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We Met In This Cafe

We Met In This Cafe




They met in the cafe where they found their true love? Miggy is a depressed kid who loves anime lets just say she is an otaku and a nerd. Then her best friend Marie is completely the opposite she is popular boys love him she is the nost "beautiful" girl in our school most boys are jealous of Miggy. Andrei is this popular guy who is being shipped by Marie a lot kind of a buly but is a nice person. Then there is Mark he is a cute shy boy who has a crush on Marie but he is not the type of guy who obsesses over this one girl he keeps it to hiself and Andrei.

  Miggy was in class doing homework. Miggy never do it at home since he cant concentrate there but this maintenance said that Miggy should go study somewhere else. Miggy couldn't say no so he just packed his stuff and went to this one cafe almost no one stays at. Miggy went there and studied this cafe is 24 hours open. While studying he heard the door open but he didn't look he was too focus. Then someone tapped his shoulder he didn't look up and mind his own business. Then he tapped his shoulder again and again. He got annoyed so he looked up to see a handsome face with green beautiful eyes he look at him for a long time and he interrupted. "Hey..your Miggy right?" Andrei asked. "Ye...why?" Miggy said. "Oh nothing I just wanna tall to you." Andrei said. "You wouldn't want to be friend with a nerd and and loner like me would you?" Miggy said. "No i dont mind I feel like your a good person also your Marie's friend so." Andrei said. "Oh...ok have a seat then." Miggy said and Andrei sat beside you. "So...what are you doing?" Andrei asked. "Studying" Miggy replied. "Want me to help you?" Andrei asked. "Ummm having a hard time in this question anyways.." Miggy said and Andrei went closer to you and look at the notebook. You stared at his fluffy hair that smelled like roses. "Uhh Andrei your too close to my face.." Miggy said. "Oh im sorry i couldn't see it.." Andrei said and backed then he noticed you were red.. "hey..Miggy you good? Your red like a tomato." Andrei asked. You didnt respond. "You like it when im near you dont you.." Andrei said and grabbed your thighs softly while going near you. "You like it?" Andrei whispered. "What if..we date?" Andrei whispered. You froze and blushed..Andrei backed. "You're so cute when your flustered! HAHA i was just kidding. I like girls." Andrei said. "Umm...ok ill go now i need to go home.." Miggy packed his stuff. "Want me to walk you home?" Andrei asked. "No thx i can go there myself." Miggy said with a sad face. Miggy gabbed his bag and went home. At home he saw his uncle with another girl AGAIN. They were kissing on the couch. He walk up to his room as fast as he could and locked hus door. He lay down. "What just happened.." he asked hiself and fell asleep. The next morning it was already 5:00 am he took his towel and took a quick shower he couldn't control hiself and grabbed a sharp thing in his bathroom and started to cut hiself. It didnt hurt but he were crying. He washed his arm and went to school. While walking to school Marie tapped your shoulder. "Heyyoooo! Miggy you look handsome today" Marie said. "I look the same..what do you want from me.." Miggy asked. "Miggy you know me a i am having a party at my house and i wanna invite you..its ok if you wont join.." Marie said. "You have games?" Miggy asked. "Ofc i do we play it together." Marie said. " ok im going." Miggy said. "YAY!A THANK YOU BESTIE see you later!" Marie said and went to her group of friends. You went to your classroom and music while while studying then someone sat beside you it was Andrei. "Hey there what are you doing?" Andrei asked. "You have eyes you can see i am studying right now." Miggy responded. "Oh im sorry just wanted to ask to make a conversation." Andrei said. "Well stop because im studying." Miggy said. "Your good bro? Did i do something?" Andrei asked. "No.." Miggy said. "C'mon tell me." Andrei said. "No ill go now." Miggy said and stood up and walked away but Andrei grabbed your arm and a sharp object fell from your jacket. Andrei picked it up. "What is this for?" Andrei asked. "Nothing idk it was here." Miggy said. "Can i look at your arm?" Andrei asked. "What no!" Miggy said. "Let me see." Andrei forced you to show it. "I SAID NO!" Miggy shouted and everyone in the classroom was mad since..Andrei is a popular boy..the fangirl were mad. But he didnt care and went to the bathroom. He cried there and hurt hiself again. He again washed his arm and went to the classroom. The bad thing is Andrei sat beside him. He didnt talk to him and just ignored him. It was lunch time. He went to the library and didnt eat anything since..he didnt have money his uncle forgot to gave him money. So he was just there playing with his Nintendo switch. Then the bell rang so he stood up and went to the classroom again. He kinda forgot there was a party. Then class started. After that he went with Marie going to her house. He stayed there and helped Marie to set up half of the party. "Sorry Miggy i couldn't finish the decorations yesterday." Marie said. "No its fine i guess its hard to prepare all of this yourself since your alone in this house." Miggy said. Then they finished. The party is gonna start at 8 pm and its already 7:35 pm so its almost gonna start the pizza was ready and more. There were a lot of wine and beer in the table and there were a lot of rooms. For couples who wants privacy. "This is a weird party.." Miggy said to hiself. Then he sat on the couch and played games on Marie's Xbox. Then people came inside so yiu paused the game and turned it off. Then he saw Andrei walk in and they stare at each other so he ran away and went to Marie's backyard. He didnt want to see him esspecially after what happened. Then Marie found him. "What you doin here." Marie asked. "Nothing.." Miggy said. "Hey I have a surprise for you. Follow me." Marie said. Miggy followed her to a room. "This is a room for you!" Marie said. "Wait what why?" Miggy asked. "Well..i k ow your uncle is..not so nice so you can sleep in my house if you want!" Marie said. "Thank you so much but-" Miggy said. "NO BUTS this is your room bye i gotts greet the guests. And also you have a fridge full of wine and beer bye!!" Marie said. Then Marie closed the door and went downstairs. "Marie..why are you doing this..dang this is a lot of drinks. OH SHIT! XBOX AND PLAYSTATION! She knows me..even this Nintendo switch is hers..i mean she bought it for me.." Miggy saidnto himself. Then he played games and at the same time drinking beer. He were kinda drunk already so he lie down. While playing a song on the TV. While at Andrei's POV he was looking for Miggy but he was kinda drunk so he couldn't see properly then he saw Marie. " you know where Miggy is?" Andrei asked. "Oh ye...umm...your pretty drunk but sure follow me." Marie said and went to Miggy's room. "Here he is probably playing games bye." Marie said. "Thx.." andrei replied. Then Andrei went inside to see Miggy sleeping. Miggy's stomach was showing and his sweater was so big that Miggy's shoulders was showingAndrei locked the door and went to Miggy. He then statted kissing his neck leaving marks on his neck..Miggy woke up and saw Andrei kissing his shoulders. "Andrei stop." Miggy said. " taste too amazing." Andrei said and took his shirt off. He started to kiss his body leaving a lot of marks. Miggy cant help but moan because it felt good. Then Andrei took his shorts off and Andrei alsontook his shirt and pants off. "Ohh fuck..Miggy its so fucking big..let me...t-taste..this.." Andrei said and started to lick his member. He also sucked it real hard that he gagged a lot. Then he started to thrust it fast he was moaning so hard. The fact that you guys just met is just weird..then Miggy couldn't hell himself and switched places with Andrei so Miggy was a top now..then he grabbed his member and sucked it hard. And thrusted it hard. That both of them let everything out. Then they started to kiss eachother passionately he doesnt know what was happening but he continued kissing him anyways. Then they stopped and lay down beside eachother. Then they hold hands and statted felt like heaven to Miggy and also Andrei. Its like they are meant to be with eachother he doesn't know why Andrei was feeling like this..he said he liked girls and not boys...did i make him change his mind? Or is he joking you were thingking to hiself then Miggy started to slap himself to see if this is real or not. He was making sure he wasnt dreaming he pinched and slapped himself while closing his eyes then he finally opened his eyes and saw..