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Friends Or Foe, How Do You Decide Who To Trust.

Friends Or Foe, How Do You Decide Who To Trust.




Since a very young age Elizabeth knew she was diffent she always felt destined something bigger then her anxiety attacks and wierd nightmares that kept her from living a normal life and kept her confined for most of the 20 years of her life, little did she know everything she knew would change n week before her 21st birthday and that the things she hated about herself the most was what made her special.Twin brothers Grayson and Jayson will do anything in their power to keep the vampire bloodline strong even if it meens keeping the one who can controll it caged up forever, Elizabeth. While Alpha Zayne and his beta Wyatt just want to keep the werewolve bloodline from dying out even if he has to kill his fated mate Elizabeth, to do it. Follow the conflict between two species and one stil becoming of age and watch as Elizabeth learns who and what she is and struggles to learn who to trust and who to love.

  I was running in the dark woods like I do everytime I close my eyes I was running away from something, NO! Someone, someone with blood red eyes that was chasing me as I looked back to see if I outran him I almost tripped over n small branch when shock hit me as I now realised there where 2 pair of eyes chasing me.

  I didnt slow down I kept my pace and somewhere in the distant I could here wolves howl almost like they were scared or sad like they knew something bad was about to happen as I kept running some one started calling my name first the sound was distant but as it got louder and clearer I regonized my mothers voice and all of the sudden I was back in my room far from the dark forest far from the bloody eyes and I couldn hear the howling any more, I blew out n sigh of relief it was just another bad dream or vision as my mom calls them since I have the same over and over.

  ELIZABETH ANNE SMITH!!! my mom shouted as she barged in my room it only took her one second to realise I had another "episode" as I called it. She came over to me where I cradled my legs on my bed and started comforting me, and this was our average routine I had my episodes even when I was awake too now followed with a panick attack wich kept me from having a normal life or being between others.

  This was my live and it was safe for now.


  'So Lizzy what do you whant for youre birthday next month'

  My mom asked while we were sitting at the table in the kitchen eating dinner, Lizzy was one of my moms many nicknames for me it always depended on her mood.

  'I dont know mum unless you have some magic potion you've been hiding in youre cupboard for the ocation, all I want is to be normal so I can go to school without any one calling me a freak'

  I sighed so tired of my life I never go out or do anything but I'm always tired because of the dreams and the anxiety that follows.

  We've tried every shrink, doctor and hypnotist we could find but to no avail no one knows whats wrong with me not even sleeping pills or anty depressants helps take away the dream and the older I get the worse they become.

  'Oh honey'

  she reached over the table and took my hand 'you know if I could make them go away I would' she said with such intensity like always and once again it made me feel like she hated them more then I did, not because they made me suffer but because it was like they represented something she hated or feared I wasnt sure and I would never ask her to scared I would hurt her feelings or betray her trust in me so I couldnt she was all I had I never knew my father he walked away before I was born not interested in raising a family. So its always just been me and mum and thats how I liked it.