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Aloof Meets Arrogant

Aloof Meets Arrogant



Having been Mrs. Chi for three years, he was playing with women outside, but she didn't care. A bowl of body-nourishing soup every day was her usual greeting. Until one day, the woman he loved most stood in front of her. "I am pregnant." For the first time, Lu Zhanyan used some means to force the woman to lose her baby. Chi Qing grabbed her by the neck. "Lu Zhanyan, you've been holding back for three years, and you finally can't pretend anymore?" She laughed until she burst into tears. "I'm sorry, I'm also pregnant, but the identity of the oldest son of the Chi Clan must belong to my son!"

"Young Master Qing has drunk too much and is resting here. The address is No. 1508 from the much more luxurious Kaisha International Hotel. I'll be waiting for you to pick him up."

Lu Zhanyan was standing in front of the 1508 door, holding her mobile phone and watching the text message she received an hour ago indifferently.

She didn't have time to change her professional suit. Her hair was tied up, and her thin eyebrows showed that she was a strong woman!

Most of the media were standing behind her. They were called here by the person she had just ordered. Their purpose was to catch a suspect!

"Mrs. Chi, what are you hesitating about? Why haven't you entered yet?!" Someone couldn't hold back his temper anymore.

She must not miss such a real show of catching a suspect!

Lu Zhanyan took a deep breath and finally made up her mind to say, "Please do me a favor."

"What?" Everyone was confused.

"Break the door open."

Everyone looked at each other and expressed their willingness to help.

"Bang—" The door of the luxurious suite couldn't bear such a big fuss. The lock fell to the ground and the door opened.

"Who is it?" The bathroom door was pulled open, revealing the woman's graceful body. It was a scene that made people blush and their hearts beat faster.

"Ah!" Bai Ya's face suddenly changed, as if she didn't expect so many people to squeeze in from outside the door. Especially the dazzling cameras, they were crazily shooting this scene.

Bai Ya panicked. She quickly closed the curtain, but she didn't pull it completely. "Master Chi! Master Chi, wake up!"


The man's magnetic voice snorted. Before he woke up, he was like a cloud. He held the bathtub with his arm and stood up unsteadily with the help of Bai Ya. "What's wrong?"

His handsome facial features, straight nose, sexy lips, and even the man's voice were full of charm, which was very attractive.

Lu Zhanyan couldn't hold it in any longer. She pulled the car door open with a swoosh. The man's thin chest was exposed to the spotlight, and Bai Ya, who was beside him, covered her body in a panic.

"It's her! Bai Ya, the popular female star, deliberately destroyed my family. She mixed with my husband, Chi Shaoqing, day and night. I, Lu Zhanyan, ask the major companies in the entertainment circle to ban her!"

Every word she said was very heavy, and the media took pictures of every corner of the luxurious suite in an exaggerated way. Every detail was not spared!

This scene was simply too exciting!

It would definitely become a hot topic that would immediately cause a sensation throughout the city!

"You! Lu Zhanyan, who do you think you are?!" Bai Ya was so scared that her face turned pale. She realized that she was stupid.

She deliberately sent a text message, hoping that Lu Zhanyan could see her failed marriage with her own eyes and then give up. However, she didn't expect that this woman would call so many media to publicize it!

He even asked to ban her!

At this moment, Bai Ya was afraid.

"Why?" Lu Zhanyan took a step forward. "Because I'm the eldest daughter of the Lu family, half of the entertainment circle belongs to the Lu family!"

"Chi... Master Chi..." Bai Ya held the man's hand tightly with a guilty conscience, but Chi Shaoqing pulled her finger away little by little.

He was still drunk just now, but at this moment, he was awake.

"Who do I think it is? It's you..." He wrapped himself in a bath towel and walked to Lu Zhanyan, with a faint smile on his face.