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Author:Blessing D writes


General Romance

Charlie Bran is the only son of his wealthy parents who is pampered, spoiled and made to believe he could have anything he wants. He is the world's best musician and a song writer. That happens to be the only good thing Charlie could do right apart from screwing different ladies. Yeah, what do you expect from a spoiled guy like him? As long as you're attractive to him you'll get a chance to have a taste of not only his body but also his money. He spends money anyhow. Although he is spoilt brat, he doesn't forget to help the poor and needy. His very act earned him a lot of awards, and a lot of crazy fans. Whenever he hosts a show or is invited to perform on stage, the number of people that attends are in thousands and millions. His act of screwing attractive and pretty ladies got him a child from one of his numerous celebrity girlfriends. ** On the other hand is Rosana Pedro. A model and a chief. From a middle class family and a very pretty and attractive young lady. She happens to be one of Charlie's fan but its not as if she's so deep into him like her other friends and colleagues. They can virtually kill to spend a night with Charlie, and you know what a night means, its doesn't only come with pleasure but also comes with loads of cash. Fate did its part on the two celebrities and they crossed part. When Charlie set his eyes on her it was as if the whole world stopped moving. He couldn't see any other person expect her. On Rosana's part, she was damn happy to see him but also felt shy to stand before him so she left. Throughout the whole week Charlie couldn't do a thing, her image just kept popping into his head and later on after inquiring about her, he decided to go for her...But was met with a 'no'. Along the line Charlie did something that he regretted his whole life. He did something he wasn't meant to do because of her constant rejection. Something that could make Rosana hate him for life. He took something away from her. Something so precious.



Charlie's POV

"Come on baby," I hushed as I slammed my lips to hers.

She took two steps backwards letting her back hit the elevator.

I slid my finger into her short miniskirt and started fingering her.

She moaned crazily into my mouth as we kissed roughly, her hands were wrapped tightly around my neck.

I slid two additional finger into her V making it three fingers, her moans became more loud. It sounded so sweet to my ears.

She tilted her head backwards disengaging from the kiss as she moaned in extreme pleasure.

", CB, you' so good," she moaned out,her eyes tightly closed.

"Yeah, I know right, want more?" I asked increasing the pace of my moving fingers.

"Yes...of course," she stuttered a bit and leaned back to kiss me but unfortunately the elevator door stopped and opened.

"Damn! why now?" I groaned at the elevator as I removed my finger from her and she dressed herself properly.

"See you at 7:00pm tonight, land mall hotel" I whispered into her ears before stepping out to meet my manager who was already staring at us knowing fully well what occurred between us.

I headed straight to the restroom in that particular floor to wash my hands ignoring my manager who was saying whatever shit behind me.

I got into the restroom, turned on the tap there and washed off the sweet juice off my hand.

I stared at the mirror as I did that.

A smirk formed at the corner of my lips when I saw how handsome I looked.

Is there anyone as cute as me? I thought and chuckled at the thought.

I left the restroom afterwards to bumb into my manager who was still waiting at the entrance of the restroom.

"What were you doing with her at the elevator? What happened between you two? She looks as if she just won a lottery," Mike asked even tho he knew what had possibly happened.

He just likes hearing me narrate stories to him. I don't know if he is actually a man or a woman considering how he enjoys gossip.

"The usual Mike, what do you wanna hear again?" I replied then asked.

"I just..I wanna know if you're done with her or you're gonna continue from where you stopped so I can reserve a hotel room for you two," he replied.

"Well you can, at 7:00pm tonight," I replied him and he chuckled as we headed down to the garage so I could get home.

I haven't set my eyes on my sweetheart all day, I know she must be searching for me by now.

If you're wondering who am referring to then know its my daughter.

Yup, my four years old sweet daughter.

I have been busy with recording all day here in CB recording company.

Well, CB is the short form of my name so this company is actually mine.

I'm wealthy, I have wealthy parents who supports me in anything.

So I'm the most luckiest person on earth, I will have anything I wish for any minutes.

Its been like this for me since I came to earth.

I got closer to my limo and the guards standing around it quickly opened the door for me and I got in. My manager got in and sat facing me in the limo as we drove out of the company.

Rosanna's P O V

"Baby girl, I heard CB is gonna be performing a live show next month, I'm so so excited about that," my best friend and colleague said full of energy as she stood and watched me cook in the kitchen.

"Really?" I asked turning the pan which contains scrambled eggs on fire.

"Yes babe, and the bigger news is...guess what?" she asked then paused.

"Come on, Tara, I don't like stressing my brain just head straight to the point, tell me," I replied her pouting my lips.

"Okay okay, I'm so excited to say this, I heard CB is gonna be coming to our modelling company next week," she revealed then ran and embraced me from behind.

"Wow, really?" I asked smiling.

"Yes babe, do you know what that means? Its means I'm gonna be seeing him at a very close range and I might possibly happen to be one of the ladies that might catch his attention."

"Geez, I'm gonna go shopping so he'll notice me before that day, I can't wait," she continued talking and talking.

I turned off the gas cooker and dished out all the cooked meals, then carried them on a tray and left for the dinning while she followed.

"Are you gonna follow me to shopping babe? You also need to look pretty you know?" She asked after a while.

"No, Tara, I'm saving my money up alright, I don't have much money to waste," I replied her, she rolled her eyes heavenward at me.

"Even for the Prince charming? Well if you agree and follow me, I'll get you a very pretty dress too, just follow me please?" She pleaded sitting across the dinning facing me.

"Well, if you say so. I'm always available for free shopping," I chuckled and she laughed.

"Spoiled brat," she slapped my arm and said.

"Ouch, but that's the truth, I love free stuff," I said then got up and left to get water from the fridge.

"Hurry up, Ros, we don't wanna attend the showcase late, hurry up," I heard her loud voice shriek from the kitchen.

Charlie's P O V

The car drove into my private quarters and I came down immediately without waiting for the guards to open the door for me, I already sighted my angel sitting at the balcony looking out in space.

How I hate seeing her lonely.

I hastened up my pace along the staircase totally ignoring the numerous greetings from the maids before getting to her at the balcony.

"Sweetheart," I called and immediately squatted down to her size.

"Why are you here alone?" I asked but she didn't turn to stare at me.

"Baby, what is it? Did anyone offend you?" I asked turning her to face me.

She was holding unto a pink teddy tightly and that's the reason I can't get hold of her hands

"Come on, why are you here alone?" I asked for the third time and she finally blinked.

"Where is my mommy?" She asked taking me by surprise.

"Your..your mom?" I asked my voice coming out weak.

"Yes, where is she?" She answered and asked.

"Baby..why are you suddenly asking me about her? I thought we have talked about this a long time ago," I said to her.

"No, we haven't, I heard you and mom aren't together, is that true?" She asked and I opened my mouth to talk but couldn't think of any reasonable thing to say.

"Is it true?" She asked again.

"Um sweetheart, where did you hear that from?" I asked trying to divert the question.

"I heard it from one of the maids, they were whispering it amongst themselves and I think what they are saying is true because I don't even know what my mom looks like," she replied sounding really bitter which only got me angry.

Who is the useless bitçh? Where are they? I thought and stood straight.

"I'm coming, stay here and wait for me," I hushed trying my best not to show how angry I am. I'm so gonna deal with them.

All of them! I thought angrily as I left to look for the head worker.