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Reverence being the last hope of human kind, she speaks with the Angels and the holy mother and given the task to stop the plans of the devil... The prince devil is summoned to earth in flesh and blood but only end up falling inlove with her

Not long ago, in Tanzania... There lived this happy family!, the father was holistic influencing the whole family to be the same..! But the father had this special abilities of talking to angels! He usually spoke with angel Gabriel!...

In the underworld, the devil wanted his kingdom to become greater and to dominate the kingdoms of the oceans:Indian, pacific and Atlantic! He also wanted to dominate the world... But there was an obstacle!.. People praying and fasting for the protection of the earth and also the powers of the crater!.. Dylan!.the powerful witch of the underworld told the devil the only way to get rid of the crater is to sacrifice himself and descend his power to the prince devil! Also alitle blood bath will do! The devil then accepted and started making arrangements!

Dylan knew his days were numbered so he started to search for his descendant. He found out that the next crater is his second born, reverence!.. So he started to teach her how to pray and concentrate to see what's beyond to be seen

The devil then finished his preparations and was ready for the sacrifice, he made several accidents on earth and killed thousands of people through road accidents!... It was dinner time, Dylan and his family we're talking over the meal!... Dylan then stopped and prayed for a while, he looked at reverence and held her arms and told her "you are beyond powerful, you are crater! May the holy spirits, holy mother and all angels look after you! "... After saying that, reverence felt something and unwillingly tears we're falling out of her... She started to pray... The entire family was just looking at her, surprised!

She then opened her eyes and found herself in another place... She saw angels and then her dad going towards them! At first she was smiling but then something told her to pray harder, she was! Then she saw an army of dark knights coming to her direction! She was scared but her dad told her not to be scared! The vision was then over, after that she opened her eyes only to find out her dad has died! She was hurt!

A glimpse of light showed at their sitting room, them still crying!.. It was Dylan telling them not to! He told them that they all had special dues to do for the sake of the world! He told reverence if she ever needed help she should pray the rosary bracelet of the holy mother and everything will be okay!

The devil is now dead leaving his kingdom to the prince devil who is supposed to finish what his father started! He had to dominate all the kingdoms and the earth as well... But sacrifices has to be made in order to do that! He begins his first hunt to the Atlantic where he meets the moody princess! He offers his hand of marriage and the princess couldn't resist his charms giving him access to rule the kingdom!... He then easily dominated the Atlantic when he married the princess making him to be even more stronger!

Doing so, his ceremony needed alot of human flesh, more accidents and deaths were made....