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He Is Coming Back Powerfully!

He Is Coming Back Powerfully!


Realistic Urban

Jamarion was born rich, but he met her when he was poor. He was abandoned in a village to study. For three years, he was alone and dressed like a beggar. He fell in love with this innocent girl who had been there for her during his darkest time. He swore that he would marry her one day. On her 19th birthday, he plucked beautiful flowers for her as her presents. She immediately told him to go away, and that she had a rich boyfriend. Her boyfriend Wallece was a married man, but rich. She rejected Jamarion's love, because she preferred to be a mistress than to be a poor boy's girlfriend. Then Jamarion's butler showed up, finally they came to pick their young master back home. Jamarion's true identity finally got to be shown...

At the entrance of the College of Economics and Trade in Lorenzo Ville, Jamarion Yip, who was dressed in a greyish-white shirt, was leaning against a wall. He was gazing in the direction of the entrance of the college as a smirk spread across his face! 

At that moment, a girl dressed in a beige dress paced out from the college. Instantly, Jamarion's eyes lit up. He grabbed a bunch of fresh flowers which he had personally prepared and strode over to her.

"Sabrina, happy birthday." He headed over to Sabrina Wong and without hesitation, presented her with the flowers. 

Upon seeing Jamarion, Sabrina was obviously puzzled as she did not expect him to be there. 

When she noticed the flowers in his hands, a wisp of disdain could be seen in between her eyebrows. 

"Why are you here?" asked Sabrina, positively unpleased. She did not even bother to take the flowers. 

"Isn't it your nineteenth birthday today? I thought—"

She interjected abruptly, "That's enough, Jamarion! Please leave me. My boyfriend will be coming over in a while. I don't wish him seeing us together!" She dismissed Jamarion impatiently without even giving him a chance to finish his sentence.  

"Your boyfriend?" Jamarion was startled. How could she have a boyfriend in less than two months after commencing her classes here at the College of Economics and Trade?

Didn't she say that she liked him before?

"Brina..." Right then, a thirty-year-old gentleman came out from the car with an LV handbag after parking his shiny, white BMW by the roadside. Without any delay, he passed her the handbag. 

"Happy birthday!"

"Thank you, dear. You've spent so much money on me again!" Sabrina lowered her head slightly.

"Silly girl, I will not hesitate to spend any amount of money if it can buy you happiness..." The man grinned contemptuously. Money was never his concern; he could fork out tens of thousands of yuan without batting an eyelash. 

"Sabrina, is he your boyfriend?" questioned Jamarion in disbelief while glancing at the man. 


"But he is clearly married..." Jamarion pointed at the man's wedding ring, his eyes wide with confusion. Where was the innocent girl who admired him a few months ago? He couldn't believe that Sabrina had chosen a married man to be her boyfriend. He was obviously ten years older than her. 

"I know he is married..." Sabrina answered calmly.

"If you knew it, then why—"

Sabrina cut him off right away, "Jamarion, this is my business. It has nothing to do with you..." 

Jamarion cried out in anguish, "It has nothing to do with me?! You clearly said that you liked me before this!" 

"Did I? Jamarion, don't be naive. You are so broke that you can't even afford to buy me a birthday present. Do you think I'll fancy you?"

"It's not that I couldn't afford to get you a present. I just thought that these fresh flowers from the valley were extremely eye-catching and suited your beauty. I thought you would adore them, so I plucked a few for you..."

Sabrina then scoffed, "You can afford one, huh? Don't take me for a fool. You can't even buy me ice cream without borrowing money from others! How can you even afford to buy presents for me?"

"I... "

"Alright, enough with your acting. You went to pick some flowers from the valley not because of your so-called sincerity, but because you are literally too broke to spend on me. You are too financially constrained to provide me with what I long for..." stated Sabrina with increased agitation. She wasn't even giving him a chance to explain himself. 

"Then tell me, what do you want?" Jamarion asked in defense while staring at the girl with whom he had spent three years. He was really flustered by the fact that she had changed so much in just a few months. 

"What do I want? Can you even afford this bag? It costs tens of thousands of yuan! Can you afford Wallece's BMW? That costs 300,000 to 400,000 yuan! It's not too expensive either! Don't even mention buying a house. A poor person like you, who is uneducated and incapable, can never afford to buy a house in the city..." Sabrina yelled at Jamarion resentfully. 

Jamarion stared blankly at Sabrina. He found it hard to comprehend the fact that she, who used to be so pure and innocent, had turned into such a materialistic woman in just a few months' time. 

"Well, Sabrina, let's not waste any more time on this poor fella. Let's go..." Wallece sneered before he placed an arm around Sabrina's slender waist and led her towards his BMW.

Sabrina did not resist him. Instead, she allowed herself to be embraced as they walked past Jamarion.

"Kid, remember this, in order to possess a woman, you must have assets..." Wallece snickered as he walked past Jamarion.

Jamarion's brows twitched. Just as he was about to say something, he heard a sudden cry of astonishment from his surroundings. 

He turned around and witnessed a convoy of luxurious cars. There were three Mercedes-Benz and a Rolls-Royce limousine approaching the left side of the entrance of the college slowly.

Lorenzo Ville was just a small city. It was rare to even catch a sight of a Mercedes-Benz S600 worth millions of yuan, let alone a Rolls-Royce limousine that was currently smack dab in the middle of the motorcade. 

For a moment, many women gasped in awe. Even Sabrina and Wallece stopped in their tracks to gape at this line of luxurious cars with much envy.

Soon enough, the motorcade stopped at the gate of the college beside Wallece's BMW. When compared with these cars, his BMW, which was worth only hundreds of thousands of yuan, was no more than worthless trash.

Smugness faded instantaneously from Wallece's face when he noticed the license plate of the first Mercedes-Benz. He released Sabrina's hand and drifted towards the car mindlessly. 

A middle-aged man in his forties got out of the vehicle.

"Director Wong..." Wallece greeted him, obviously trying to fawn on this mysterious man.

As soon as she witnessed how Wallece acted as well as the high-class appearance of the middle-aged man, Sabrina's eyes widened in awe. Wasn't this the boss of Wallece's company and the richest man in Lorenzo Ville, Charles Wong?

"Wallece? Why are you here?" Charles was obviously surprised. He did not expect to meet his employee here.

"I... "

"Please wait aside. I'm here with Mr. Ching to welcome a big shot." Before Wallece could finish his line, Charles strode towards the Rolls-Royce behind him.

His respectful manner was almost similar to the attitude that Wallece had portrayed a while ago.

Wallece was a little dumbfounded. With Charles' status in Lorenzo Ville, he would not have behaved with such courtesy even if the mayor was here, wouldn't he?

Who on earth was Mr. Ching? Since Charles said that he was there with Mr. Ching to welcome a big shot, could that person be more powerful than the rest of them there?

In a blink of an eye, the doors of the Mercedes-Benz cars were opened. One after another, bodyguards dressed in black suits and dark sunglasses got out of the vehicles. They looked around warily, guarding the big shot inside the limousine. 

That atmosphere intimidated all who were present, including Wallece and Sabrina. Most of them harbored the same doubt in their minds. Who was the nobleman that needed such a grand ceremony?

Wallace's boss, Charles, who was also the richest man in Lorenzo Ville, dashed over to the passenger seat of the Rolls-Royce limousine. Despite being the most affluent man in Lorenzo Ville, he personally opened the door for the important figure in the car like an average porter.

With all the bewildered gazes from the crowd focused on him, a man in his fifties walked out of the car. 

He appeared elegant and classy with his smart tuxedo and meticulously-styled greyish hair. In comparison, he resembled the richest of the rich, while Charles, the most affluent man in Lorenzo Ville, looked like an ordinary citizen.

Everyone held their breaths as they witnessed Charles, the wealthiest man in Lorenzo Ville, treating this man with the utmost respect. 

Everyone watched as the man disregarded Charles and paced in a broad gait towards the College of Economics and Trade.

Subsequently, he approached a young man who was dressed in a greyish-white shirt.

"Young Master Yip, I am here to pick you up..." The man bowed sincerely to the young man in front of everyone...