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My Love Is Blind

My Love Is Blind




  "Mama?""Yes dear""I'm... I'm seeing someone" Julia said lowering her head in embarrassment"What do you mean by you're seeing someone, I don't understand?" Her mom asked sounding really confused."I'm in love with someone else""What?!" Mrs Williams gasped in surprise.Julia knew she was going to get such reaction as this from her mom, which was why she didn't want to say anything at first."You do realize you're engaged, right?"

"Hello. Julia, where are you?"

"Papa, I'm on my way home. You don't have to worry, okay?"

"Are you sure dear?"

"Yes papa. I am"

"Okay dear. Your mom and I are expecting you. Love you"

"Love you too Papa. Bye" she replied hanging up.

Julia was smiling over her dad's constant worry about her. She has always been her daddy's little girl and would want to keep it that way, even if it meant getting married to Jeremy Walker whom she had no feelings for, all to keep her dad's company from crumbling.

The sky was starting to frown with thickening clouds, the trees swaying in the wind, which was bound to happen, considering it was spring.

Julia wished the rain would wait till she got home because she hated driving during a downpour, but by the looks of it, her wish wouldn't come true as the rain could suddenly start, which caused Julia's mood to dampen. To add to that, her car suddenly broke down.

"Please, don't do this now" she muttered trying to make the engine roar back to life, but sadly, that didn't happen.

She picked up her phone and tried calling her dad to let him know what had befallen her so he would send a chauffeur over and also to give directions to the chauffeur who would come pick her up, but there was no signal due to the present condition of the weather.

"Great, just great!" She exclaimed already annoyed.

Julia decided to go see if she could find any mechanic around instead of just sitting in her car and hoping for a miracle. So, she got out of the car and started off with the hopes of finding one. She was in the outskirts of the city and wasn't familiar with the environment.

After walking for quite some time, the downpour started, Julia was so confused because she was really far from her car now and didn't know if she should go back to the car or seek for shelter at the house that was in her view. She wondered on her options for some seconds before deciding to go with the latter option, so she ran to the house, knocking on the front door but got no answer.

Julia got frightened by the crash of the thunder and rushed into the house. After recovering from the shock, did she realize that she had already entered the house uninvited. She noticed the living room, it was a nice modern living room with a couch, a love seat and two arm chairs, a glass coffee table, an LED TV with a fireplace just below it. There were occasional tables on each side of the fireplace with side lamps on each of them. On the wall were framed pictures of nature, this person sure has a thing for nature, she thought to herself as she couldn't take her eyes off the beautiful pictures.

"Who's there?" Julia heard someone say.

The voice startled her and at the same time sent shivers down her spine. She wondered why she felt excited just by hearing the sound of this stranger's voice. It was a deep masculine voice with an English accent. Julia turned towards the direction of the voice and her eyes were met with a charming male. He had light brown hair, thick eyebrows, pointed nose, kissable lips and stubbles which she instantly fell in love with. But what captivated her most, were his really bright blue eyes which she could get lost in. His 6ft1 statue made him even more perfect, she would say he looked like a Greek god, but with the accent, she would settle with him being a charming prince.

"Who is it?... Tyler is it you?" The guy said bringing Julia out of her daydream.

His question made her nervous but at the same time she wondered why he was asking such a question when she was only a few feet away from him. She was shaking not only because she was nervous but also because she was cold after getting wet from the rain. She took a deep sigh, finding some kind of strength before speaking up.

"I'm sorry for barging into your house like this.. I was stranded and it was raining outside, so I looked for the nearest shelter. I knocked on the door a couple of times but got no response... I'm sorry" she nervously said, not believing that she could actually say all that without babbling.

She was still lost in those beautiful eyes that she didn't realize she was swooning over until she heard him ask.

"Who are you?"

"Pardon my manners. I'm Julia Williams" she replied, taking some steps towards him and extended her hand for a handshake.

She felt embarrassed when he didn't respond to her gesture, so she retracted her hand in disappointment.

"I can't see you" he suddenly said like he could read her thoughts.

Julia blinked in confusion, she couldn't understand what he meant by that.

"I'm blind" he continued making her stare at him with wide eyes.

How could a guy this handsome be blind? Was he being serious or just trying to pull her legs? Julia waved her hand and noticed that his eyes didn't follow her movement, which meant he was actually telling the truth.

"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to invade your privacy, I guess I should be leaving" she said not wanting to be a burden to him because he already had a lot to deal with.

"Where will you go? I thought you said you were stranded and besides its still raining outside, I'm not sure it would stop anytime soon" he said making Julia stop in her tracks as she was already by the door.

"I'm Craig, Craig Hubert. Feel free to stay and leave whenever you want to"

Julia was surprised but his statement, she couldn't believe that he was actually welcoming her, a total stranger into his home.

"I'm guessing you must be wet from the rain?" He asked.

"Yeah. I am?" She shyly replied

"Come with me. I'll get you something dry to put on" he said gesturing her to follow him.

Julia was beyond surprised at how he could comfortably walk around the house without bumping into something. They came to a halt right in front of a door. He opened it and walked inside with Julia quietly following behind.

The door revealed a simple but modern bedroom with a white and black then, a queen sized bed with bedside tables on either side of the bed, lamps were hung above the bed. The room had a closet by the left side of the room made of fine wood painted in black. Julia was still taking in the details of the room when she heard Craig's voice

"You'll be staying in this room. Wait here while I go get you something dry to change into"

"Okay, thanks." Julia replied before he left the room, leaving her alone in the room. She was shivering from the cold.

Minutes later, Craig walked back into the room holding a black t—shirt

"Here, take this" he said extending his hand that held the shirt so she could take it.

Julia took it, muttering a


She still couldn't believe how someone as handsome as Craig would be blind. She would like to know more about him.

"I'll leave you to freshen up" he said before leaving the room.

Julia hurriedly took off her wet clothes because she could no longer stand the cold, she needed to change into something warm and comfortable, so she changed into the shirt Craig got her, it was quite large covering half of her thighs, but at the same time warm and comfortable.

After changing, she left the room and headed for the living room in hopes of finding Craig. She had no idea why she felt drawn to him, she didn't know if it was because she found him attractive or because she felt sorry for him. On reaching the living room, she found him sitting on the couch.

Craig heard Julia's footsteps and turned to her direction, she was a little startled wondering how he knew she was there.

"I hope the shirt was okay. I'm sorry there was no other cloth I could get" he said

"No, its fine. Thanks." she said, joining him on the couch

"I should be the one apologizing for intruding into your home. Its just that my car broke down on my way home. While I was trying to go find someone for help, I got so unlucky that it started to rain. I'm sorry for putting you through this" she apologized, his face creased into a smile.

"No, its fine. You're no bother. Its just.. I was expecting Tyler but mistook you for him" he said

Julia was curious, wanting to know who this Tyler guy in question was. So her curiosity got the best of her.

"I wouldn't want to sound nosy, but who is Tyler?" She asked

"He is my best friend, who's been helping me out with everything."

Julia nodded in understanding and also internally happy that he had someone who helped him out.

"Do you live alone?"