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Invincible Master of the Medical World

Invincible Master of the Medical World


Realistic Urban

Three years ago, a disciple of an aristocratic family in Yan Jing was chased by an unprecedented book, causing a storm in the city, and then mysteriously disappeared. Soon, an unknown son-in-law of a good-for-nothing appeared in the Lin Group of the East River... No one knew that this son-in-law, who was despised by others, had the medical skills of living and dying!

"It's been three years, Master. I've been a good-for-nothing for three years according to your instructions."

"When you passed away, I wasn't with you, and I didn't have the chance to tell you that I've already mastered 'Green Bag Sutra'. I didn't need to protect myself through endurance.

"You are afraid that I will be murdered by the Ye Family and the Zhang Family, but you are wrong. Those chickens and dogs are not worthy of your worry at all."

"I won't go back to the Ye Family, nor will I let go of the Zhang Family so easily. Those who covet the 'Qingpu Sutra' deserve to die! I fulfilled your last wish. In the past three years, everyone in the East River thought that the Lin Family had married a good-for-nothing! I didn't expose myself, and I also protected your goddaughter's safety.

"I came to see you today just to say that I made the Three-year Agreement. I don't want to be a good-for-nothing anymore!"

In a cemetery in the suburb of the Eastern River, Ye Mo was kneeling in front of a nameless tombstone. With an indifferent expression, he sent the yellow papers in his hand into the brazier one by one.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Footsteps came from the deserted cemetery where no one would have come.

Ye Mo tilted his head and saw a figure staggering toward him in the darkness.

It was a young man in his twenties. His camouflaged climbing suit was covered with blood at the moment.

Obviously, he was injured. The young man came looking for the fire and was overjoyed to see Ye Mo.

"Brother, please do me a favor!"

The young man covered his waist and said in a hoarse voice.

"I'm here to sweep the graves. I can't help you."

Ye Mo ignored him and continued to add yellow paper into the brazier. He was very calm when he met a man covered in blood in the wilderness.

"Brother, I don't ask you to do anything else. You just need to help me give this number to the owner. He will pay you a million yuan as a reward!"

The young man thought that Ye Mo was frightened by his appearance, so he hurriedly said, afraid of getting into trouble.

He handed her a mobile phone stained with blood and a note with a number written on it.

However, Ye Mo remained unmoved. If it were an ordinary person, they would have already accepted such a good thing as a pie falling from the sky.

The speed at which Ye Mo added the yellow paper was not affected in the slightest.

"Two million!"

Seeing that Ye Mo was not moved by the young man, he was a little anxious. If he delayed a little longer, those people would soon catch up with him. At that time, everything would be in vain!

"Three million! Bang!"

"Five million! Bang!"

In his anxiety, the young man kept raising the price. However, no matter how attractive the number was, Ye Mo was still unmoved.

"Stop shouting."

Finally, Ye Mo spoke.

The young man stopped breathing.

Ye Mo did not take the phone and the note. Instead, he took out three incense sticks and inserted them in front of the tombstone.

Staring at the tombstone without photo or tomb inscription, he said lightly,

"I haven't swept my master's grave for three years. Please leave quickly and don't disturb me from catching up with my master."

"Hey! Brother! How can you... "

The young man still wanted to say something.

"Da da da da..."

There was a flurry of footsteps, and six or seven strong men with masks rushed into the cemetery.

These strong men held daggers in their hands. After entering the cemetery, they surrounded Ye Mo and the young man.

Judging from their posture, these people were not ordinary people at all.

"You can't run away!"

The leading strong man snorted and pointed the shining dagger at the young man.

"Don't think you're safe just because you killed my master! The Qu Family won't let you off!"

Seeing that there was no way to escape, the young man straightened his body and pointed at the leader's nose.

He heard that the two words of the Qu Clan had raised their eyelids at Ye Mo, who was also unmoved by the group of strong men with knives.

"Ha, do you know who we are? Who can you take revenge on?"

The leading strong man sneered and didn't bother to talk nonsense. He took a step forward and stabbed the young man's heart with his dagger.

There was no mercy in this strike. The young man who was stabbed in the heart was bound to die.


At this critical moment, an indifferent voice came.

The leading strong man remained unmoved, and the dagger was already close to the young man's chest.

The young man could not dodge in time, so he accepted his fate and closed his eyes.


However, when the dagger was about to pierce his heart, the strong man suddenly screamed and fell to the ground.

It seemed that he had suffered great pain. The strong man kept rolling on the ground, looking indescribably miserable.

In the end, she was even tortured into a ball by the intense pain. She looked like a cooked shrimp and finally fainted.

Seeing that the leader had been tricked, the rest of the people suddenly panicked.

This silent individual fell down just like that, still in this desolated mountain range's cemetery. Could it be that it was caused by a ghost?

"It must be this guy! Come on! Kill him!"

There were only a few people present. One of the masked men suddenly pointed at Ye Mo, who was still burning paper, and shouted.

Except for the guy who had been disabled, only this guy was likely to do something.

However, before anyone else could make a move, Ye Mo waved his hand, and several wisps of silver light flashed across the night.

The masked strong men froze. There was a silver needle on their necks!

The young man on the side was stunned. The group of people, who had been arrogant just now, now looked like a row of sticks.

It was both funny and weird.

If the wounds on his body were not still hurting, he would have suspected that the person in front of him was an actress.

"You should go."

Ye Mo once again knelt down before the tombstone.

The young man took a deep look at Ye Mo, bowed to Ye Mo and the nameless tombstone, and turned to leave the cemetery.

After the young man left, Ye Mo got up one by one with the yellow paper added to the last one burnt out.

"I don't care who that person is, nor do I care who you are. If you are here again, go back and prepare for the funeral."

After saying that, Ye Mo left the cemetery without looking back.

The next day, they drove to the bus in the center of Dongjiang City.

Ye Mo stared out of the window at the scenery that had passed by.

His master didn't allow him to fight with the Zhang family and didn't want him to return to the Ye family.

However, his master was killed by the Zhang family, and the Ye family was also an accomplice.

He couldn't just let it go.

However, both of them were giants who gathered in Yan Jing.

The two forces were one of the best even in the entire Huaxia Country.

If he acted rashly, he would die.

He still needed to plan carefully step by step.

Buzz buzz buzz...

Ye Mo's cell phone started to vibrate.

He answered the phone.

There was a cold and pleasant voice on the other end of the phone.

"Where did you go? Aren't you coming back?"

"Go to the downtown area at 12 o'clock."

"Get out of the car and go to the hospital immediately! I must see you at the gate of the hospital at one o'clock!"

The cold voice was unquestionable.

"Dongjiang City Hospital? What are we going to do there?"

"What else can I do when the old lady is in the hospital?"

"Why is the old lady all right..."

"Chi, far, far, far, far..."

Before Ye Mo could finish his words, the other party had already hung up.

Ye Mo frowned and stuffed his phone into his pocket.

At the gate of Dongjiang City Hospital.

Ye Mo looked around but did not find anyone.

He reached into his pocket and took out a box of Mount Red Tower and lit one.

She had barely inhaled a few mouthfuls when she heard hurried footsteps behind her.

Then came the familiar perfume smell.

Ye Mo immediately put out the cigarette and turned around.