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Why she ignore  me

Why she ignore me

Author:Cyrem D.


General Romance

Hello guys my name is Niko I'm a 3rd year high school right now One day I meet I girl she name is Alexis I don't know why I fall to her I always know I love her because this is happend I'm grade 5 I think this is a Puppy love but I'm wrong we are best friends in that time I'm so like her in that time but some how after I confess to her she ignore I feel why she ignore me because I'm a loser I'm fat im not go to study I don't know why but I don't give up I'm crying because off that I telling to my self why I love her I want to move on right now but I can't. alexsis feel How horrible that man I like her ask my best friend but she confess why he confess to me because I so sweet to him or something I feel bad to ignore her but I don't like him she so fat and loser and not good to study but I feel something to her I fell a alone if she not in my side she so funny and so great full to *cry* why I ignore her ok I said sorry to her tomorrow Alexsis Hey niko I want talk to you about something Niko I don't want to ignore her I still love her why I ignore her because i don't like her or something *cry* huh? I'm crying I still like her but she ignores me like that why Niko why you still like her she so bad to me right now I don't like her anymore please I want to move on I want to move on now Ok I never give up to alexsis no matter what happens I still lo SEE YA TO THE NEXT CHAPTER

  Hello my name is Niko I'm a 3rd year high school right now. A long ago I meet a girl name Alexsis we are best friends in that time I know i like her I want to confess but I know I'm a loser fat agly and not good in studying but I still like her she's my first friend after I go in this School

  I know in the time we first meet I like her so much but what if she said I don't like you and she cut our friendship ok I do this I know I can do this I opens the door in the class room and we are alone in the class room and I said I love after I said I love she said I know you love me your my friend I said I love you by a girl she said ew you know I like you ask my friend but I hate you in love to me see your self your agly fat loser your not good in studying to see your self before you confess one week after I confess to her she ignores me I said I know I like you but we are friends after all that's right Alexsis she said I cut a our friendship and she ignores me but I don't give up Alexsis please be friends with me again and. One day in the school I heard what she said to her best friend and she Best friend name is Nami I know she is a girl too I heard what Alexsis said.

  Alexsis said

  You know Nami I feel something gone on me after I cut my friendship with Niko she's a good person but you know I don't like her she's agly and loser and fat not good on but I little bit miss her. Niko - she miss me and why she ignores me and I'm cry in that time. Alexsis - you know I he a handsome and smart I going to like her he is a good guy pure heart but I hate him because she in love to me ew. Niko I understand if I'm a handsome she l likes me and that's the way I be a perfect man she see.

  4 years ago

  One day I meet Alexsis agin after i understand if I'm going to be handsome and smart she going to love me and I do it. Alexsis transferred to my school and be my class meet after the class she said she one to talk to me and I said ok why not and she said you want be my friend again

  Niko and. I said How dare you you want be my friend after all you done your very stupid if you think I like you after that after I say that I walk away.


  She hate me because I ignore her in that time cry why I'm crying because I love him


  Cry I really hate her she wants be my friend now because I'm handsome now and smart but why she wants be my friend I want to join I'm reading club I open the door and I see alexsis