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Her Beautiful Code

Her Beautiful Code



Lin Xuetong lost the championship in the model contest, and her best friend took the opportunity to step on her shoulders and successfully took the position. At this time, she found her boyfriend's betrayal, which made her lose both her feelings and feelings in the career. The model was rescued by a cold and arrogant man. However, she did not know that this guy was actually a big shot in the entertainment industry...

  "Well... Godfather, hurry up. I'm going to compete later."

  "Little girl, you can't wait any longer, can you?"

  "Can you stop tearing it? If the cheongsam is broken, how can I get on the stage later?"

  "Don't worry. Now you've done your job as your godfather. You'll win the championship on the stage when you're naked."

  Lin Xuetong looked around and did not find Han Xin'er. When she was about to go through the grocery room, she heard the voice inside. Her body suddenly stopped. Why did the woman's voice sound like Xin'er?

  But who was the man? Lin Xuetong didn't remember that Xin'er had a boyfriend, and the man seemed to be a little old. He sounded very obscene!

  The competition was about to start. Lin Xuetong was thinking about whether she should call Han Xin'er, when she heard someone suddenly forbearing and shouting.

  Everything returned to peace.

  Lin Xuetong was shocked and quickly left. When she returned to the dressing table, her face was hot and red.


  The general election site for the model competition of the "Star of the Jin City" was called "Star of the Jin"

  The silver T-shaped stage extended all the way to the audience. In front of the stage, the lights were dazzling and dazzling.

  Whether it was the judges, reporters, or the audience, they were all looking forward to the final models entering.

  The director roared at the studio, urging the stylist. The fashion designer's clothes were flying all over the sky, and the models were standing in line to make up. All of them looked solemn.

  Tonight would be the day that would determine their fate in the future. As long as they could become the champion, they would be able to rise through the ranks in one step and step onto an even higher stage.

  Otherwise, he could only continue to return to the mud, become a wild model, a young model, and even bid farewell to the stage from then on. He could return to the ordinary people, marry a wife, and live a normal life.

  No young and beautiful girl wanted to be the most brilliant one. And when they chose to step onto this stage, they were destined to work harder than others!

  Lin Xuetong was one of the large group of models. At this moment, her face had returned to normal, and she had finished putting on her makeup by herself.

  As the most popular model of Jin City's Star Entertainment Company, Lin Xuetong had a standard diamond face, high cheekbones, and three-dimensional, giving people a sense of indifference and arrogance. Anyone who had seen her would think she was a natural model.

  At this moment, she was wearing a dark green cheongsam, which made her swaying. Even the simple dressing table in front of her had an antique and simple smell.

  Lin Xuetong looked calm on the surface, but in fact, the pressure in her heart was greater than that of everyone else.

  The champion of this finals would become the image ambassador of Jin City, and his future would be bright!

  But what Lin Xuetong took a fancy to was its huge reward, five hundred thousand!

  Thinking of her father who was standing on the hospital bed, Lin Xuetong took a deep breath. This time, she must succeed!

  "Lin Xuetong..."

  Before the person arrived, Han Xin'er came in wearing a dark green cheongsam of the same style. She twisted her waist and walked in.

  Lin Xuetong thought of what happened in the grocery store just now. She felt embarrassed for some reason, but soon calmed down.

  Han Xin'er had the most popular internet-gowned face at the moment, and her temperament was weak. Her elegant cheongsam had been worn with a bit of dust.

  "Xin'er, are you ready?" Lin Xuetong tilted her head and smiled.

  Lin Xuetong and Han Xin'er were best friends, because there were some similarities between their eyes and brows. In the star entertainment, everyone called them sister flowers, and they were also one of the three seeded players who won the championship tonight.

  Of course, everyone knew that there was no doubt that Lin Xuetong would win the championship. Almost 70% of the audience outside tonight was her support.

  It was even rumored that the underground gambling companies outside did not accept Lin Xuetong as the champion. On the contrary, the odds of her losing were astonishing.

  "Tongtong, you're so beautiful today. Hey, why haven't you changed your shoes yet?" Han Xin'er looked at Lin Xuetong and praised her. But from the corner of her eyes, she glanced at the slippers on Lin Xuetong's feet.

  "My foot is small, and I didn't find the right shoes. Let the assistant take them back to the company. It should be enough." Lin Xuetong shrugged and pouted, looking helpless. The elegant and gentle image just now instantly became a bit more delicate and cute.

  "Tongtong, I want to ask you for a favor..." Han Xin'er lowered her head and played with her fingers, looking a little embarrassed.

  Lin Xuetong nodded with a smile and said, "What else can we do for you? Tell me now."

  Han Xin'er opened her mouth but did not say anything. She sobbed in a low voice.

  Lin Xuetong saw that Xin'er's eyes were red. She stood up instantly and said, "Xin'er, don't cry. You'll be in trouble if you wear makeup."

  "Tongtong, I know I can't defeat you. Tonight, you let me do it once, and I will promise you anything in the future, okay?" Han Xin'er looked at Lin Xuetong pleadingly.

  "Xin'er..." Lin Xuetong gently shouted Han Xin'er's name, and she was very embarrassed. "I really need to get the championship, and my dad is waiting for money for surgery..."

  "Tongtong, I'll give you all the bonus. Can you promise me?" Han Xin'er held Lin Xuetong's hand tightly, and her white skin turned red.

  "But I don't have the final say in the competition. So many judges and reporters are here. If I lose the game on purpose and I'm found to be discovered, it will affect the company's reputation. Lin Jie has done a lot of work..." Lin Xuetong looked at the delicate Han Xin'er and wanted to agree, but other concerns made her grit her teeth and insist.

  Seeing that Lin Xuetong refused and the competition was about to begin, Han Xin'er looked at Lin Xuetong with hatred. She gnashed her teeth and said, "Tongtong, we are best friends!"

  Lin Xuetong stood still and said, "Xin'er, I can't..."

  Han Xin'er puffed up her chest and said, "Why can't I? You always talk nonsense. At that time, you clearly knew that I like Lin Jie, and you even dated him behind my back. Now you are fighting for resources from me for the championship. Is this the best friend you said in your life?"

  "Xin'er..." Lin Xuetong didn't expect that Han Xin'er suddenly said these hurtful words, and she was at a loss.

  "You're too modest. You're double-dealing. I see through you, Lin Xuetong!" Han Xin'er pushed Lin Xuetong away as she spoke.


  Lin Xuetong hit the corner of the table and wanted to explain, but Han Xin'er had already run out.

  "Well..." Lin Xuetong groaned in pain and felt guilty. She sighed softly and thought that she could only explain after the competition.

  "No. 6, Lin Xuetong, come on, No. 6 Lin Xuetong, come on the stage!" The staff shouted.

  Only then did Lin Xuetong quickly take over the small size shoes sent by her assistant just now and put them on in a hurry.

  When the stage music started, the models in the front slowly went on stage. Lin Xuetong adjusted her mood and went on stage.

  After so many on-the-spot experiences, she had already learned to face the stage calmly. However, she was more nervous than ever before today because she knew that her performance was related to her father's life!

  However, after a few steps, Lin Xuetong frowned slightly.

  She vaguely felt uncomfortable under her feet. It seemed that there was a slight bulge on her feet, which made people feel painful.

  "Is there anything wrong?"

  Thinking of this, Lin Xuetong's face turned pale. Just now, she was in such a hurry that she didn't have time to check her high heels. This was really a terrible and fatal mistake!

  The soles of her feet were the most sensitive. Usually, a small stone would make people feel uncomfortable when she walked. What's more, Lin Xuetong clearly felt that the foreign matter in her shoes was sharper. Like needles, it had already pierced her skin and pierced into her flesh.

  Now on the stage, she would not have the chance to bend down to have a check. She had to take a step forward.

  Lin Xuetong walked from the center of the stage to the front, then walked back and forth three times. Every time Lin Xuetong took a step, she felt that the fine needles under her feet pricked more into her flesh.

  The pain made Lin Xuetong's lips slightly tremble. She felt like a mermaid that had used magic to get ashore. Every step was not on the catwalk, but on the tip of the knife. Her cheeks were covered with cold sweat. She wished she could shout out the next moment through gritted teeth.

  Finally, Lin Xuetong couldn't hold it in any longer. The instinctive protection of her body made her step a little lighter. Just when she was in the dark, her high heels twisted outward, causing her body to lose balance in an instant and shake!

  "It's over!"

  Lin Xuetong's brain went blank for a few seconds.

  At this moment, she saw the fans who were helping her under the stage, and a look of shock and disappointment appeared on her face.

  Seeing the judges who paid attention to her, she shook her head slightly.

  However, those reporters came to their senses one by one and took pictures of her crazily. Compared with the news that she won the championship, the loss of the championship was more valuable...