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Author:Naomi Cindy



It revolves around Marianna Kim and Derrick Salvador Marianna is a young talented actress who's suffering from narcolepsy Derrick is a man whore who owns an hotel called De UNIQUE, he fucks like shit and when he met Mari, he decided that nothing will ever make him not get her to his bed


  "Welcome to De unique hotel, our service will amaze you and I'm sure you'll come back" I said and winked at the beauty sitting in front of me

  It's actually the protocol, after Kira my receptionist helps them with the booking and the keys, they get directed to my office for a proper welcome before they go to their room

  Talking of "they", I mean the ladies

  Kira welcomes the guys and men since they don't have what I want

  "I hope so, and also I've heard about this place, it's the best hotel one can find here" she said and licked her lower lips seductively

  I think she's getting what I want

  "And I hope to get an enjoyable stay" she said and stood up to go

  "Sure, and I'll do the needful" I replied seductively

  She turned back

  "I'm Mina, room 24 in case you want know" she said before going out, swaying her killer hips

  "Nice catch!" I said to myself after she went out, immediately someone bursted in... it's Becca, she came to Lodge last week and we had sex up to ten times before she left, she's a great sexist and she knows where to hit

  "What are you doing here?, And why did you barge in like this place is a chicken farm" I asked impolitely

  "I don't think I need an invitation to come to my boyfriend's office" she said and I laughed scorn

  "Listen Becca, I'm done with you" I said carelessly


  "You heard me right" I repeated

  "With the bonds we've shared!" She said, staring at me

  "We didn't share any bond, we just had sex, that's it!" I said but she came close and slapped me

  I rubbed my face and faced her, it's not the first time a lady will slap me anyways

  "You did well, now can you get out of my office?" I said

  "Philanderer!, Man whore!, I hate you!" She spat and Rushed out

  I poured myself a cup of wine from the cellar

  Ladies and their palaver, is it a sin to be handsome???

  Marianna Kim

  "Gary you must be out of your mind!, How dare you tell me to pay the children's school fees by myself!" I screamed at the top of my voice

  "How can you tell me to pay the fees of the children I'm not even sure are my own, they behave like ruffians!" Gary shouted back

  "Since I married you, my life has been hard, you do nothing than to make me sad"

  "Then what do you want me to do!"

  "Divorce!, Let's get a divorce!" I screamed

  "That'll be better cos you're a useless woman!" He shouted back

  "Cut cut" director Alfred said as we ended the shoot, we're actually shooting a movie

  "You guys did well, Mari, you're a blessing to us" he said and I smiled

  "Bestie you did it!" Nathalie my bestie said, beaming with smiles

  "Thanks bestie" I replied and faced director Alfred again

  "When are we gonna continue?" I asked

  "Tommorow by ten am, Bonne Villa is the location" he replied as my phone started ringing

  "Must be your prince charming" Nathalie whispered and I pinched her

  I checked and it's truly Jamie my boyfriend


  I'm in front of your shoot location right now

  Really?, I'll be there in a jiffy

  I faced director

  "I need to...

  "You can go Mari, you should go and rest for tomorrow's shoot" he interrupted and I smiled before rushing out after waving at Nathalie

  I truly saw Jamie's car in front of the building, I hopped in

  "You didn't tell me you'll be coming to pick me up" I said

  "Well here I am, how's today's shoot?" He asked

  "It went well" I replied

  "Without you, jaguar productions will be useless" he said icily

  "No, I'm not the only actress there you know, there are other actors and actresses" I replied

  "But you're the best" he said dryly

  "You don't look happy, is there any problem with the online deliveries?" I asked

  He told me he's into online deliveries and that's where he gets cash from

  "No, I'm just sad today" he replied

  "I hate seeing you sad" I said..

  "I know, but I can't help it, you have to bear with me baby" he said and held my hand with one hand while he drove with the other

  He dropped me in front of my house and kissed me before driving off

  Jamie can be unpredictable

  I entered the house and it's like Christmas Eve

  The house is decorated with Christmas decor, a Christmas tree is standing in the living room

  Belts, toys and all others unnecessary stuffs are also there

  I got it Immediately, grandma has done it again

  I ran to my room and checked my closet

  She really took all the ten dollars in my closet???

  I ran back to the living room and met grandma there, staring into space

  "Grandma Lucia, what have you done?, I kept that money for your drugs, I was told to buy you some drugs for stability but here you are, spending the money like you want, it's not Christmas for crying out loud, yet you bought Christmas decor and decorated the whole house with it, you even bought a Christmas tree!!, There are like ten belts here, who did you get them for?, and these teddy bears, you're not a kid you know, Grandma Lucia you're hurting me with your shoppaholic behavior, you didn't even spend it on valuable things" I complained bitterly as I removed the decor

  "I'm sorry, just felt like spending some money" she replied, not sober at all

  "Grandma you're sixty nine for crying out loud!, You shouldn't be doing all these" I shouted.

  "Don't shout at me!" She shot back and went in, mumbling inaudibly

  Tommorow morning, she'll come and beg me in my room

  That's all what she does, spending money like a spendthrift, then telling me not to shout at her, then coming to beg me the next morning,

  i'm tired of her!

  My eyes started closing voluntarily, I've not taken my drugs today, I wonder how I acted without falling asleep...

  I searched my bag and couldn't find my drug

  It must be upstairs

  My eyes became heavy and I fell on the couch ... I slept off