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Bonding To The Fallen Son

Bonding To The Fallen Son

Author:Esther Gyang



Lucian the son of Zeus got entangle, In the deceitful temptations of Hades, Zeus was left with no other options but to abide by the law of the gods, he enforced the law by throwing his son down to earth, stripping him of his Royal rights. Lucian found himself on earth, loved by his earthly parents, adored by his earthly friends, but happiness was not found for long as all the happiness was destroyed in a single day, when his earthly parents were murdered in cold blood right in front of his eyes. That was when they released the beast that he never Intended to become, the monster that he never wanted to show the world. Now the question still remains, would he be able to find someone that can calm his inner demon? Would he be able to find someone that would be ready to make an everlasting bond, after living for millennials with pure on unhappiness? Read and found out.


"Woah, finally am through with this hectic chores!" I exclaimed as I jumped on the bed releasing a heavy breath, I closed my eyes to inhale the fresh morning air, so I can peacefully succumb to the blissful darkness of my slumber, not until I heard a defeaning scream in the backyard, my heart Started pounding in my chest, threatening to explode, at any given second, I was scared shirtless.

"fuck... what is happening out there" I cursed as I wear my slippers and dash out of the room in an inhumane speed, only to be welcomed by the swollen eyes of my mother.

"is she crying ?" I asked under my breathe as I walked up to her and immediately hug her, I saw her retreat like I was an alien to her, "okay that's strange" I said inwardly as my wolf is threatening to come out if I didn't get a vivid explantation.

" I demand for an explanation mum, what the fuck is happening here" I barked in rage, she met my Brown eyes, as she started sobbing silently.

"please Elle you need to run, the vampires are here, they'll kill us, you know many packs have lost thier lives, the landmark pack is the next in line, please....I know you want to act All alpha by not being a coward, but am begging you Elle, you need to run, because I don't want to lose you too"

My mum said as she rolled down on the floor sobbing uncontrollably.

Okay now I understand what this crying is All about, but for crying out loud, she doesn't expect me to run when am here to protect the pack even if it cost my life, she don't expect me to just give up, like some coward that am not, okay I expect she wants that to happen, but am never going to let that happen Even if it cost my life, I immediately went close to her and cuddle her to stop crying.

"mum I know you care about me, but I love you to the extent I can't just leave, while leaving you behind....besides where is dad?" I asked as I started looking for the whole building in search of my father, the alpha of the landmark pack, that was when I heard she burst out even More, i understood her uncontrollable tears as I exclaimed.

" Dad" without any further Ado i dashed out the garden where the battle between wares and the bunch of blood suckers are in a menacing war, I remembered that was where I heard the defeaning scream, I saw the vampires stop what they were doing and stared at me with thier crimson red eyes, the fangs were bared,I was about to let my Wolf take over, not until I heard my dad send me a mind link.

"no.. Elle, please don't do it, you won't survive, I can't loose you, you are the future of this pack, remember what the prophetess said, please don't do this" he said as I saw him lieing on the ground,in pain and agony that is making me weak in the knees, I immediately knelt down and rush to him and hug him tight like my life depended on that hug, he was bleeding, I saw him groaning in pain as he said the words that would forever etch at my memory.

"I love you Elle, always remember that" he said as he succumb to the everlasting darkness, I started shaking him uncontrollably.

" please dad Wake up,I need you, please I need you" I cried with All the energy left in me as I felt nothing but rage, the anger has overpowered my rationality as I stood up feeling the power I never knew I had before, the Wolf that I have tried to keep at bay immediately took charge, as i felt by Bones crack, my fangs became visible, my fur, was already on the display.

As I groaned, the transformation was painless unlike the first time I transformed, without further Ado, i charge at them with All the energy left in me, I'll make every Vampire suffer, I'll destroy any son of a bitch that have the balls to come to my pack, in lest than a minutes I slit their throat with my claws, I remove thier pumping heart, with my bare hands, then I was about to attack the remaining vampires only to feel nothing but an excruciating pain, in my tummy, I immediately check it only to find a silver bullet pierced through by being, I laughed hysterically, as I said inwardly "so this is how is going to end" I take a mouthful of breaths as I turned towards my father's body, layed there, then I turn my gaze upward still lieing on dewy grass of the garden, as I stared onto the red eyes of the vampire he stirred at me before saying.

"oh strong aye, but you can't fight the silver bullet, with a little bit of, what did the called it again?" He asked with a smirk almost like he was thinking before he said "yeah ..yeah... yeah, WOLVESBANE" he said as he disappeared from my view, before I succumb to the unending darkness.