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Reach Out To Me

Reach Out To Me

Author:Milia Mue



♥️ Reach Out to Me♥️ Synonpsis Lilly Cruz an orphan picked up by her father's friend Febian Lagresto. Though born with a silverspoon, she had to facem the rough edge of life at an early age after loosing her parents mysteriously. The end of the Cruz family was'nt as blissful as the begining, with Cruz Montenegro loosing his wealth due to ny fact that his empire mysteriously caught fire, at least so Lilly was told. Lilly Cruz the heiress to the Cruz empire having watch her parents die slowly as they could'nt process the fact that their empire was gone gradually turned into a sadist. Lilly having no home and family at age 18 had to brace herself for the life ahead of her after being offered a chance to live in the Lagresto Mansion. Life had been full of thorns for Lilly as she faced the harsh side of Fernanda, Febian's wife. Feeling distressed and miserable Lilly escaped from the Lagresto Mansion to begin a new life with the little savings she had. Feeling like a cold stream flowing without any sense of direction she found happiness with Ace, a man that completes her. But what happens when she finds out she was betrothed to another by her parents without her knowledge?? What happens when her betrothed is a druglord and also a link to her unsolved past?? What happens when her love fades into the thick covers of unsolved puzzle due to the huge sacrifice she made? You don't wanna Miss this Epic intriguing story..

  ♥️Reach Out to Me♥️

  Chapter one

  'I should just kill him right now, at least his asleep it would be easier.

  "Kill him, kill him, stab him right on the chest" this words kept bombarding my head.

  'he deserves to die, you would be doing him a favour by taking his miserable life' all these words kept clouding my sense of reasoning.

  I watched him as he slept so peacefully half naked as his chest raised up and down simultaneously taking a particular rhythm. Of no doubt he was really handsome, having dimples were something he needed to be proud of. His pale blonde hair like silk, full but curvey eye brown which gave his round eyes some fitting.

  His pointed nose and full lips, curved but narrow jaw made him handsome, although handsome outwardly, a full grown beast inwardly.

  'How can such a beast sleep so soundly??' Lilly thought.

  'Kill him' the voice kept ringing in her head, she slowly stood up from the bed, paused for a minute to gather enough strength that would take her to the kitchen without collapsing. She gently laid down her legs which had gradually become frail due to the constant beating she had received. ' with force and determination to end the reason to my suffering, I moved into the mini kitchen, picked up a knife and slowly dragged myself towards the figure laying on the bed.

  Positioning the knife on my hands, I raised it up bracing myself mentally to commit murder. Never had I thought I could even hurt a fly but here I am.

  'stop overthinking this, it's now or never Lilly's my subconscious mind urged me. I raised the knife up and with all the strength I had left I aimed at the figure on the bed.

  Aaaaargh.... I screamed and everywhere went black.


  'I let out a groan immediately I tried to move' turning slowly to see what could be the reason to the discomfort she felt, she slowly opened her eyes and shut it almost immediately due to the sun rays that welcomed her, she groaned in pain as she laid thousands of curses under her breathe for feeling the way she did. 'what happened?? I thought trying to solve the puzzle in my head. I narrowed my eyes staring intensely at the droplet of blood on my favourite creamy carpet on the floor that caught my gaze. The last thing I remembered was me aiming at Haze with a knife, then suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my arm and then everything went black, The bandage on my left arm evidently shows that I was cutted.

  Haze!!... Oh no where's Haze? I said loudly asking no one in particular. The thought of Haze surviving scared her to death, the thought of what Haze would do to her for trying to kill him made her feel like her flesh was being ripped out of its fitting position.

  'Haze I called out weakly as my voice fades into thin air. 'its good you still care for me' Haze ulttered as he walked with so much grace towards me with a mysterious smile plastered on his face, I would pay a million dollars to smack that smile off his face. I watched as he marched forward letting his well polished American speck shoe make a deafening sound against the well cleaned marble floor.

  With each step he took and the disturbing sound he made with the click of his shoe, I let the hatred I had for him crawl into the covers of fear. 'aah...' he heaved a sigh of relief as he sat on the Alaska king size bed beside me, quite taken aback as to why I wasn't shivering and cuddling myself against the war.

  I tried to hide my fears behind the curtains of what I call unbreakable boldness. With my back rested on the open frame and his against one of the iron rod, we started at each other unabated. My eyes showed no regrets for my actions, though i stared plainly at him so that he could not read through me.

  We stared at each other without speaking with Haze replacing his smile with an unremovable smirk, which caused me to sweat not minding the huge LG air conditioner which was turned on.

  I watched at his blank face, I could feel the heat raising up as diligence erupt the beautifully decorated room. It was a large square room allowing a big area to for items around such as a bright white built in wardrobe, a comfy Alaska keep ng sized bed and a baby blue couch close to the large window exposing the magnificent mountains covered in a blanket of snow.

  The walls were covered with teal blue and little patches of indigo.

  On the floor close to the bed was a creamy carpet it's lovely and soft texture which I could possibly just lienon forever comforts me each time am abused by Haze.

  'Lilly' he called softly scaring me more and finally ending the awkward silence.

  Am... So..try.. I stuttered swallowing my pride , so as to leasen the punishment if not death sentence I would receive. 'am sorry' he said as another round of silence erupt the room, confused as to why he'd apologize to me for trying to kill him knowing Haze to always come up with mysterious plan, inlet the tears which I've been holding back for sometime now flow freely from my eyes which was was now puffy due to excess crying.

  Haze... Please...

  'shh... I know you're confuse as to why am apologizing, well sorry that I took you for granted, I treated you like a quern, and you...'

  Am sorry Haze

  'shut up bitch...' he roared as sense of menace like the pure of a puma feasting on an elk envelope me causing me to clinge to the open frame in fear.

  His blue hazal eyes turning red blatantly tells he is beyond angered.

  'all I've ever done was to love you, is it a crime to love you??'

  Listening to him one would think he's the victim, I should be the one roaring, the one vibrating, for keeping me here against my wish.

  I would have committed suicide a long time ago, but the thought of Ace would'nt let me.

  'Answer me' he yelled. As I flinged l, scared to death.

  'you made the wrong choice for trying to kill me, you've played your card it's time to turn the tables around' he said as he sniff due to the effect of his cocaine intake, and left me feeling dead as a doornail.


  Phew... That was indeed a long chapter to write and type..

  Guys what do you think about this first chapter, is Lilly the victim here or Haze?? I no it's the first chapter canbu can't really tell but I want u guys to guess...

  Lots of mystery to be unraveled.

  Written by Lina Sam

  Love you all..