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Honey, We're Done

Honey, We're Done



A divorce contract, the engagement time for which she had been dealing with him for two years. She should have been separated by the deadline, but the sick husband held her in his arms and hugged her affectionately. He couldn't let go of her. She gritted her teeth in anger. "Boss Huo, where are the two years that we agreed on?" "I've reneged on my word." The man was right. "I want you to be with me for the rest of your life!"

  "In three days, you must marry Huo Yanchen!"

  On the long corridor of the hospital, Xing Wei looked at the silent young woman in front of her with disgust and disdain, as if she was putting on the airs of a madam.

  In the face of the daughter of her husband and ex-wife, she always had no good expression on her face.

  "Shimo, if Mr. Huo hadn't named you by name, such a good opportunity wouldn't have been given to you! You're a wild girl without a mother like you. If it weren't for your father's kindness and raising you up these years, you wouldn't have had the chance to make friends with the Huo family!"

  Hearing what she said, Chi Meng sneered coldly.

  Those words sounded like that those who didn't know it would think that she had really picked up a big bargain.

  Yes, the Huo family in the Imperial Capital was a well-known family. Everyone was eager to marry into the Huo family as a young wife, but they definitely would not marry Huo Yanchen, the invalid!

  It was rumored that Huo Yanchen was suffering from a serious illness and had been healing herself abroad all the time. When she got married, the best thing was that she was a widow of the Huo family, but in fact, she was simply a widow!

  How could she not know that her "Dear father" agreed to this marriage, but just wanted to use her as a bargaining chip to win the support of the Huo family!

  "Now that there are so many benefits to marry into the Huo family, why don't you fight for Shiny?" Sh Dream laughed sarcastically. "She is younger and more delicate than me. Isn't she more suitable for the young master of the Huo family?"

  The dream was naturally beautiful, and her facial features were extremely good-looking. Although she had not applied makeup, it was still stunning enough.

  At this time, her eyes were full of indifference, and her sardonic smile stung Xing Wei's weak nerves.


  With a crisp sound, Chi Meng's eyes were dizzy and her right cheek was numb.

  "You can marry me if you want! If you dare to resist, I'll take out my wife's oxygen from the bed!" Xing Wei's eyes were filled with anger.

  "You—" It was time for her to resist, but she suddenly gritted her teeth.

  "No, I can't take my grandmother's risk!"

  After her mother's death, Xing Wei's mistress took over the position and dominated the family with her illegitimate daughter. She took away everything from her!

  Now she had nothing, and her grandmother lying on the hospital bed was all she had. That was her dependence, and it was also the last thing her mother left for her. She must not let her grandmother get into trouble!

  Shimo gritted his teeth, clenched his fist and took a deep breath, and finally said, "I promise you, I'll marry him!"

  Xing Wei smiled contemptuously and proudly. "It's so good to be like this earlier. Don't worry, when you go to the Huo family, our family will pay for that old woman's medical expenses."

  Chu Meng didn't say anything, but her fists became tighter and tighter.

  Xing Wei left in an arrogant pace.

  After she left, Shimo turned around and knelt down in the ward where her grandmother was lying. "Grandma, I'm sorry. You taught me not to bow to my family at any time, but now I have to admit defeat. I won't let anything happen to you!"

  Three days later, the Huo family should have driven the wedding procession to get married, but in fact, it was very cold, and only one car came.

  On the other hand, Lin Mengya's family was well-prepared and she had made all necessary preparations.

  By comparison, his family's eager to get married became more and more obvious.

  "Go to Huo's house and be your mistress. If you dare to make any trouble, the old woman in the hospital..." Before getting into the car, Xing Wei's threat was still ringing in his ears. She pursed her lips, suppressed the anger in her eyes, and nodded obediently.

  The car soon drove away from home, but it was far away from the urban area.

  Sh Dream was a little stunned. "Where are we going?"

  Xing Wei clearly said that she married Huo Yanchen, who was living in the villa area in the urban area. Now she was obviously going to the suburbs.

  The secretary who came to pick up the bride replied respectfully, "Miss Chen, Madam has prepared dinner in the old house and is waiting for you and Young Master to have dinner."

  Chu Meng frowned and became more confused. "Isn't Huo Yanchen abroad?"

  Had he returned to the country?