let him take it with his own life!"

Qing Jiuge turned around and jumped into the abyss. Her slender figure fell like a withered butterfly. The black Firmament Tripod gave out a bright light and soon disappeared from her body.

"Clatter! Clatter!"

As the water flowed, the white mist on the surface of the water curled up and floated, as if it was an ethereal void. The ancient air flowed leisurely, making people feel warm all over, and they felt slightly intoxicated.

Qing Jiuge's feathers trembled slightly, and her cold eyes opened slightly. She found that she was on a stone rock in a cave. The stone rock was shining with endless thunder and fire, which was cold and domineering. She was so shocked that she suddenly closed her eyes.

Hua la la.

Hua la la la.

Cool water flowed around her body, and Qing Jiuge's consciousness slowly sobered up.

She must have jumped off the cliff and died. Could it be that she had come back to life again...

The drifting fog disturbed her vision. Everything in front of her was white and nothing could be seen. However, a thick and deep aura came from a distance. It passed through the fog and gradually entered her ears and nose.

She stood up.

There were flames burning in his sight and he fell into the mist.

A green platform stood on the waves of the Ye River. A man was sitting on the platform. His white hair was shining like the clouds. His eyebrows were sharp and bright, and his eyes were surrounded by endless immortal aura. He did not look like a man in the mortal world at all.

The corners of his eyes were decorated with a purple flame mole that was as bright as starlight, adding a bit of fierceness and overbearingness to it.

Qing Jiuge had never seen such an outstanding man.

Moreover, the man wore a long robe and looked like an elegant immortal in a painting. He lacked the aura of the mortal world and was so beautiful that it was suffocating.

She stood up from the water, and the water under her feet moved slowly.

He lowered his head to look at himself.


Her clothes were in tatters.

She quickly swept her gaze across the surface of the water. It was not her face that was as beautiful as fire...

That was to say, she had encountered the legendary rebirth!

A stream of clouds flew past. Qing Jiuge didn't have time to think about so many things. She was so shy that she once again dived into the water.

Walking slowly to the man's side, she asked tentatively, "Hey, handsome guy, can I borrow your clothes to wear?"

The silence was like snow.

She poked the man's knee with her fair fingers.

There was no response.

It was so strange!

The man sat cross-legged, as if he was practicing.

She looked at the man's figure and scanned him from top to bottom. Finally, her eyes fell on the handsome man's clothes.

"Well, handsome guy, since you don't say anything, I'll take it as a yes. You're a man, after all. You don't care about a set of clothes, do you? Then, I'll take action. Please forgive me for offending you." Qing Jiuge rubbed her hands.

Qing Jiuge was a mercenary in her previous life, and she was also the youngest and most mysterious alchemist in the Hua Rong Mansion. She had never been so embarrassed as to rip off someone's clothes.


If she didn't take it, then she had to... If someone saw her, would she take his eyes or kill him?

With her eyes closed, her slender and tender hand reached into the man's waist.