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Loving Mr. Cavalier

Loving Mr. Cavalier

Author:Irtania Adrien



When Liliana signed up to become a private flight attendant, she believed she had a general idea of what the job entailed. Strictly professional. What she didn't expect was for the mysterious, strict, straightforward Mr. Cavalier to take an interest in her outspoken yet naïve nature. With a stubborn billionaire refusing to take 'No' for an answer, Liliana finds herself on a ride of a lifetime, filled with heated close encounters, daring conversations, not to mention a dash of drama. Will Liliana be able to withstand Mr. Cavalier's lusty and endless pursuit? Or will the outspoken hostess reject the hot billionaire once and for all? __________________________________ He didn't speak. He never spoke. I knew that he was able to speak, but whenever I was around it seemed that I was the only one speaking. He didn't seem to enjoy my presence, but then again that wouldn't be true given that he requested for me to host, on my day off. His eyes were not friendly, his jaw and lips that never smiled told me to always be on guard. I could always feel his eyes on me, and I know its him, or else my heart wouldn't be acting the way it was. ... And yet, here I am, patting down the wrinkles on my skirt, as his car approached the Jet. I was rather angry. It was my day off. I wasn't even on call. I told Jenna that I wouldn't come in today and that he'd have to find someone else. Apparently this man didn't take "No" for an answer. He had his personal body guard arrive at my door, and I wouldn't be too surprised as to how he got my address. The scary man was ready to drag me from my house, I was driven to his private Aircraft and now I had to play hostess. When he stepped out of the car, his eyes looked up to me. Had he smiled or even acknowledged my presence, maybe I would be free to assume that he was happy to see me.


"Congratulations Ms. Chavez, you are hired." Said, the kind secretary with a friendly smile, as she shook my hand. 

"Thank you, but please call me Liliana." I smiled in return, my spirit lifted, my nerves eased for now.

When I had walked into the office earlier after receiving a call back following the peer interview, my nerves were practically suffocating me, but now I felt like a weight was lifted off my chest. Even if it was for a little while, now all I had to worry about were first day jitters.

"And you can call me Jenna. So, because this is the busy season most of the onboarding process will be done via email, but no matter, we have to jump right in. You will be on call three times a month, and your hotel expenses and travels are covered by the company. You just make sure to get to the private airport 1 hour prior to departure so you can prepare. We have different partners, clients and businesses that we tend for, so don't be surprised if you're flying Ms. A today and Mr. Z next week. It is not common for a hostess to only fly on one Jet, but every one of our members have their preferences. Your training begins tomorrow with Chamille, and you will be flying to California with the Dunns. Lovely couple, you will love working for them. Consider them as your general training but try to keep up as much as you can because once you've dropped them off, you will be flown back here, and your second trip will be to Rome with Mr. Frantz Cavalier." Jenna began going through her explanation as quickly as possible.

"Wait- by myself?" I found myself cutting her off, but quickly apologizing after realizing that I wasn't even two minutes on the job, and I'd forgotten my manners.

Jenna looked over and simply laughed as she said, "no silly. Chamille will be there. You will have an entire 7 shifts, or in our case, trips, to train. I have paired you with Chamille because you're a fast learner. I mean you aced the mini-training during the peer interview, so I know you'll do well." 

"Okay." I nodded sighing and trying to calm my heart which had skyrocketed from my chest at the thought that I would be flying solo just after one trip.

"Please understand that because of the high volume of travels, we would usually start you off on a series of easy trips and move on to the more complicated customers later, but you are an intelligent woman, so I have faith that you will be just fine. Just try to keep up with Chamille and keep mental notes. When you are at the hotel with Chamille, you can ask as many questions as you want, but never in front of the clients. I will email you the rest of your schedule by this evening. If you have any questions you can reach out to me personally, otherwise welcome aboard." Jenna delivered, as though she had rehearsed these lines prior to seeing me.

Slightly overwhelmed but still excited, my smile widened as I nodded quickly and added a "Thank you."

After exchanging our goodbyes, I was ushered out of her office, then I followed my way out of the building, and began making my way to the bus stop across the street from the building, which would take me into town.

Living near but not exactly in the city had its advantages. As well as its disadvantages.

While sitting at the bus stop, I decided to call my mom and tell her to news.

Just as the phone began to ring, I noticed a black fancy car with a logo I didn't even know the name of, pull up to the company's building.

Curious, I tried to look busy on the phone but still kept my eyes on the car.

The driver opened his door and stepped out. He was wearing a black suit, and a black hat. He walked around the car and opened the right back door.

As soon as he did so, a tall man in a well fitted black suit stepped out. I saw a quick view of his profile, but even with my glasses I wouldn't be able to see him perfectly.

His black hair was gelled and neatly combed. The front of his hair favoring the left side. He barely nodded at his driver and simply walked inside the building.

"Hello? Lili!" My mom called out and brought my mind back from snooping. 

"Mom, hi. Sorry, guess what?" 

"You got the job?" She guessed right on the money.

"I got the job!" I confirmed excited, as my knees bounced like a child heading to the fair. 

"Oh yes! Bring on those European Chocolates!" My best friend cheered, and I rolled my eyes as I said, "yeah right, so you can tease dad because he has a sweet tooth but is borderline diabetes?" 

"Yes, well that's what he gets after years and years of teasing me in the bed-"

"Ma, I'm going to stop you right there." I rushed out, just as my cheeks enflamed at the thought of what by mother was going to say next. 

"Alright, alright. Well, I am very proud of you pumpkin. You go out there, see the world, maybe even meet a foreign handsome beau and give me lots of grandbabies."

"Mom." I drawled out, then giggled.

"What? I'm getting old, your father can only get my heart pumping so much faster now."

"Okay, bye mom. Love you." I stated, trying to end the call. 

"Is that Lilian?" I heard my father call out over the phone.

"Yeah! She got the job!" My mom yelled, causing me to wince and pull the phone away from my ear. 

"Hey hey! Bring on the expensive aged wines!" He cheered and Liliana shook her head, face palming herself.

I love my parents.

"You can't drink, it's not good for you." She heard her mother scold over the phone.

"What are you my mother?"

"Only when you call me-"

"Bye guys!" I called out and practically ripped the phone from my ear before I was scarred for life by my parents... again.

Shaking my head and still ecstatic about the new job, I laughed just as the bus pulled up.

On the bus I busied myself on my phone, trying my best to keep my eyes from drifting up and into the eyes the blond male who has not taken his eyes off me since I stepped foot on the bus.

Every time I looked up, there he was. I was silently praying for the bus to reach my desired stop, and when it did, it wasn't a moment too soon.

Practically dashing out of the bus, I barely had the chance to thank the driver.

Placing my bag on my right shoulder, I headed to the mall outlets where I bought a new luggage, something portable and fairly sized. Then I picked out some of my necessaries for the trip, then headed to the uniform shop Jenna had recommended where I Picked up four sets of clothing for the next two trips.

As I searched for some last-minute items, my phone rang with an unknown number, skeptically I answered, "hello?"

"Hi! Is this Liliana?" Came a chipper female voice on the other side of the line. 

"This is she." I answered carefully, sending an awkward look over my shoulder. 

"Hi, this Chamille, I was just calling to make sure you had everything ready. I believe Jenna should've provided you with a list of what you will need to bring, and after this call I will send you all the information about the airports we'll be traveling to and from." 

"Hi Chamille, yes I'm taking care of the last few things as we speak."

"Good, so usually you have to arrive an hour prior, but I need you there at least an hour and a half before, so we can properly introduce ourselves, you can tour the plane, and get an understanding of who travels with us on these trips."

"Okay, Sounds great." I replied, ready for the adventure.

"The next trip that we'll have to take, he's an extremely strict customer who's extremely specific, and so you have to be there at least two hours prior to take off so you can learn about his routine. After dropping off the Dunns, we can get in more details about the second client. But for now, just head on home and get some rest." Chamille explained carefully. 

And with a "You got it." I confirmed, then after a few more prompts from Chamille, the phone call ended.

Wrapping up my last few errands, I headed home.

When I finally arrived home, I plopped myself on the couch, dumping all my shopping bags on the floor.

I took off my shoes, taking my hair out of the restraints of the professional bun.

My long brown hair tumbled out of the hair tie and pins; my scalp instantly relaxing as I sighed in bliss. I sat for a while just going over the day before I decided to stand and pack.

I packed my extra uniform, toiletries, personal items and underwear, a towel, some extra clothes, my traveling documents as well as anything else I would need, including my charger and headphones.

Once I was sure I had everything I needed, I had a small dinner and enjoyed a few episodes of my current favorite Netflix show, then once I was getting ready to call it a night, I called my parents and checked on them, then bid them goodnight after my dad reminded me to pray.

After following with my nightly routine of snuggling in bed, muttering a quick sleepy prayer, I was out like a light.

Next morning my mind was literally shaken awake when the blaring of my alarm buzzed through my ears and into my brain.

Groaning, I quickly turned off my alarm, and blinked sleepily at my bedroom wall. I felt sleep trying to lure me back under, but I jumped once more when my phone began to ring.

Placing the phone on my ear, I groaned out "hello?"

"Good morning!" Chamille chirped in my ear, snapping any sleep I had away. 

"I'm up! Oh my God am I late?" I found myself quickly sitting on my bed, ready to scurry to the shower.

"No, I was just calling to make sure you were awake. And to tell you that we understand that you don't yet have a reliable means of transportation, so one of the company drivers will he picking you up in about 30 minutes, and you will be dropped off at the airport." Chamille explained, sounding very awake compared to me.

"Okay, thank you." I stated,.

"Alright see ya in a bit. I can't wait to meet you!" She stated, with a perky tone. 

"Me too." I tried to smile, but I just couldn't match up to her level of energy this early in the morning.

Once the call was over, I dragged myself out of bed and trudged my way to the bathroom.

Once I saw myself in the mirror, I made a face then laughed at my silliness.

Wasting no time to get ready, I brushed my teeth, fixed my hair in a low bun, and took a shower. Once I was done, I put on my uniform, grabbed my purse and suitcase and was out the door just as the driver pulled up.

"Good morning, my name is Carlos, I'm with Sky High Incorporation. You must be Liliana, welcome aboard." Greeted the young man with a kind smile. He was light skinned, well built, his black hair nicely kept. 

"Nice to meet you." I replied, with a smile of my own, shaking his extended hand. 

"Allow me." He stated, as he grabbed my suitcase, and placed it in the trunk of the car, then he opened the door for me and allowed me inside the car.

During the car ride, it was mostly quiet, I shot a text to my parents letting them know that I was on the move, then I tried to take a deep breath because I felt my racing heart ready to suffocate me.

"Nervous?" Carlos observed through the rearview mirror. 

"Something like that." I chuckled awkwardly. 

"Well don't be, Chamille is one of the best trainers you could have, she'll have you ready to go by the end of your first day. Bonus, you're traveling with the Dunns. Elderly couple, nicest people I've ever met. You'll be fine." Carlos spoke calmly as he sent few glances at me through the mirror.

"Thank you. Have you been working in the company long?" I asked, seeing that the small talk was easing my nerves. 

"Been here for about 2 years. Everyone I've met have been very nice. Some are more talkative than others, but I like it. What about you? Have you dabbled in this field before?" He asked, as he began driving on the freeway. 

"Well somewhat. I used to fly commercial flights. It was a nice job, got to travel to different countries, meet interesting people. I liked it a lot." I shrugged, then a small frown settled on my face.

"Then what happened?" Carlos asked, and I could feel that he was being careful with his question.

"Met the wrong kind of interesting people. After an incident with one of the customers, I figured I could still do what I love but in a restricted crowd, so here I am." I shrugged as I sighed trying not to let my memories dampen my mood.

"Well, at least we won't be hearing about you throwing up on a member on your first day due to motion sickness." Carlos laughed, and that caught my attention.

"Wait, that happened?" I asked, my earlier sadness gone. 

"Well, I'm not really allowed to tell, because apparently, whoever hears the story before their shift, their trip will be riddled with bad luck." He spoke in a lowered tone, as if to build up suspense. 

"I don't believe you." I chuckled shaking my head. 

"Yeah? How much are you willing to bet? Do you really want to risk your first day?" Carlos questioned as he exited the freeway and began driving towards the executive airport I spotted from the freeway. 

"Well..." I dragged out, trying to weigh out my options.

"That's what I thought, plus its already too late, we're here." Carlos said, as he parked the car after pulling up to a private Jet.

He exited the car and pulled out my luggage before opening the door for me.

As he walked me over to the huge plane he said, "well Liliana it was a pleasure. Good luck on your first day." 

"Thank you, Carlos." I stated, then as we exchanged goodbyes, he handed me my luggage, and I made my way up the stairs that led into the plane.

As soon as I reached the last step, a dark-skinned young woman appeared before me. Startled I nearly took a step back but caught myself last second before I tumbled out of the plane.

Her brown hair with blond highlights was also pulled into a bun. Her hazel eyes bright, her smile friendly.

"Oh my, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Hi, I'm Chamille, it is a pleasure to meet you." 

"Hi, Liliana, but you can call me Lili or Lilian, whichever." I stated, with a smile as I shook her hand. 

"Well Lili it's a pleasure, but I have to say we had a last-minute change in plans, and Jenna just called, we won't be travelling with the Dunns today. Another client had a pressing matter to attend to, so the Client who would've been our second trip has been moved up." Chamille explained as she led me through the luxurious aircraft, towards the back, after the kitchen, to two small quarters, each with a bed.

"This will be our little space. Mr. Cavalier is who we'll be traveling with. Usually when I'm training for his shift, I often ask that you arrive about 2 hours earlier, but Jenna assured me that you were a fast learner, so an hour and a half should be enough. Now, whenever you're traveling with any client, of course you have to arrive dressed for the job, which you already are. Once aboard the plane, you will find your room where you will place all your belongings." Chamille coached, and I followed her instructions, placing my bag under the bed. 

"Next you will alert the pilot that you've arrived. You make your way to the cockpit, just to ensure that they are aware that you're on board." As Chamille spoke, she led me from the back of the plane towards the front.

As we headed towards the cockpit she began with the tour.

"Our rooms are always in the back of the plane, then we have our bathroom. When it’s time to take off, we buckle in the seat right outside of our room.  A little down the hall, you come into the sitting area. On the far right is the bar and small kitchen area, then you have the business area, this is usually where Mr. Cavalier works. Moving towards the front of the plane is Mr. Cavalier's room, but trust me he barely uses it, then it's the cockpit."

Once we made it there, Chamille opened the door just as an older gentleman turned to face us.

"Hey Paul, this is Liliana, she's a newbie." Chamille called out to the pilot.

"Hey newbie, welcome aboard." Replied, Paul, his round cheeks appearing fuller when he smiled, then he turned to another gentleman as he said, "this here is Juan. He's my co-pilot."

"Pleasure." Juan simply nodded my way, and I smiled shaking their hands.

Once the introductions were over, Chamille led me back to the bar, where we sat down to go over a few details.

"So, Mr. Cavalier is one of those clients who have a strict routine, and he is not as lenient as others would be if you mess up that routine. Once he arrives, you are to greet him at the door. He doesn't speak a lot, so don't take it personally if he gives you one worded answers or small sounds. You get used to it. Once he sits down, he buckles himself in, it is your job to notify the pilot that he's settled in. What you will do is sit and buckle in, then use the phone next you chair to let the pilot know that you're ready. After takeoff, he usually likes a drink before he starts working. Its either he goes with wine, or a scotch, depending on his mood. Are you getting all this?" Chamille asked, after I didn't make a sound.

"Oh yeah, yeah, go ahead." I assured her as I nodded my head.

"Okay, so after takeoff, you will approach him, always address him by his last name, be very clear when speaking to him. Asking what he would like to drink, and once you've served it to him, you go back to your seat. Every hour check with him and make sure that he doesn't need anything. Because we are flying to Rome, you will be required to serve him lunch around noon, and dinner about an hour before landing. The kitchenette will have everything you need, his lunch is always the same. It is a platter of fruit, ham and assorted cheeses, with either a glass of champagne or red wine. Once you've served him, make sure you grab something to eat. There is a small fridge in the hall that leads to your room. After lunch, just regular check on him, same thing with dinner, then once it's time to land, the pilot will alert you on the overhead, check and make sure he doesn't need anything, then sit down, buckle up and prepare to land. After landing, he will already have a personal driver waiting for him. We are taken care of by our company drivers, and they will take us to a hotel. Before every trip, we are given a schedule which tells you how long your client will be staying, and it doesn't happen often, but every once in a while, some clients do request our services for small errands. But you don't have to worry about that with Mr. Cavalier, he only sees us on the plane. Good so far?" Chamille paused after another crash course on hosting Mr. Cavalier.

"Doing good." I confirmed, though the more I heard about this man, the more nervous I became.

"Good. Now because it is your first day, I will introduce you, but remember, he is not very talkative, so don't take it personally if he barely addresses you. The one thing you shouldn't do is interrupt him when he's talking, and if he is working on his computer, and the time comes for you to check on him, wait for him to acknowledge you, do not leave until you are dismissed by him. Always address him as Mr. Cavalier, try to keep your conversations to a minimum, and always be on guard. Avoid any form of back talk. He is our top client but not an easy man to please. I am not going to beat around the bush when it comes to him. I have seen some of the most confident hosts buckle and leave this job because of him, so I just want you to put your best foot forward. Don't get on his bad side, because one word from him, and you're done. Ready to run away yet?" Chamille teased when she saw my face, and I sighed, building up my courage as I said, "no, I think I can handle him." I nodded, trying to convince both Chamille and myself. 

"Good, because he's here." She stated, and my heart dropped in my stomach.

At her words, Chamille stood up and I did the same, she straightened her uniform and plastered a smile on her face.

She looked at me, and held my shoulders as she said, "smile, we got this girlfriend."

With a firm nod, she led me to the door.

Each step I took towards the door, I felt my heart thud in fear. I haven't even met the man, but I was already afraid of screwing up.

As an airline hostess, I have had my fair share of intimidating passengers, but this time it was only one intimidating passenger, for a 14 hour and 50 minutes flight. A passenger who could either make or break my chances at keeping this job.

We arrived at the door just as his car began to approach the plane.

Once I saw the car, I had to do a double take because it looked exactly like the car I saw yesterday.

When the driver stepped out, my breath clogged in my throat. Same driver.

The anticipation I felt only grew with every step the driver took towards the back door. And when he opened the door, the thudding in my heart had filled my ears, and I could feel my body tremor with nerves.

When he stepped out of the car, my heart felt like it leaped from my chest.

It was the same man.

Once again, he did not acknowledge his driver. His eyes looked up and noticed Chamille, then slowly, they fell on me.

Even from afar he seemed to squint his eyes, but maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

The driver handed him his black briefcase, and he began making his way towards us.

As he got closer, I gulped. His footsteps began to echo simultaneously with my heartbeat, I tried to take a deep breath, but I knew nothing was going to calm my racing heart, and the closer he got, the quicker my nerves pumped through my veins.