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Stylish, sassy and feisty

Stylish, sassy and feisty




Reina Clementine Romano the youngest Romano of the Sicilian mafia and of course the most badass. A successful CEO of the Romano's hotel in the day; but at the night she hides under the name The Black Hunter. A professional crazy criminal with talents in every corner of the underground world. Best shooter, body hunter, assassin, fighter and practically anything you can name. Jax Phoenix Martinez the ruthless and bloody American Mafia Boss. Feared by many cops and criminals. He loves seeing his enemies suffer so tortures him for days on end; non stop. An absolute psycho! He simply doesn't give one damn towards anyone so say the wrong things to him and the rest of your life is not promised. Both are feared and talented in what they do; both love seeing their enemies on their knees begging for mercy; both are beyond the word crazy. What happens when they cross paths? Will the demons rise while the angel fall or will they be intertwined by fate and fate alone?


not a scene just a mention

'The Black Hunter strikes us once yet again leaving a gruesome mess in the house of the murdered. Despite being a messy murderer, not a trace of DNA can be found. Careful and cautious. Whoever he is, what does he want and why has he targeted these specific targets?'

He. They always assume I'm a man but whose to tell them that it's a woman killing multiple of men and woman. One thing between us is that I'm not the monster everyone plays me out to be. The people who I ruthlessly and personally kill are ones that the justice was not served to. Rapists. I despise them. With my own personal encounter but I was strong enough to fight back, but many can't and for that reason the messy kills will only be with them.

Best get my ass to work before I miss any meeting. I had shower and then changed my clothes. I wore a black long—sleeved black shirt, a grey and black patterned skirt and topped it off with a light grey blazer. I had a black purse handbag and put my hair into a high ponytail.

Spraying my body with my Jasmine perfume, I walked out of the house and took my car and drove off to the Romano Headquarter in Sicily. Yes Sicily, I'm usually in America but for right now I had business to help with for the rest of the family. My mum despised my criminal activity but knows I won't stop. For I am my daddy's daughter.

I reach the headquarter and enter inside and into my office. A knock.

'Miss Romano, this is your meeting schedule for the rest of the day.' the man said.

'Thank you.' I said

Three meetings today. Ughhhh. This was going to be a long day.

Three long meetings later. I called it a day and headed out back to my car. My mum and I made plans that we would meet at my brother Reese's house. So, I turned my car on and made my way to his house. Did I forget to mention that he the Sicilian Mafia Boss?

I rang the doorbell. Reese opened the door looked at me up and down.

'Ugh. It's you.' he groaned and shut the door on my face.

Sibling love is the best kind of love a person could get. I got my bobby pin and fiddled it into keyhole opening the door, unlocking it eventually.

'Aunty Reina!!!!' was screamed from the back yard and I saw my niece. She came running towards me on her two little legs.


I ran up to her and picked her up swinging her around. She was now three years old. She had beautiful jet—black hair and the glimmering green eyes. God, I already know she's going to be a Goddess when she's older. Hazel and I both played with the Legos even though I hated

I do anything for her


After a bit, I headed towards the kitchen.

'Ophelia!' I exclaimed while hugging her.

I finally stood away and asked 'how's the baby? Giving you any problems?'

She chuckled 'No he's not.'


After having a conversation, I headed towards my brother's office.


'Reese.' I said 'You're named after a chocolate.'

He rolled his eyes to the back of his head.

'What is it I hear of that you're going to America on a new turf to build a hotel?'

'Yeah, well maybe because my company is expanding.' I said in a duh tone.

'Don't use that tone on me' he snapped.

'I'm sorry your royal majesty.' I announced while bowing down.

'It's that sort of attitude that will get you killed on his turf.'

'Whose turf?' I questioned.

"Jax Martinez." he said.

Jax Phoenix Martinez. The renowned, brutal and deadly American Mafia Boss. Cops shake when he enters the streets and criminals only have the utmost respect for him. The most lunatic and mad man you will ever meet. He tortures his enemies for days on end letting them beg for mercy all they can. Cold blooded and heartless.

'So, what if it is his turf?' I questioned.

'It's dangerous to be on his turf with no protection.' Reese replied.

'and knowing you, you will probably go on a little killing spree' he added.

'Me?' I screamed accused with a shocked face pointing at myself.

'Yes you.' he said pointing at me.

'I'm still going whether you like it or not.'

'Pa is not going to like that at all.' he replied.

'Who's going where?' said my dad while he walked in.

'Reina's going to New York to build a hotel.' Reese said.

'On the Martinez's turf.' he bellowed and then chuckled and then howled with laughter.

'Yeah, you're not going anywhere near that turf.' he said abruptly after he stopped laughing.

'Yes, I am' I said while walking out and ran towards my mum.

'REINA CLEMENTINE ROMANO. COME BACK HERE.' he said while running out behind me.

I ran on my two little legs to behind my mum who was talking to Ophelia. She kissed my cheeks while I hugged her.

'REINAA' he screamed.

'YOU BEST HAVE A REA—' he stopped as soon as he saw ma's face.

'Vincent, why on God's earth are you screaming at our daughter?'

'She plans on opening a hotel on someone else's turf.' he said.

'So what?' my mum replied calmly.

Blank stares from my father goes unfazed to my mum.

'He is the most ruthless mafia leader.'

'Ok and what?' my mum said 'Reina is more than capable of taking care of herself and by refusing to let her go on certain place is restricting her full potential. Get over its Vincent, she is the strongest criminal in the underground. She can fight herself.'

'I don't want her to fight herself' my dad said back.

'She's a business owner Vince, you need to travel.' she replied looking at him.

'Exactly.' I screamed.

'She's not going, Vasilva' he screamed 'end of conversation.'

My mum glared at him.

'Temper temper father' I said.

He stormed off while my mum chuckled at my joke.

'You know sometimes you should listen to your father even if he sometimes talks a load of bullshit' she said turning to me.

'Ehh, i guess I should probably try to but I love pissing him off.' I giggled.

She laughed, 'promise me you will be safe'

'I promise ma'

Later on, I went back to my house and changed my clothes. I wore some ripped black jeans with a black off shoulder top topped with a khaki green jacket. I wore the necklace my dad gave me when I was a child and black and white trainers. I headed to the airport.

'Welcome back Ms Romano.' followed with 'Have a safe flight, Ma'am '

I got comfortable on a seat and fell asleep.

After 10—12 hours, I got off the plane and checked my phone.

108 Missed Calls from Pa

Oh shit... eh, I mean my mum can deal with him. I headed towards the house I had rented out. It was a beautiful black interior. Pure love at first sight.

It was still night around here so I guess I could do something I like.

I wore a green turquoise colour dress which highlighted my figure perfectly and wore white heels. I put on my turquoise curly wig on. I slipped on my green eye contacts and headed towards the club with the rental car at the front.

light beard growing in. I went in and ordered my drink.

'Oh, let me buy you a drink darling' he said while checking me out very baitly. God I was gagging in my mind.

'You sure about that handsome?' I said with a smirk forming on my face.

'Yeah, I'm pretty sure that a sexy lady deserves to be bought a drink.'

'Alright then.'

We had a conversation while drinking.

'Why don't we go on the dance floor?' I offered

'Let's go darling.'

So, we headed there. I grinded on him constantly making him go hard and before you knew it, we were at his house kissing.

Now was the perfect time to strike. I took my knife and stabbed him in his abdomen. Then pushing him back on the ground I dragged the knife across his body constantly stabbing. He was bleeding everywhere.


'Please what?' I said in response while taking my spray can out and spelt The Black Hunter out across the wall.

'Pl...please... stop....i....didn't.....mean'

And with that I stabbed him instantly and he closed his eyes.

'Should have thought about it before you raped that poor girl.'