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In Trouble With The Mafia Brother

In Trouble With The Mafia Brother

Author:Nadia Malik


General Romance

Two men came forward pointing thier guns on Daddy and Bhai. Seeing that, Mom screamed loudly in horror. I wanted to scream too but I had lost my voice with fear especially, when that man's dark orbs were dagered on me. "Wh...what do you all want?! Money? Gold? Anything else....take it...just take it! B....but please... please let them go..." Mom cried out as I just stood thier motionless. I didn't even had the strength to comfort her. Fear was coercing in my veins like blood. "Anything?" The man finally spoke."Yes!" He looked at me with an amused expression."Then..." He pointed his gun at me as I was hiding behind my mother shaking like a leaf. "... I'll take this one." My eyes widened. We all looked at him horrified and Mom shielded me behind her. "What's wrong? Didn't you just say I can take anything? Then I'll take your daughter." He winked at me. _______________Rahina, a simple bubbly girl had it all perfect. A perfect loving family, friends and now a handsome, charming, understand

I stepped down from the bus and checked my watch. It was 7:45 already? Shit!! We were late again today.

'That's what you get for waking up after Fajr'

My conscience mocked me. Yep! I was guilty for that. We fast paced through the bus stop to reach the college gate. Neha lifted her abaya slightly and almost ran through the puddled road.

"Tsk...tsk...tsk... Yeh ladki ko dekho. Burkha pehenti hi q hai jab puri salwar dikhani hai?"

Look at this girl! What's the use of wearing a burkha when you're showing your salwar from below

" I scolded.

"Shut up" she said walking away ahead of us. Afreen and Sana walked with me.

"Ashna would already be in the class by now and maybe Nadia as well" I said.

"Isliye zara jaldi uthne ka na ..Bas Kumbh Karan ki tarah sona hi chahiye teko.."

That's why need to wake up a bit early! You just want to sleep like Kumbh Karan

. Neha yelled

"Aree! meko raat ko nind hi nai aati Yaar. 2 baje soyi mai kal raat ko"

Hey! I can't sleep at night dude. Last night too I slept at 2am

I defended myself.

"Nothing new!" Neha spat back

"Ab chalo jaldi . Ma'am ka ab tak half Economics ka chapter sikha kar bhi hua hoga.

Not walk faster! Ma'am must've already completed teaching half of the Economics chapter

" Sana scolded.

"We won't get Attendance sheet though" Afreen scowled. All our faces dropped at that realisation.

As we reached the gate we saw Nadia's mom leaving . She smiled at us and we smiled back.

"Nadia!!" Neha yelled from the gate loud enough to make every late student's head turn along with Nadia.

"Ha Neha aur zor se chilla! Shayad Ma'am bhi aa jaaye tujhse milne" I mocked.

Yeah Neha! Scream a little louder. Maybe even ma'am might come down hearing you!

The spectators were smiling weirdly at us a lot all thanks to Neha Ji.

Nadia waited for us till we caught up.

"How come you're this late today?"

"Aree haha, I sort off lost track of time today...Nevermind let's leave."she said smiling sheepishly and started walking. We reached the stairs and suddenly Nadia stopped.

"Oye. Let's skip the lecture. Already it's too late and we not by any chance are getting attendance sheet" she pouted.

"Yeh dekho!"

look at this!

Sana facepalmed.

"She just wants a reason!!" Afreen continued and Nadia whined.

"Your attendance must be pretty good not ours. You can go to LR

ladies room

. We must attend the lecture." I said rushing up.

"Fir mai bhi kya karu akeli . Chalo chalte hai class me

then what should I do alone. Let's go to class

" Nadia said frowning and we all rushed to the class.

As usual Ma'am was already in the class and dictating the notes to the students. She watched us enter and literally paused till we immediately took our seats on the first two benches near the door. We didn't want her to wait longer and watch us even more intently as we walk past her and take our seats in the middle row as it was our usual place. She continued after we all sat. I'm kinda the center of attention for all the professors. It feels awkwardly good but it is also intimidating at times especially like this...

I checked the books of the girls behind me to see how much was given. We almost gasped to see that almost 4 pages of notes were dictated. It had just been like 15 mins?! I quickly returned the book as Ma'am began dictating again. Thankfully we did get the attendance sheet by the end of the lecture.

However, as son as we took it and Sana began to sign it,

"No sign sheet would be given to late comers!"Ma'am announced and Sana froze. We also exchanged glances.

"Who sent the sign sheet there? Late comers won't get to sign anymore." She scolded and we reluctantly kept the sheet aside.

Shit! Should've listened to Nadia and bunked.

Ma'am was about to start lecturing us for coming late always, that's when we heard a voice from outside—

"Excuse me Ma'am"

Ma'am stopped and went outside.

I let out a sigh.

"Bach gaye"

we're saved!

Afreen grinned.

"Ha yaar!"

yeah dude!

I smiled.

Ashna was silently laughing at us sitting at our original place. I scowled at her. Nadia was silent like always. Wonder what's going on in her head. Maybe another story idea...hehe.

Four boys walked past our bench and went up on the dias. I didn't pay any attention at first on their faces. I looked at their uniform. Oh wow! They're from an MBA college. Seniors?!

"Hello Everyone!" One of the guys said and I casually looked up at him and almost had a mini heart attack.

'It's HIM!!!? No way!'

His eyes stopped at me as he was casually observing his audience and even he froze. We just kept on staring at each other dumbstruck.

His friend tapped on his shoulder from behind and we broke eye contact abruptly.

'Shit! What was I doing?'

He cleared his throat and began his speech.

So basically he was here to advertise about his college and the various courses.

He avoided looking into my direction at all times. I was quite flustered myself but I just couldn't stop myself from looking at him. God! He's so handsome. His face, his personality, OMG his hair!!! The way he moves his hands while explaining and his voice — Ah! So manly...Then I realised what I was thinking . Astaghfirullah!

He finished his part and was looking all around but at times I caught him stealing glances at me. It made my heart flutter.

They were done son enough and were leaving . I didn't want him to leave.

The remaining 3 hours, I was just lost in his thoughts. Usually I'm quite the chatterbox but today, I wasn't really talking or paying attention to my girls.

Our lectures were over and we were all leaving. There were still 15 minutes left for the next bus so I guess my girls were taking their time and walking like zombies. I couldn't catch up to their incredible speed.

"Kitna slow chalte tum log. Tortoise bhi aage nikal ke jaayega. Mai jaa rahi hu aage."

You guys walk so slow. Even a tortoise can outrun you. I'm going ahead!

"Ha jaa jaa tortoise."

Ok go go u tortoise.

Ashna said. I ignored them and started walking.

As I exited the building, I saw HIM standing near the library entrance. He was trying to leave but his friends were stopping him and hitting him playfully.

It might be my imagination but I think they were gesturing towards me. His eyes met mine and I quickly looked away gasping.

'What's wrong with me!?'

I started walking fast towards the gate.


My heart skipped and I froze as his shy hesitant voice called me.