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The CEO Wants to Imprison me

The CEO Wants to Imprison me




She had loved him deeply, but he loved someone else. She climbed into his bed by all means and wanted to marry him in this way, but instead she was sent to prison by his own hands. After her release, she decided to run away from this man, but was forcibly confined to his side. She was tortured by him so hard and watched him make out with another woman. Finally she regretted falling in love with him. "Even if I torment you more, don't you still love me?" "I don't love you anymore." This time, she decided to leave. However, he did not agree.

No one is working properly in the large office.

Three in a group,five in a group gathered around whispering.

The magazine wrote about a depth bomb that no doubt exploded in the water.

It's human nature to love gossip,not to mention such powerful news.

"Hey,do you guys think this could be true?"A fat girl wearing glasses was full of curiosity.

"How fresh is it?It's all in the magazine and it's still fake?"Another girl shook the magazine in her hand,disdainful of the fat girl's words.

"Holly,that woman,is scheming,shameless.rosita is so poor."

"Tell me guys,how did that woman get involved with Rosita's boyfriend?"

Everyone was talking and just talking,and the atmosphere in the office was so heated that no one noticed Rosita come in.

Rosita's face looked bad,and she sat down listlessly in her seat.

When everyone saw her coming,they immediately stopped talking and went back to their seats.

The fat girl handed over a cup of coffee:"Rosita,have some,it smells good.I just made it in the coffee and water room."

"Thank you!"Rosita squeezed a smile on her face,a forced smile that made it hard to look at her heart.

The girl hurriedly averted her eyes,not daring to look her in the eye.

I don't know why,but my nose is a little sore and I want to cry a little.

Rosita this look,let her just gossip with colleagues enthusiasm a little no longer.

Just now there was a lively office suddenly quiet,quiet a little eerie,even a pin dropped on the ground can hear.

It was at this time that Chu Yang Xu appeared at the door of the big office,and with the sound of his footsteps,a dozen pairs of eyes looked at him in unison.

"What are you all looking at me for?Do your work,work."

"Rosita,you come with me."Chu Yang Xu waved at Rosita,his voice was gentle and with a hint of ingratiation.

Rosita is still sitting in her seat,staring at the table with her eyes,not knowing what she is thinking about,not hearing Chu Yang Xu's greeting.

Seeing this,the fat girl walked over and gently touched her shoulder:"Rosita,Boss Chu wants you to go to his office."

"Oh,okay,when are you going?"

"Now,ah,the boss is waiting for you."

She looked up right into the Chu Yang Xu sunny smile,I do not know why,usually used to see the smile,today feel a bit solid.

Rosita walked into his office with Chu Yang Xu and he said,"Sit down,what can you drink?"

"Do you have Dichlorvos?Have a bottle."Rosita was a bit of a gambler,then casually sat down on the couch.

Chu Yang Xu did not answer this sentence,pretending not to hear.

He slowly and methodically grinds the beans and makes the coffee.

Coffee machine in the office to grind their own,their own brewing,is also a major feature.

In a short time,a pot of strong and fragrant coffee was ready.

Chu Yang Xu poured a cup for Rosita and placed it in front of her,"No sugar,I don't think you need that now either."

"Why don't you need it?Give me sugar,not only sugar,but also milk."

Chu Yang Xu looked at Rosita and said,"Not bad,still have the heart to carry on with me."

Rosita picked up her coffee and took a sip.The coffee was bitter,but not as bitter as her heart.

"I don't know what's wrong with the magazines now?One by one,they all rush to see the money,no bottom line at all.What attracts the reader's attention to report something,the fragrance of the stink are to write up."

"There is no sense of responsibility,and no research before reporting.People let write what to write what to write,see if the marriage is not what face out to say."

Rosita sneered:"Hey!Your big boss Chu is always cynical and open-minded.From whom did you learn to speak in a roundabout way?"

"I am not afraid that you are sad,do not want my brother well,and again can not bear to stimulate your fragile little heart."Chu Yang Xu playful smile,then said:"Malcolm this person,I know him very well.He is cold-faced and warm-hearted,don't look at him now cold to you,in fact he now loves only you."

"That person,right,is a holding tank.The inside is hot to the internal organs are scalded,and the outside is not a little temperature,others can not see."

"Holly is not as harmless as you think,in fact the real innocent is you-Rosita.if she feels good about you,she will not seduce Malcolm."

"Even if she had a little scruples about you,she couldn't make such a big deal out of having the magazine report it."

"Do you really think it's a reporter taking pictures secretly?Don't be silly,where are all the coincidences?"

"Malcolm's a dumb one too,you two are a couple of idiots.Let someone count,right?"

Rosita didn't believe Chu Yang Xu's words at all.Chu Yang Xu was Malcolm's friend,so of course she spoke like him.

"How do you know that Malcolm is being set up by Holly?What if people are in love?Didn't you read in the magazine that both of them have children,what else is there to say."

Rosita tried her best to say the doubts in her heart in a calm tone,but every sentence,it was as if there was a knife cutting her heart,it hurt,it hurt.

Just now there are many people holding back,now only she and Chu Yang Xu,tears can no longer control the flow.

Chu Yang Xu rushed to find tissues,which happened to be gone.

Rosita wiped one after another,tears like broken beads,could not be stopped.

"Ah ah,my aunt,you do not cry,okay?I'm most afraid of seeing women cry,especially beautiful women cry.Look,although Malcolm and I are friends,we are still friends.I'm not speaking for Malcolm,this is not standing in an objective perspective to help you analyze it."

"Rosita you have to believe me,I,Chu Yang Xu,swear with my next girlfriend,Malcolm must have been counted by Holly,his favorite person is still you."

"Pfft."Rosita was amused by this sentence of Chu Yang Xu:"Yang Xu you can stop,you change your girlfriend more diligently than changing clothes,who dares to believe the vows you made."

"Thank you,Yang Xu.But I figured out that he Malcolm can be with whoever he wants to be with and marry whoever he wants to marry.From now on,I don't have anything to do with him at all."

"In this world,anyone can live without anyone,doesn't Holly like Malcolm?It's just as well that now,as she wanted,she has Malcolm's child and is about to marry him."

"This is starting to fill the world with their happiness,how dare Holly do this if Malcolm doesn't approve?I'm not a three-year-old child,so you should stop saying things like Malcolm likes me."

"Yang Xu,I know you mean well.But feelings like this cannot be forced,Malcolm might be in Holly's tender place right now?You are still here to speak up for him with all your heart.That's it,I'm going out."

Rosita dried her tears and,unwilling to listen to his ramblings,left the office.