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  She accidentally transmigrated and became the 'Miss Bane' that everyone in the Prime Minister's residence avoided. To be framed, to have the marriage annulled in public, and even to be chased out of one's home, did the heavens want him to die? The first time they met, he had chosen her to be his wangfei. She was going to marry a good-for-nothing? To be held hostage by an assassin and even come into close contact with him? What happened to the main halo!? What about the agreed law of crossing gold? On the night of the wedding, Lord Darknorth had put on an act, scaring her half to death. The noblest and most noble prince below one man and above others was clearly a bastard who had nothing better to do than to look handsome! If he wanted to escape the marriage, if he wanted to elope, if he wanted to elope, he had to elope with an unfamiliar man! Who could tell her that the beautiful man whom she wholeheartedly wanted to elope with was her husband!? No matter how you look at it, the only poison master in the Ghost Physician Guild isn't someone to be trifled with!

"My Gu family does not have a shameless daughter like you! "Scram!"

After a thin, wounded woman was pushed out, the vermillion door ruthlessly closed with a 'bang'.

The woman fell to the ground in a sorry state, her face full of tears.

"Father!" Your daughter was wrongly accused. Your daughter did not do anything to meet an outsider in private. "

"Dad, open the door!"

Outside of Prime Minister's Palace Cheng's gate, passersby gathered around and pointed at the girl who was crying on the ground.

"Look, this is the young miss of Prime Minister's Palace Cheng, she actually fought to such an extent."

"Didn't I hear that she is going to marry the current crown prince? "Why were you chased out?"

"Look at her disheveled clothes, how can she even look like a lady from a noble family?"

At this time, a luxurious carriage slowly approached.

The passersby who were still discussing immediately shut their mouths and made way.

The carriage stopped at the stone steps outside the Prime Minister's Palace. A man and woman dressed in luxurious clothing walked down from the carriage.

Seeing the two of them, the woman felt as if she was looking at a straw that could save her life.

"Qian Cheng, are you here to uphold justice for me? I really didn't do anything to let you down, I really didn't … "

The woman rushed forward and grabbed the man's sleeve, crying without a sound.

Jun Qian Cheng immediately revealed a look of disgust, ruthlessly shaking off the woman's hand, and then casually slapping the woman's face.

"A shameless woman like you is not worthy to be this crown prince's concubine!"

The girl was beaten senseless. Her face was burning with pain.

"Aiya! Sis, how can you do something like a private meeting with an outsider? This is hurting the Crown Prince's heart. "

Just then, the lady beside Jun Qian Cheng squatted down and wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth with a handkerchief. His tone was full of pity.

However, her words were clearly heard by the bystanders.


"The young miss of the Prime Minister's Palace actually had an affair with an outsider!"

"This kind of woman, how is she fit to be our Darkwater Kingdom's Crown Princess!"

"Yes!" Even being chased out would be considered light. We should just grab them and immerse them in the pig cage! "

For a time, the crowd was in an uproar as they all began to denounce him.

"I didn't... "I didn't …"

The girl was lying on the ground miserably, shaking her head with all her might. Tears and blood mixed together, flowing on the ground.

"No?" "Then what is this!?"

Jun Qian Cheng angrily took out a stack of paper from his sleeves and sprinkled it in front of the lady.

On each sheet of paper was written a love poem that revealed her bones. Each word was her own handwriting.

The woman's hands trembled as she picked up the Xuan paper one after another. Her eyes were already blurry with tears.

She was shaking, and then suddenly sneered.

"Gu Lian Yue! It's you! You set me up! "

These love poems were obviously copied by Gu Lian Yue, asking her to help him take care of it, saying that it was to be given to the person she liked.

"Elder sister … You! "How can you speak nonsense and accuse me wrongly …"

As Gu Lian Yue said that, she began to cry in grievance, her appearance causing people to feel pity for him.

"Slut!" Lian Yue kindly came to this crown prince to plead for you, yet you still want to slander her?

"Speak!" Who was that man? This prince will help you, and let you go down to the underworld to be a pair of ghost—husband and wife! "

Jun Qian Cheng clenched his teeth, and grabbed onto the girl's throat, the veins on the back of his hand bulging out.

The woman looked at Jun Qian Cheng with despair. A beautiful smile appeared on her face as she slowly closed her eyes.

"You think that I will let you off while you feign death!"

Jun Qian Cheng's face was filled with hostility, he ruthlessly threw the girl out, and coincidentally smashed his head against a door pillar.

… ….

Pain! So painful!

In a daze, Gu Hong Xue was awakened by the intense pain all over her body.

There were wounds all over her body, her face, and even her head. Even when she woke up, her brain was still in a muddled state.

"Puff —!"

Gu Hong Xue wanted to speak, but just as she opened her mouth, she could not help but vomit a large mouthful of blood, which coincidentally spurted onto the man's face in front of her.


Seeing Jun Qian Cheng's face covered in blood, Gu Lian Yue ran over and wiped it off with her handkerchief.

Jun Qian Cheng's eyes burned with anger, he raised his hand to slap.

Just that, before his hand could land on Gu Hong Xue's face, he was stopped by a magnetic voice.

"Why is the Crown Prince so angry? Why did he attack a weak girl in front of so many people?"

Gu Hong Xue raised her eyes slightly, and saw a golden carriage stop in front of the Prime Minister's Palace's gates. A beautiful face with a side view, vaguely visible by the window of the carriage.

Who is he?

That's not right! What was going on? Why are these people wearing such strange clothes?

Gu Hong Xue who had recovered her ability to think immediately discovered that something was amiss.

Looking around again, they were all ancient buildings, as well as people wearing ancient clothing.

However, before she could sort out her thoughts, a sharp pain entered her mind once more.

"Sovereign … "Royal Uncle …"

The moment the malevolent crown prince saw the newcomer, his expression immediately changed and a trace of fear could be heard in his voice.

"Royal Uncle, it's this woman that doesn't know shame and insults my Imperial Family's face …"

"Oh? It's these love poems right? Maybe the crown prince is still not clear about the fact that Xue Er and the This King have the same feelings, so these love poems were written by Xue Er for the This King. "

"This King just requested for an order from the palace for the empress dowager to betroth Xue Er to This King. The empress dowager agreed."

The man in black spoke slowly without a shred of hesitation.

The crowd was once again in an uproar. They never expected such a change to occur.

Gu Hong Xue was a little confused, and was unable to figure out what was going on.

However, Gu Lian Yue's face was extremely pale.

Because she knew very well that Regent was lying.

Those love poems were obviously used by her to frame Gu Hong Xue, how could they be for Regent?

Only, the Regent was a figure that no one other than the current Emperor could afford to offend.

Even if she knew the truth in her heart, if the Regent were to stand up for Gu Hong Xue, even the Crown Prince would not dare to say a word.

But this is also good. Listening to Regent's tone, he wants to marry Gu Hong Xue, so wouldn't the position of Crown Princess be hers …

Gu Hong Xue, just be a ghost when you marry the Regent!

Gu Lian Yue thought like this and was secretly pleased. Although her plans had changed, the result was still the same as what she wanted.

Hearing Regent's words, the crown prince was stunned for a long while before regaining his senses.

Never had he imagined that the woman who betrayed him would actually be in cahoots with his royal uncle.

Even so, he could only swallow his anger.

"Since royal uncle wants to marry this woman, then nephew will congratulate you!"

After the Crown Prince had finished speaking, he turned around angrily and left.

With so many people watching, he could not afford to lose his face. When tomorrow comes, he wanted to see how Jun Lin Tian would explain himself!

Helplessly watching the crown prince leave, Gu Lian Yue stood on the spot awkwardly. After being stunned for a moment, he immediately pretended to be cautious.

"Aiya, sister, are you alright? Was his face still in pain? Let little sister help you back. "

Gu Lian Yue supported Gu Hong Xue up, but secretly she pinched Gu Hong Xue fiercely.

Gu Hong Xue was defenseless, the pain made him grimace.

When she looked angrily at Gu Lian Yue, she saw that Gu Lian Yue had given her a fierce glare, giving her a warning look.

Gu Lian Yue, do you know how good at acting is?

No, your mother and you are the same, one more than the other.

Gu Hong Xue cursed in her heart. Just as the crown prince and the Prince were conversing, she had already memorized this body a little and roughly understood what was going on.