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Saving people on a rainy night had gained Li Xiaolong's clairvoyant ability, which enabled Li Xiaolong to soar to the sky. Gambling on stones to make him a super rich man; refining pills to make him a sage of medicine; cultivating immortality to make him a legend in the present age... He could make less money, but he couldn't let go of the girls. Besides, since he opened the X-ray vision, Li Xiaolong could appreciate the beautiful women walking on the street every day.

  Jiangnan Province, Dragon City.

  It was extremely hot and stuffy in August. When it was almost the evening, thunder was constantly sounding in the sky, indicating that there was going to be a storm.

  Li Dalong felt dizzy and dizzy today, and his eyelids jumped wildly. He took a half-day leave from his work at a hotel and fell into a deep sleep at home.

  Just after a while, she was awakened by the ring of a phone.

  Li Dalong grabbed the electronic phone he had bought for more than 1,000 yuan in a daze and pressed the answer button. Suddenly, the sound of crying came from the other end of the phone.

  "What happened? Wen'er?" Hearing the crying, Li Dahun vaguely felt a little uneasy.

  "Brother... Dad had a car accident... Come to... the Third People's Hospital in the city... Oh... the doctor said... I need a lot of money for the operation... That driver who hit him... and also asked dad to pay for his car money... Woo..." The little girl cried on the phone, looking helpless.

  "Wen! Don't worry! I'll come right away! Wait for me!" When he finished speaking on the other end of the phone, Li Xiaolong suddenly jumped up from the bed and looked extremely flustered.

  Because he was still not feeling well, Li Xiaolong almost fell off the bed. However, he forced himself to stand steadily with a tense look on his face.

  Li Dalong was now wearing only a pair of big pants. His 1.7 meters tall height was not outstanding, but his body was very strong. His eight abs and chest muscles were very eye-catching, which had something to do with his fondness of sports since he was a child.

  He was not very handsome, but he had a round cut on his head. He liked to treat people kindly with a smile, and he usually gave people a very positive impression.

  But now his sunny face was overcast with dark clouds!

  His father was in a car accident!

  This news was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, and it exploded in Li Xiaolong's heart.

  Li Dalong, male, twenty years old, dropped out of school when he was in his second year of high school and had been working outside. Now his occupation was that of a chef of a restaurant.

  He had a father, a younger sister, and a younger brother in his disabilities. When his mother gave birth to his younger brother, she unfortunately died from poor labor. He had no mother since he was a child, and he deeply felt the pain of missing maternal love. He also cherished the hard-won family affection.

  In Li Xiaolong's mind, family affection was the most important, and the health of the whole family was his most important!

  As for his father, he had raised the three of them since they were children and had put in a lot of hard work. He was also the spiritual pillar of the three children.

  Now, this spiritual pillar had collapsed with a loud bang.

  Li Dalong's mind was in a mess at the moment.

  He hurriedly put on a pair of casual shorts, hurriedly put on a cheap white T-shirt, and wore a pair of running shoes that could help him walk. When he was about to go out, he remembered that he forgot the most important thing.

  He found the money he saved after working for so many years in the lowest compartment of the wardrobe. Then he picked up the bank card and rushed outside in a hurry.

  Li Dalong lived in an old-fashioned apartment building behind a working restaurant, which served as the staff's dormitory.

  Of course, there was no elevator here. Li Dalong ran from the fourth floor to the first floor in one breath.

  "When I arrive at the Third People's Hospital in the city, I have to take a bus and waste a lot of time. The surgery in my father's car needs money, so I will do it directly later! But I have to go to the bank nearby to take out the money first!" Li Xiaolong was calculating in his mind.

  Rumble! Tumble! Tumble! Tumble!

  With a loud sound of thunder, raindrops as big as beans began to fall from the sky.

  The rain was usually fast and urgent. Li Xiaolong didn't bring an umbrella, but now he was worried and didn't care about it at all. He rushed to the bank nearby.

  The bank post was about three streets away from Li Dalong. Although summer was long, the sky was gloomy and even a little dark because of the rainy day. Xiaofeng couldn't see clearly.

  Li Dalong had something on his mind. He was a little anxious in his steps, and his eyes were a little confused. In a trance, he saw a student dressed in a school uniform in front of him, ready to cross the road in front of him.

  Li Dahulong noticed that a car was approaching at a fast speed on the other side of the street.

  The man in front was walking with an umbrella. He seemed to listen to the music with headphones and hum. He didn't notice the speeding car at all.

  According to the path they took when they crossed each other, there would be a collision after three seconds!

  Li Dahui was shocked. Although he was worried about his father, at this moment, he instinctively rushed to the figure in front of him.

  "Be careful!"

  Li Dalong shouted and suddenly pounced on the figure in front of him.


  The car screeched as the car screeched. Apparently, the driver had realized what was going on.


  However, at the moment when Li Xiaolong rushed over, the car crashed into him suddenly because it ran too fast.

  Li Xiaolong and the other figure were all knocked away. Because of Li Xiaolong's instinct protection, almost all the collision force of the car fell on Li Xiaolong's body.

  The two men were knocked seven or eight meters away before stopping. An umbrella was laid aside, and dark red blood flowed down from Li Xiaolong's body, mixed with the rain, and dyed the street red.

  The drunk driver got off the car and had a look. He shivered suddenly. Obviously, he was frightened. After seeing that there was no one around, he quickly got on the car and drove away directly, leaving the two injured people behind.

  "Father..." Li Xiaolong was badly injured. When he was at the end of his consciousness, he murmured.

  Rumble! Tumble! Tumble! Tumble!

  At this moment, another thunder rumbled through the clouds.

  This one was extremely strange. Its voice was astonishingly loud. Almost everyone in Dragon City heard it, and almost everyone looked towards the sky. They were all clearly shocked.

  This sound was the last sound Li Xiaolong heard before he completely lost consciousness. The sound seemed to be amplified in his ears, and the rumbling sound kept echoing.

  "In the vast universe, there are countless lives dying at this moment. Some lives deserve to die, but some lives should be continued. You saved a person regardless of your own safety, which shows that your conduct is not bad, and you may not fall into the Devil's Practice in the future. I hope you can continue my Heaven-seeking Sect... Alas... Heaven's Law-skeletal Revolution... My wish of the Saint Dragon-seeking Sect has been fulfilled!" A faint and illusory voice suddenly sounded in Li Xiaolong's head, which had already fainted.

  Then, three dazzling spots of light rushed down from the distant sky. In an instant, they came to Li Xiaolong and plunged into the space between his eyebrows.

  Although it was raining heavily, soon someone discovered the car accident and saw the injured Li Dalong. Someone called the police. Immediately, an ambulance came to take Li Dalong and another wounded person to the nearby First Municipal People's Hospital.

  Li Xiaolong had a dream.

  In his dream, an old daoist wearing a yin-yang Daoist robe told him a lot of information about a dao sect called Dao Seeking. He also said that he was the 13th generation pro-disciple of Dao Seeking and that he would be the sect master of Dao Seeking in the future!

  That old daoist also imparted him the main cultivation method of the Heaven-seeking Clan, the Heaven-seeking Scripture, a secret manual for refining pills for the True Meaning of Alchemy, and the most precious Dragon-seeking Eye of the head of the Heaven-seeking Clan.

  The dream was too real, but it was something beyond his knowledge, and he woke up at once.

  "Where am I?"

  Pain! Pain came from several parts of his body, especially his back, left arm, and left leg. There was also a sense of dizziness.

  Li Dalong glanced around and found himself lying on a hospital bed. There were some equipment and machines around for examination. Obviously, this was a hospital.

  "First People's Hospital in the city? Father!" Seeing the labels on the equipment, Li Dahun suddenly remembered what he had done before he passed out. He suddenly thought of his father and became anxious.

  Without hesitation, Li Dalong pulled out all the inspection lines attached to him. Then he got up and was ready to go out of the emergency room.

  "Hey! What's wrong with you! You are injured! You can't go! You haven't received an examination yet!" A nurse came in and shouted.

  "Doctor! The doctor is coming! This injured patient is going to run!" Another nurse also stopped Li Xiaolong.

  "What's going on!" A doctor in a white coat with glasses was surrounded by some assistants.

  "Go back and lie down!" The doctor looked at Li Xiaolong sternly, and the other assistants pulled Li Xiaolong to the hospital bed.

  "I'm fine! I don't need treatment! I still have something to do! Let me go!" Li Xiaolong was worried about his father and roared anxiously.

  "I am a doctor, or you are a doctor? You suffered a serious car accident and need to be supervised and treated! Without my permission, you can't go anywhere!" The doctor said sternly.

  "Doctor Chen, this guy is so strong! It doesn't look like a car accident at all!"

  "That's right! I almost can't hold him back!"

  Some of the assistants were young and strong Medical College students who had just graduated from the university, and they were a little unable to fight against Li Xiaolong.

  "How is it possible?" The doctor didn't believe it. When he was sent in, he saw Li Xiaolong bleed a lot. No matter how strong a man was, he would lose his strength if he lost too much blood.

  "I've told you, I'm fine!" Li Dalong hurriedly said as he was in a hurry to send money to his father.

  "I'll give you a checkup. If there is really no problem, I'll let you go!" Dr. Chen said.

  Li Dalong had no choice but to agree. He knew that if he was not allowed to have a check, he would not be able to leave.

  After the examination, Dr. Chen was surprised to find that this guy didn't hurt any bones or organs except a few skin injuries. He didn't even have a slight concussion. What's more, so much blood had been shed, but the blood content was normal. Dr. Chen was very surprised. It was clear that he had never encountered such a situation.

  Helplessly, he had to sign the contract and let Li Xiaolong leave.

  "By the way, how much is my examination fee?" Li Dalong thought that it would cost a lot of money if he did the examination.

  "You don't have to pay for it. Someone has already paid it for you!" Dr. Chen said.

  "Who is so kind?" Li Dahuan was puzzled, but at the moment he was worried about his father and did not want to go deep into it. He walked out of the hospital.


  In another luxury ward.

  "Miss, are you awake? It's okay. You're just slightly injured. The doctor said that there won't be any scars on you," an amiable old man said to the girl on the hospital bed.

  It was a young and beautiful girl. Even with bandages on her head, her beautiful face could not be covered. At this moment, she said weakly, "Uncle He, how's the man who saved me doing? He should be badly injured since he stood in front of me, right?"

  The old housekeeper pondered for a while and said, "He's fine. He has been discharged from the hospital."

  "Ah?" The beautiful girl was very surprised. When she was hit, although she was protected, she still felt a huge impact. Under that kind of impact, she didn't believe that the other party was okay. But since the butler said so, he would never lie to her.

  Hearing that he was fine, the beautiful girl seemed to be relieved. Then she said, "Uncle He, please help me find out the person's address. I want to know his address and thank him personally."

  "Thank you? Miss, I don't think it's necessary. He's fine anyway?" Uncle He was slightly stunned.

  "Yes, I have to!" The young girl's eyes were firm. At the moment of the car accident, a figure rushed over and protected her firmly.