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Dirty Addiction

Dirty Addiction

Author:Adesola golden


General Romance

" I understand you don't want a night stand with a stranger. If you marry me,it will be a legal sex” he said, his eyes never leaving her curvy body. She got angry and slapped him. ” You're a sick man, Idiot...”She said,she slapped him again and walked out. If only she knows who he was. Anthony Crown is a cold, ruthless and powerful billionaire no one dare mess with. Everyone fears him with good reasons but she denied him, That was her first mistake. She slapped him, that was her second mistake. She walked out on him, and that was the final straw. She's going to learn quickly, he's not the man to let anything go, including her and he will make her pay.

Ruth and Ken sat on the mat watching their stepmother who lay lifeless. It broke Ruth heart to know that her stepmother will die if she doesn't find money soon.

The poor woman has been so good to them, she had been their only hope eversince their house got burnt, Ruth wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out. Ken was just 8 then she was 15. Their stepmother was their only means of survival,the one who put a roof over their heads.

Sitting and blowing her stepmother's hand for warmth,she let her tears flow freely, she had tried different means to gather enough money but the men wanted sex with her. They wanted her body in exchange for money.

The job she quited today was in a restaurant, her boss had been trying to hit on her, the old man wouldn't even listen to her pleas despite the fact that she begged him in where the sun doesn't shine.

” when will mother wake up?” Ken asked,plain emotion in his eyes. Ruth bite the inside of her lips,the doctor had demanded a huge sum of money,she just didn't know what to do or where to start from. Who will borrow her money? And where will she get the money to pay back?.

” soon,she will wake up?” Ruth replied her younger brother.

” okay but will I ever go to school again?” he questioned.

” of course. Ken it will be better if you stop asking me questions about if you will ever go back to school again,how long will you understand that you will never drop out?”

” you can't keep all these responsibilities on your head, mother's health, house rent, our needs,my school fee...I think it's high time I dropped out” Ken suggested.

” I will try to get the money okay!!! You ain't dropping out!!! Ruth yelled.

Ken nodded,he couldn't watch his only sister go through all of these alone.

” Am sorry,am just concerned about you” Ken uttered,a tear dropped from his eyes.

”its fine” Ruth replied,patting his hair.

Ken was her biggest hope and she couldn't stand him being out of school, she will do all she can to get another job.


That night, Ruth had to take a Job to work as an attendant in a casino. She made sure she dressed corporately so as not to involve herself in any dirty work.

She was busy serving wines when Tanya, her co worker told her a waiter was needed in the VVIP section. She didn't get the time to ask Tanya more questions before she walked away.

she grabbed the menu and went up the stairs to room 118. A soft knock did better.

” come in” A very deep male voice said, when Ruth entered,her mouth dropped opened. She started drooling immediately.

The guy is beyond handsome,he looked so gorgeous and his blue eyes so appealing she had never seen such a handsome man her whole life.

” Bitch,I need the menu!! the sex worker beside him yelled,she was in her state of undress. Ruth came back from her little trance it thought.

” oh am sorry” she said as she handed over the menu to her.

” how much for a night?” Ruth heard,she directed her gaze to the man sharply and he looked at her starting from her smooth thighs up to her lips where is eyes got trapped.

Ruth's eyes flashed with anger.

” Am not a sex worker!! she replied immediately.

” do you have to be a sex worker just to have a night with me? Am willing to pay any amount” he smirked.

” Listen Mr.....I told you I am not a sex worker and I do not want a night with you,go and try with other bitches,not me” Ruth replied. It was as if she knew this will happen, it's now part of her life. To her,being beautiful is punishment.

” I understand you don't want a night stand with a stranger. If you marry me,it will be a legal sex, trust me it is only for a couple of months. I just want to have sex with you until I get tired of you and then we can divorce” he said. Ruth got more angry and slapped him.

” you're a sick man,Idiot....” Ruth said,she slapped him again and walked out.

Anthony was shocked. No woman dared slap him nor talk back at him and this lady did....

He couldn't stop thinking of her face just now, she looked so beautiful, beautiful than any woman he had ever set eyes on,something made him want her and he will get her.

” sir,you've been staring at the dust for so long and you didn't react when she slapped you, why did you let her go?” The sex worker with him asked.

Anthony turned to glares at the artificial lady beside him,her face, her boobs,arse.... everything about her was artificial but that girl was natural, even without makeup she looked gorgeous.

” Yes,why do you care?” he asked the whore.

” Sir,your reputation is high in the whole of NYC,you can never let a woman talk to you like that” she said

” well so you want to give it a try?” Anthony asked.

” of course not,why don't we continue?” she asked...