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Hard to Be the Wicked Woman

Hard to Be the Wicked Woman



Su Ran transmigrated into a wicked supporting female character in a novel, destined to be thrown into prison by the male lead and suffer an untimely death. On her first day of transmigration, the system informed Su Ran that her fate could be changed. All she needed to do was to humbly flatter the male and female leads and use love to influence the son who would become a major villain in the future. However, Su Ran was a proud and lofty princess from the Su Kingdom. How could she lower herself to rabidly fawn over others? Not only was she unwilling to do so, but she also often clashed with the male lead, causing netizens who bad-mouthed her to be frustrated to the point of smashing their phones. In the end, the system could only give up, believing that she might end up with a fate even worse than the original host’s. Three years later, Su Ran proposed a divorce. Her husband angrily slapped down a cheque, “I’ll give you ten billion if you don't divorce.” The villainous son held onto her leg tightly, refusing to let go, “If you really divorce, I’ll go with Mom.”

"Madam, I'm sorry, it's all my fault!"

"My last batch of coffee wasn't heated properly, which affected the taste."

"I made this cup of coffee on the table according to your usual preference. Try it and see if it suits your taste."

"I hope you would be magnanimous and forgive my mistakes. Please don't fire me, I really need this job."

Su Ran glanced at the coffee on the table and looked at Tang Mengyao, who appeared pitifully in front of her, with annoyance in her eyes.

She thought with displeasure, "What a facade! If only I could just stop you from ruining my sight with your pitiful act. If this were the palace, I, as the princess, would banish you immediately."

Su Ran was a princess of the Su nation, who grew up in a palace full of deceit. She has seen enough of her father's concubines, and their unceasing tactics to win favor.

The lowest of those tactics is to pretend to be weak and pitiful, just like Tang Mengyao here. So she easily saw through Tang Mengyao's intentions.

At that moment, a mechanical voice echoed in Su Ran's mind.

"Please remember your identity, you have crossed over into a sweet pet novel. You are a villainess side character, not the princess of Su nation."

"In this novel, you schemed against the male lead, drugged him, forced him to marry you after getting pregnant.”

"After finally becoming the wife of the wealthy CEO, you despised the male lead's first love and repeatedly plotted against the female lead, only to end up with a swollen face from her retaliation."

"You were relentless on your path of causing harm, and in the end, you were discarded by the disgusted male lead and spent the rest of your life in prison."

"This is the tragic life script of you as a villainess, detested by everyone."

【But now, there's a chance for you to alter your fate, Host, which is becoming a loyal 'dog' to the male and female leads.】

【As long as you act the part well, you'll gain a brilliant and joyous life script, keeping your destiny within your own hands.】

【The Tang Mengyao in front of you is the female lead of this book and the future love interest 'moonlight' of the male lead, hence you, as the host need to start being her good best friend and follower from now on.】

【I wish you, Host, to lick your way to a new life, to new heights, effectively changing your fate, lick lick lick!】

The system chattered on and on, saying all this. However, Su Ran didn't take in a single word, her only feeling being the annoyingly bothersome noise of the system. Her face turned solemn as she spoke, "So noisy, shut up."

Upon hearing her words, the butler standing aside had a shudder, taking instinctive steps forward to protect the beautiful Tang Mengyao, afraid that the madam might hurt someone in her anger.

Last time, the madam had whimsically ordered Tang Mengyao, who is a piano tutor, to make her coffee, then she intentionally scalded Tang with the freshly brewed hot coffee.

In the eyes of all the servants, Su Ran was truly a bitterly malicious woman!

Ever since Su Ran married President Bo, their lives as servants had become unbearably miserable.

They found her character to be irascible, temperamental and easily angered.

She often explodes over the slightest issues, so they serve this madam with extreme caution.

No wonder President Bo seldom returns to the villa; after all, any husband would find it hard to tolerate such a volatile wife.

Moreover, it is a well-known fact that President Bo holds no affection for this wife. Of course, isn't it obvious? The madam had only landed her position due to her privileged upbringing.

Seeing that Su Ran seemed to be still angry, Tang Mengyao nervously bit her lip and took a brand-new lipstick out of her pocket.

She approached Su Ran, gingerly grasping her hand, and stuffed the lipstick into it. "Madam, this is my apology gift to you. I beg for your forgiveness..."

Su Ran simply had no patience to watch the young innocent girl’s acting. She coldly pushed away Tang Mengyao’s hand, "Get away from me, do not touch me."

Tang Mengyao took a step back, stumbled and fell on the floor, knocking her forehead against the table leg, instantly forming a large bump.

Tears sprang from her eyes as she was overwhelmed by the pain.

Seeing this, the nearby servants jumped in fright, quickly helping Tang Mengyao stand up.

They were horrified by the swollen, noticeable bump on her forehead and found their mistress even more daunting.

Su Ran gave an apathetic look towards Tang Mengyao who was crying pitifully, the contempt evident in her eyes.

She thought to herself, with your acting skills and tactics, if you were to vie for favor in the imperial harem, you’d definitely be the first one to die.

The system, witnessing Su Ran lose her temper, was full of question marks. It frantically reminded:

[Host, you need to be clear about the situation. You're not a princess right now, not a princess!]

[Your task is to kneel and lick the boots of the male and female protagonists, change your fate!]

[You even dared to push the female lead, what are you even doing!]

Su Ran couldn’t be bothered by the noisy system, nor did she want to put up with the annoying innocent girl. She headed back to her bedroom to rest.

In the meantime, she decided to organize the memories belonging to the original owner that were in her mind.

Having just transmigrated, she had to quickly familiarize and adapt to the survival rules of this world.

Otherwise, some pesky people would always be plotting against this noble princess!

For instance, the little green tea before their eyes.

"I am tired, I'm going upstairs to rest, and no one is allowed to come up to disturb me."

Then, she stood up and went upstairs.

The servants heard her words, their faces froze, they had thought that the lady would continue to rage as usual.

However, she did not!

Watching the lady return to her bedroom, the servant hurriedly called the CEO and reported that the piano tutor hired for the young master had been injured by the lady again.


When Bo Yan returned to the old house, it was already late at night.

When he entered the master bedroom, the room was still lit, but there was no trace of Su Ran.

He unloosened his tie, took off his suit jacket and carried it on his arm, then entered the room expressionlessly.

At this time, the sound of water splashing came from the bathroom.

His brows lifted slightly, and he understood.

Inside the bathroom, Su Ran was looking at things she had never seen before, unsure how to proceed.

In a moment, her thin nightdress was also wet from the water.

She became a little annoyed and stormed out of the bathroom, preparing to call someone to bathe her and help her change clothes.

Just as she stepped out of the bathroom, she ran into a strange man.

She looked the man up and down, who was handsome but had a bit of coldness between his brows, giving people an intimidating sense of authority without effort.

The man looked back at her indifferently, expressionless.

Su Ran mistook the man for a servant in the house, and ordered him casually, "Good timing, come serve me for my wash."

Upon hearing this, Bo Yan furrowed his brows in puzzle, he gave Su Ran a non-smiling look, indifferently responded, "Su Ran, what game are you playing this time?"

Although, him and Su Ran were formally married.

But he didn't like brainless women serving as mere adornments.

He admitted she was very beautiful.

But, she was vile at heart.

He knew very well, her gentle and virtuous pretense in front of him was all an act, he wondered how long she could keep up this act?

Ever since he married her, he had always been indifferent and uncaring towards her, naturally he would not treat her kindly either.

Su Ran raised her chin, "How dare you, this princess's name is not for you to casually address?"

Hearing this, Bo Yan was taken aback for a moment, and then a sarcastic smile hooked up at the corner of his mouth.

He stepped forward, each step closing the distance between them.

The icy aura, overwhelming her.

Suddenly, he reached out and tightly grasped her chin, his cold eyes examining her exquisite features.

He laughed with a teasing tone, "Well, well... Princess?"