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The Devil‘s Mistress

The Devil‘s Mistress

Author:Kim Lina



"Let her Live." the same husky voice of earlier muttered. "What about her debts?" "She'll pay her debt with something much more, she won't pay with her life." he said looking back at me I couldn't see it clearly but I felt he smiled at me as his forehand brushed my arm. "Get Thaigo to take her to a hospital, her injury must be taken care of but she must not take any fluids or drips of any kind for three more days." he said "She'll die if that's what you want." "If she survives then I'll spare her life." the voice said. "And if she dies? " "The debt would have been paid."

Her parents were murdered,

Her sister disappeared mysteriously and appeared dead on national TV but her body wasn't found

She was left alone confused and betrayed

She was admitted to the Rehab

Everyone thought she was crazy

After she got discharged from the Rehab that's when things turned the other way.

She owe some people money, and they'll do anything to get it back and taking a loan that big was the reason she ended up a mistress to the Devil.


In five minutes it'll be exactly 05:00pm my last shift for the day and I'll be closing and leaving this dump of a diner, I stride over to the counter after delivering some orders trailing to the knot of my apron loosening the apron and slamming it on the counter as Lilly my co worker shot me a smirk.

"You're leaving early? " she arched her brows and thin her lips into a suspicious grin and I rolled my eyes at her.

"I always leave early.. " I mumble sarcastically as an insult to her stupid excuse for a brain.

"Yeah that's the problem.. " she half yelled getting attention from some customers who were half done with their food.

"Yeah, my shift is over.. " I wiggled my brows as a hint I wanna get the fuck out of this place.

I went at the back to change as she followed, of course her shift ends the same time with mine and all she does is suffocate me with questions.

I took off my uniform as she glared at me with thirsty for answers which I'm probably used to by now and don't bother if she sees me change or not.

"So who's the boner?? " I almost choked on that question but ease out a laugh before she could read my expression.

"It's none of your business.. " I rolled my eyes at her as I struggled to yank my uniform off and changing into a knee short dress and a trench coat with converse flats .

She scoffed mumbling under her breath disappointed she wasn't going to get a single chit chat from me like always.

Lilly is the out going, nosy, arrogant, loquacious party girl and ever since I started working here she's been trying to work her way to befriend me and honestly I'm not interested, the little she knows about me the better.

I band my dark brown hair in a messy bun and picked up my bag and turned to see Lilly dressing up, she was changing into a crop top that exposed her cleavage bare and wore shorts that qualified as panties and high red high converse heels, she had her hair golden blonde

which is probably dyed

curled In a bouncy wave swaying over her shoulders, she was pampering her lips with a red lipstick which kinda shocked me how fast she took to get herself ready, she was qualified enough to be a stripper.

I shrugged as she applied her eye liner which will take forever for her to do because she likes her lashes thick and fierce.

I swing my bag across my shoulder walking past her leaving her to her make up and checked out.

I walked down the pavement to a nearby thrift store and picked a birthday card which I purchased and shoved into my bag and called a Taxi to the hospital, as much as I hate going back there I have to.

I arrived at the hospital and heave deep sigh shutting the door of the Taxi as it drove off.

I stood in front of the hospital gasping deep breaths as memories flood back In one emotional wreck and I tried so hard not to break down but instead s tear came streaming down, I walked in anyways and ignored all the haunting memories.

I walked to the front desk where some nurses were attending to some people, I waited for my turn before they could attend to me.

"sorry visits to the patient in room 492 are closed, the patient Just underwent an operation and won't be in the condition of accepting visits, we'll inform you when next you come back thank you.. " the nurse said nicely to a young man as he nods but from the looks of it was clearly disappointed.

I on the other hand was shaking I have ta phobia of should I explain a grave fear for hospitals and don't wanna find myself in one not after what happened to me.

"Next... " I looked back at the nurse as she looked back at me in shock, she forced in a smile but couldn't hide her shock.

Why won't she??

Amirah Rivera In a hospital, the girl who did almost everything to get out standing in one.

"yes Miss can I help you? " she asked as I nod.

"Yes... " I stutter moving closer to tell desk.

"How can we help you?" she asked nicely which eased me a bit but all eyes were glued on my and a guy feeling to get out kicked me to my stomach.

"I'm here to see Ariel.." I said as the other nurse shy a smile at how calm I was.

"Ariel who?? " the nurse asked

"Ariel Dallas.. " I whispered as the nurses checked out the the schedule.

"Amirah..." I heard a squeaky 11 year old squeal as a skinny blonde ran up to me In tears.

"Ariel, what are you doing outside your ward?" I gaped as she hugged me tightly.

"I came to see you, I wanted to surprise you.. " she ignored the fact she could get into trouble but hugged me all still the same.

"come on I've been dying to show you my new room.. " she said as we both disengage from the hug and the nurses giggled and asked me to sign and followed Ariel to her new room.

We got to her ward as new decorations and stuff animals filled the room, probably donations from her charity to light up the room.

It almost made me jealous.

She slide under her bed and pulled out a teddy bear with one eye and ran up to me pulling me over to her bed with a wide smile as we both sat down.

"seems Mr Hopscotch is nothing compared to your new friends.." I sighed sadly as she wrapped me in a hug.

"Mr Hopscotch will always be my favorite." she commented putting the teddy down and stood on the bed and stared braiding my hair.

Ariel is my best friend, moreso my sister, although we're not related she's been like a sister after the brutal death of my parents and the sudden dissapearance of my blood sister.