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The Noble Assassin

The Noble Assassin



General Romance

Noble assassin Iona, goes to kill her targets. Strong will and very good at what she does. Until she meets the Rob Foster, owner of a chain of hotels and other businesses. Him and his five business partners change Iona’s life.

  Iona walked into the hotel closing the big glass doors behind her. She had a job to do. A noble assassin. Yes she killed people. However she only killed people who had done something wrong. She killed those who had enough money that they could buy their way out.

  Her most recent target was Robert Foster. He had been doing some shady stuff, whilst that in and of itself wasn’t bad the fact he had brought property, hounded families even sent in his henchmen to get them to sign, Kidnapped a child until they signed that was the bad stuff.

  As Iona approached reception she put on “mask”

  “Hi, I’m Valentina, I have an appointment with Mr. Foster?”

  The receptionist, a tall man looked her directly in the eyes. Iona showed nothing but a poker face.

  The receptionist smiled “Of course, take the elevator to the 50th floor, Mr Foster’s secretary will meet you there. Do you want me to take your briefcase?”

  Iona smiles back “No thank you.” And walked towards the elevator.

  Iona has been doing this job for 10 years. She was a professional, she didn’t take guns with her all the time, too noisy. Iona liked to get up close with her target, her weapon was concealed in her shoes or about her person yet could not be detected. As she entered the elevator, she thought about the man who had taught her how to become a professional assassin.

  Riki, he was tall, strong and amazing. He taught her everything, how to cut the lights, how to get out of a hostage situation and how to never leave a mess behind. He’d taken her in when she had been at her lowest. Built her up and made her who she was.

  She also learnt not to talk in elevators as you never know who is listening. As the elevator slowed to the 50th floor. Iona picked up her briefcase. And the doors slowly slid open. She was prepared for anything.

  As the doors opened, she saw a man standing there. He was filmstar level handsome. Iona smiles, “Hi Valentina, I have an appointment with Mr Foster.” Of course she had seen what Robert Foster looked like he was the playboy of the hotel industry. People were always snapping pictures of him at some party or another. His dark hair was stylish and modern, his brown eyes seemed to always pierce your soul.

  This guy wasn’t Robert’s secretary. Iona had done her homework. She knew a lot about Robert. So this must be one of his associates.

  “Follow me.” Came the gruff reply. This guy had jet black hair that fell as bangs slicked back, he was wearing a dark blue suit and black shirt. The combination being the trademark of a local mafia faction. ‘Shit he may be mafia’ Iona pondered this to herself. ‘I need to tread carefully.’

  As Iona followed Mr Mafia Goon down the well lit corridor, she took everything in. How many steps it was to the elevator. How many other exits she had remembered from studying the hotel’s schematic.

  As Mr Mafia open the white and gold double doors. She entered noticing the massive LCD tv on the opposite wall, on the wall closest to her Iona saw deep purple couches and armchairs. With a wooden chair just infront of the tv but in the middle of the room.

  On the sofas and armchairs were five

including Mr Mafia who had come to meet her.

gorgeous men. Rob Foster sat in the front middle. Smirking. Iona’s poker face never slipped, she had completely made it look like she wasn’t from an orphanage.

  She could fit into any part of society, Riki’s tutelage had seen to that. She not only took lessons on how to be an assassin but how to not draw attention to herself, how to fit in to any part of society.

  Rob Fosters eyes walked the length of Iona’s body. ‘God I feel sick. Look at this bastard.’ Thought Iona in disgust, but she didn’t let the disgust register.

  He stalked over towards her. And she pretended to be scared so moved backwards. Until she hit the wall next to the tv.

  Iona knew how to play a part. Robert grabbed her chin firmly but gently making her looking him in his sparkling brown eyes.

  “Valentina I assume?”

  She pretended to be one of his fan girls. “Y-yes Mr Fisher. Please to meet you. I represent Hardwick Industries”

Hardwick being Riki’s surname.

“I have come to offer you a fine piece of land.” Iona deliberately got his name wrong to throw him off, it was a tactic she had used before and it worked well.

  Rob puts his forefinger to his lips. “Stop talking. I’m done with this charade. Paul bring him out.” The mafia goon called Paul, disappeared off somewhere. Rob moves away from her, And offered her the armchair opposite the hard back chair.

  Confused, but keeping up the pretence Iona sits. Five minutes later Paul walks back in. Dragging someone with him.

  Iona’s eyes go wide as she sees the person it was none other than Riki, bloodied and beaten he was forced into the hardbacked chair.

  ‘WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON’ Iona’s brain screamed.

  It took 0.2 seconds to make eye contact with Riki, a pleading look came back at her.

  “Erm excuse me but who is this?” Iona’s voice even and emotionless. This had been a situation before. Riki had got hurt as someone found out who he was. She now had to play it by ear.

  Rob Foster looked to him and stared straight at Iona. She met his piercing gaze with one of her own. He looked away first. ‘Ha I won.’ Iona thought.

  “Don’t you know who this is?” Paul asked.

  “No. I have never seen him before. Although I have to wonder if he is okay?” Iona’s real concern came through but her indifference to who he was remained on her face.

  “” Riki panted. Iona knew that was Riki’s signal. He was okay. Not in as bad shape as he looked. And they were there to help her get out of this situation. Whilst she didn’t have a gun on her she knew Riki had some concealed ones for her and him.

  Iona approached him hesitantly. “Are you okay sir? What’s your name? Do you need me to contact someone?” As she said all this she was by Riki’s side. She peered into his eyes. With a small nod, the smallest nod that could be misconstrued as his chin falling to his chest as if he was about to pass out. She put her hand on his side, and they both pulled out guns. And stood up. Aiming at the five guys who suddenly looked shocked at the sudden turn of events.

  “Alright nobody moves. I will blow your head off before you even realise what’s happened.”

  Riki stood back to back with Iona. Both of them keeping all five guys within their sight.

  “You okay?” Iona asked.

  Riki smirked “Just who do you think I am?”

  Iona laughed and walked towards Rob.

  “Well, well, well Mr Foster, it seems you are shocked by the sudden turn of events. What a pity.”

  Riki sneers “This guy” pointing with his gun at Paul “Didn’t think it was difficult to capture me.”

  While Riki was talking Paul sneaked up towards Iona, where he thought she couldn’t see.

  BANG! She shot the wall just over his head. “You get one warning. Next time it will be you with the bullet hole.”

  The next thing Iona knew a gun was pressed to her temple. She looked round and saw the holder of the gun.

  “What’s going on?” And with that he hit her with the butt of the gun. And she collapsed. Riki catching her in his arms.

  “I’m sorry. I had no choice. Please can you forgive me?” He whispered in her ear.