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When Desperate Got Tired

When Desperate Got Tired



General Romance

meet ana mien a millionaire girl who deeply in love with ace but ace doesn't like her" but that reason never stop her for chasing ace call her "desperate" she just want ace love her back but what if she will realize that ace is not the only man in the world " thier's more men chasing me" "Why the hell on Earth" 'I waste my precious time chasing you. RUTHLESS

Ana can you accept the truth that ace didn't love you ' and he will never love you"

Mom please can you shut up' ace will love me not now but soon"

I can feel that"

The fuck  ana'  can u listen to me just this time"

"Don't waste your time on a person didn't see your worth"

I'm leaving mom bye" I have a class


"just  remember what I said ana"

I've warn you many times hope you will wake up in that dream of your's

I didn't waste my time just to hear what mom say'

I know it already' it's so annoying

Manong let's go" I'm already late'

In just 5 minutes and  we arrive at school"

I'm happy cause I will see the handsome face of ace again"

When I enter the school gate all of students eyes are on me!

What's with them" just the first time they look at me like they are sad

Whatever' I don't care at all!

I feel pity for her' I heard some students murmured

Yeah I also feel bad at her'

" She's chasing ace for a long time"

'Never expected that ace would like someone else not her'

I heard some murmured again.

What happened why are they talking to me and ace'

Curiosity is on me now' so I ask one of the students here'

Where's ace? I seriously ask to her

A-at t-he rooftop!

What wrong with her' she's wierd

I heard some murmured again about ace and the girl  she loved"?

I'm the only girl that ace loved!

I ran fast as I can towards to the rooftop!!


When I arrive at the rooftop I see a man and woman kissing each other'

That posture is so familiar


No it can't be!

How dare you to kiss my boyfriend I shout towards the girl and slap her

Ace is mine only mine remember that I said while pointing my finger on the girl


I was shocked at the moment when I see who slap me


Ace slap me why? Why

How dare you to slap my girl ! He angerly said while Ng pointing his finger on my face

What your girl! She's a dirty bitch she's just using you for money?


He slap me again

Don't you ever say that in front of us ana' she's not a bitch and golddigger

Don't compare her to you"he angerly said while looking at me

he's like a bomb that anytime are ready to explode

Go away ana! Before  I can't control my self"he angerly said again while pointing his finger on the door of this rooftop

Leave now" don't ever comeback here'

Just disapear in this place and in my lifee"he shout at me

I can't do anything'   I can't say anything

I just ran towards the door while crying"?

I thought he will love me back!