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The Dragon Kingdom

The Dragon Kingdom

Author:ajiboye loveth



There is a kingdom called "The Dragon Kingdom" everyone in that kingdom has magic and they lived by prophecy. No Kingdom has ever won them in battle because, before any battle, prophecy would have revealed it to them. Their power to turn into a dragon vanished into the air, the day their king brought in olive leaf, and plant it into the kingdom because of the death of his only son. And a witch was born later which refused to age and rises all the dead dragon. She becomes powerful that nobody can control her except the one that shares the same mark with her.

  There is a kingdom called "Dragon kingdom" everyone in that kingdom has magic and their lived by prophecy, no Kingdom has ever won them in battle because before any battle prophecy would have revealed it to them.

  But their magic to turn for human to dragon vanished into the air because one of the falling kings has brought a forbidden leaf to the kingdom so that everybody will be powerless due to the death of his son Prince Edward.

  *One thousand years back*

  In the Dragon Kingdom, everybody has the magic of their magic not until the king son was murdered and because of this, they have no magic to turn to the dragon again. There is a temple named the ancient temple and it a temple of Prophecy.

  The temple carries very powerful magic because it always brings about prophecy of the kingdom, there were people called high priest, they are the only ones that works in that temple and read all the prophecy, translate it then tell the king.

  Beside the prophecy temple, there are two gates called night and the Darkness gate is very close to the edge of the Dragon Kingdom. Many years back; Dragon Kingdom was a very peaceful kingdom where people use their magic anyhow and as they want.

  Then a prophecy came from the temple that two angels will be born and it the angel of darkness the light. They we be born and great signs will reflect on the day of their birth. Firstly there will be a full white moon with a sweet melody that will scare everybody the day the angel of light will be born.

  And when it's time for Darkness to be born a full blood moon will appear with a burning flame on its surface and both children must not be taken to the ancient temple, until after five years.

  After that, the children should return to where they both belong. The king asked the priest who will give birth to those children? the priest said a woman from the North name Amirah will give birth to the light, while a woman from the South name Cara will give birth to the darkness.

  Then the priest left the palace. The king ordered his noble knight name Sir Edmund, Sir Nora, Sir Raymond, Sir Lancelot. These are the four skillful Noble Men in the Dragon Kingdom and the rest.

  The king orders them to look for Cara in the South and Amirah in the North, that are both pregnant. Then the knight embarks on the journey the king ordered them to do.

  The king has a son named Edward is a very arrogant, unbelievable man. He hates hearing the cries of the baby around him, he can kill any child that cries beside him and he has no maid because of his hatred.

  He normally maltreats his male maid until they ran away and he would defile the female ones treat them like trash. People hate him so much and he does not believe in prophecy the king was so worried about the lifestyle of his only child.

  Because he always has it in mind that people might not accept Edwards as their king if he dies because Edward lives against the kingdom rules.

  Two kilometers to the dragon kingdom is where their prophecy temple was built and they're Three Wise powerful men who had lived for thousands of years, each of them has it own weakness the first one can't come out from the temple during the day time because if he cites the sun, he would die. his name is Zubben.

  The second one can't go out at night, because if he sights Moon he would die, his name is Zecious. The third one can go out any time and he's the one that normally delivers messages among them. His name is Zedcious.

  Zubben read prophecy anytime it appears on the temple wall, but he can't translate it while Zedcious translate any prophecy that Zubben read but can't read the prophecy. Zecious can't read and also can't translate, all he does is to deliver a message to the king. *********************

  On their way to the north, the noblemen were arguing on how to identify Amirah and where she lives in the north. After some minutes of their argument, Sir Nora and Sir Lancelot horses started nodding.

  Both of them fell from their horses while Sir Raymond stop his horse and come down from it, trying to help Sir Nora get up Suddenly he saw some beautiful white rose flowers that line up and lead straight to a hut.

  They all pull out their sword and Trace the white flowers and it lead to Amirah's house they knocked on the hut and shouted who is in there? Amirah came out, she was a very beautiful lady with long brown hair.

  Sir Lancelot gives his companions a sign to keep their swords down after seeing Amirah. Sir Lancelot asked about her husband she said his dead. Then Sir Lancelot told her that the king wanted to see her and it important, she followed them and they all head to the south to look for Cara.

  On their way to the south when they got to some point, where they all saw black rose flowers which signify that Cara lives around there. The flowers lead them to Cara's house and when they got there.

  Sir Lancelot shouted who lives here? Cara came out she was extremely beautiful even beautiful more than Amirah, but her eyes look so scary.

  Sir Nora told her that she's needed in their Kingdom it an order from the king. Cara said she has been waiting for this moment as she follows them on their way back to the dragon kingdom.

  Amirah started feeling pain seriously and she told Sir Lancelot how she feels, she said ever since the lady has been beside her she has not been okay. Then Sir Lancelot told Sir Raymond and Sir Nora to take Amirah to the kingdom while they follow up because both of them can not stay beside each other.

  When the noblemen get to the palace, it was Amirah and the two noblemen that first got to the palace while Sir Lancelot and Sir Edmund with Cara follows.

  Amirah and Cara were separated from each other and stand according before the king, and the king assigned some maid to take care of them and also make sure that nothing happens to the two.

  Ever since Amirah and Cara got to the palace the King son Edward always find it difficult to turn into a dragon and whenever he managed to turn, it will be painful for him to turn back to human again.

  Another prophecy came from the temple that the king's son Edward must not go near the two women and also he must not set his eyes on their children once they give birth. Edward overheard the prophecy.

  And that makes him follow the priest that always delivers a message to the King that night. A fire from an unknown dragon strikes one of the priests to death and the last priest cast a spell on that dragon.

  To weaken the dragon wings and make it difficult to fly. When the dragon came down and turned into a human which happened to be Cara's husband. He begged the third priest and said his wife was taken from him with pregnancy in her.

  And that is their only child, when he asked around people told him that it was the priest that gave a message to the King to take his wife. With anger, the third priest killed Cara's husband.

  And those temple priests must not kill no matter what, because if they did their power will be reduced. Then the third priest tells the last priest to go to the palace and deliver a message to the King that Cara's husband attacked them.

  The priest that killed must not set his eyes on the sun no matter what or else he will die. The last priest ride to the palace after delivering the message to the King, the king's son Edward overheard them again and Everything they said.

  He took it in the wrong way because he never trust or like any of the priest he said it in his mind that his going to kill this old fool. Edward followed him and shoot the priest with a poisonous arrow through his window when the priest was riding back.

  The priest cast a spell and disappear, he landed himself at the temple while the third priest tries to heal him with magic but it's too late he told the third priest that it was the king son that shoot the arrow.

  The third priest ran into the prophecy temple to see maybe there will be a prophecy about him that can change or avert his death by giving a remedy to the poisonous arrow but no prophecy.

  The last priest was sad because he's the last priest and he was thinking that who will bring those children with their mother to the gate of light and darkness once they're born?

  He waited for seven days may be any prophecy will appear on the wall about how the children will be taking care of, but no new prophecy then he decided to go and kill prince Edward at night since his the cause of all this problem.