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Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board

Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board




Angie, don't move. Mitchell warned with horror on her face. Angie was shaken up already. She heard a growl and out of sheer curiosity, she turned around. She gasped and almost tumbled backwards. She wasn't focused on the bloody ten horned hideous monster but the black hole it had escaped from. Angie scrunched up her nose at the smell of burnt flesh. The others ran to her and joined their hands, light as a feather, the chant began, stiff as a board. ***** Be careful what you wish for cause you might just get it. The small town of Bresten is suddenly big on its secrets. Four girls who brought back the darkness must find a way to seal it back. Between High school and trying to live normal lives, they have a lot on their plate. Magic, death, drama, mystery, ghosts, spells, monsters and darkness is the perfect recipe for disaster. Find out how far these girls can go to change a hazardous past that is destined to repeat itself.

Angie slammed her locker shut. Another day in school was never on her 'yay' list of things to do. What made it more unbearable was everyone calling her 'new girl'.  She had been in Bresten all her life. Many of those who called her that were her play dates. She practically knew everyone here and yet they had no idea who she was.

Angie was really sensitive. She knew this but still hated being told. She always thought that her almost albino white skin and pale blonde hair would stand out to everyone. She was so wrong. The bell cut off her sighing and self hating. "Yo! New girl", a voice called, "you need help to your next class?!"

That was Jason Hamper. A star player of the football team but his low grades and overall poor behavior in school disqualified him from being the quarterback. Angie swore under her breath. She realized that she had paused so she continued walking. Jason

who obviously didn't know how to bug off

pulled her arm. "Hey there", he said softly, "you know your way around?"

"Yes" She forced herself. Her patience was on thin ice and she was missing English for this pointless conversation.

"The name's Jason. Jason Hamper. You probably know about me from the local news and stuff". Angie was slowly tuning out his self praises. She had made up her mind to stay for two minutes and leave. "New girl?" Jason was waving his hand in front of her face. "This was a lovely conversation, Jason", she couldn't have been more sarcastic, "but I have English".

She was already five feet away when he yelled. "I never got your name, new girl". That was the breaking point. She turned around with a glare, "look here, Hamper. We've been in the same class since Kindergarten", she snapped, "my name is Angie Donners. Ring a bell? The same one you shoved into the sand in the playground? Do yourself a favor and stay away from me". She sighed and then it hit her. She had been waiting for someone to give the outburst.

Jason chuckled much to her growing annoyance. "I know, Donners", he said, "I like messing with you". Angie shook her head and started walking away. "Ang! Ang! I was kidding!" She smiled at the name. At least, he still remembered his nickname for her. She thought.

Classes rolled by and Felicity had caught up with Angie. Felicity was not polar opposites to Angie but she was popular. Felicity had brunette wavy hair, chocolatey eyes and olive skin. She was pretty no doubts and she was in the clique of miniskirts and hoop earrings. "Hiya!" She said latching onto Angie's neck, "missed me?" "Of course". Angie gave a fake smile.

"Always so sarcastic, Angie. Anyways..."

"No". She replied firmly. She knew her hyperactive friend too well.

"I promise you it'll be awesome".

"You say that every time, Felicity. I'm not going and you can't force me". She crossed her arm as if to prove a point. Felicity pouted and mumbled, "we always do what you want". "What do mean by that?" "It's true, Angie!" She dramatized with her arms, "I bring up a party and you throw it off. For what? A boring and lonely night where you lock yourself in your room and eat cold pizza or cookie dough".

"I never said you couldn't go". She stated.

"Well yeah...but I want to do these stuff with you. What kind of friend would I be if I let you wallow in social awkwardness?"

"I am not socially awkward. Besides, I don't fit in", she confessed, "no one bothers about me. They call me new girl and I've known most of these dudes since we were in diapers". Felicity sighed. She understood how her friend was feeling but she was more determined today. "I get it, Angie but you can't blame them totally. You don't put yourself out there".

"So what? I should join the twisty legged ballerinas or I should aimlessly jump around in the name of cheerleading?"

"No", Felicity laughed, "be more involved in conversations. You're cool, you're smart, you're sarcastic which equally means funny. People would love you if only you spoke more and avoided giving them the stink eye". Angie chuckled. Her friend had a point. She exaggerated a groan and asked, "what is it this time?" Felicity beamed with pure joy. "We're attending an epic sleepover today. Just us girls".


"Maggie Pitters. Can you believe it?! They live in a freaking mansion. My first junior year sleepover in a mansion! How crazy is that?"

"Are you forgetting that Maggie intentionally spray painted your Dad's office car just because you wore the same dress as her for homecoming?"

"That was a long time ago". Felicity shrugged it off. It was actually three months ago and her dad almost lost his job. Angie rolled her eyes. She knew it was a touchy subject yet she stupidly brought it up. "If you make us wear matching PJs, I will murder you". Angie faked a threat. "Thank you!" She jumped on her and kissed her cheek. They both earned looks from those in the hallway. Felicity stuck out her tongue and said, "nothing to see here. Move along". Angie was already regretting her decision but the huge smile on Felicity's face was worth it.

Angie's phone started ringing. "Hello?" She picked it up. "Miss Santiago, Hi". She said. Angie held her forehead and asked, "what did he do this time?" She bit a lip slightly before nodding. Felicity rolled her eyes at this. "Sure. We'll be there. Thank you. Bye". "What's the happs?" Felicity asked. "It was Mike. He clearly doesn't know how to avoid trouble in middle school".

"Why didn't she call your parents?"

"Apparently, they're - air quote - out of town. Mike obviously did something terrible this time for him to have lied".

"Who are you texting then?"

"Dave. There is no way I'm handling this". Angie scoffed. "Dave? As in your hunk of a brother college Dave?" Felicity asked. "Yeah..." Angie smirked, "you still have your girl crush?" "Who wouldn't? If it wasn't for girl code, I'll be in his bed". "Eww!" Angie smacked her arm. "Whatever. Let's go get ready for the night!" Felicity dragged her to her royal blue BMW parked outside.