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We Need Voices

We Need Voices

Author:Annabelle carrie



Women share stories and you have to listen this time. Every time a women stands up and talks she is nocked down and ignored well this time your going to listen and take women onto account. A man is more priveligid in todays society so we women need to stand up and show men what it's like to be a woman.

When I was 3 my mom started dating a dude called Sam. Sam was a known rapist and he was also a known gang man. Yet my mom was head over heels in love so he stuck around. When I was 7 he sexually abused me and molested me lots. When I was 13 he took me to his gang base and other men sexually abused me there. He told my mom that I ran away so she never looked for me. A few months later on my 14th birthday I finally ran away. I was a 14 year old with bruises and clothes that no longer fitted me. I went to my old house and found out my mom moved after she had my little brother was born. My neighbours said she became a state and was extremely deppressed after I ran away. No one knew I was really away. Sam was still out there and still with my mother. I knew I had to stop her and get her away. I asked for my parents new address and I found out they moved halfway across the country. To Scotland! I was furious and knew I could not get there alone so I asked my neighbours to take me. They agreed and we went to find my mom.

She was covered in bruises when we got there and my brother was screaming. We went home home and the neighbours promised to keep us safe forever. I didn't believe them but they kept their vow. I am now 10 and Sam is in prison for 12 years but I'm scared that he will get out hunt us down and take me away again.

A few weeks ago I was telling my mom where I really went those years ago and she was horrified she ran to the prison and talked to Sam he was also convicted to a murder of a young girl and several rapes. He was put on trial again because he was found to have been dealing meth and was convicted of that. He now has 4 life sentences and no parole. He was also did a bit of meth before both trials. So sucks to be a loser.

By the way all my stories at the moment are fictional but I hope to have more true stories in the future. Add in the comments a story of yours and I will include it as a chapter and I hope these chapters will show a lot of people that many of the things your taught when your younger is not ok and it's extremely mysoginistic. I hope my stories don't harm any people's mental health and I hope I will grow a family here soon. Bye.