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Reincarnated Twins of Purgatory

Reincarnated Twins of Purgatory




Kali once said, "be careful who you trust. Remember, demon was once an angel."...Manuel Kagura Anastacio is a simple and family oriented guy. His fate in mortal world which is the earth was a big misfortune, because first, when he was born, his father died. Second, he became the center of bullying because of his physical appearance that called ugly. Third, he confessed to his best friend then, he was rejected by his best friend. After that rejection, accident happened and cause him to die. Then, he went to the place called Purgatory - where all the soul being judge whether they go to Paradiso or Impyerno. As he wake up, he met his guardian angel named Guardian Toki, and find out to be his attorney in Purgatory. As the destiny start to play with him, Manuel Kagura Anastacio was given a chance to live again and reincarnate to Mundo da Fantasia where magic(Hold) exist. Together with Guardian Toki, they will fight against the creatures with evil intentions and eliminate them. But before th


The sky throughout Mundo da Fantasia was clear as crystal. The animals known as Neutral fera in this magical world of the terrestrial, aquatic, fiery, and aerial are flying freely in and playing around while others are singing.

I'm standing in the air like a free bird as I watch the unfamiliar but enchanting world. I've never been to this place but strangely, I don't know how but I know a lot about this world… The Mundo da Fantasia, a world so different from the world I am living in.

Mundo da Fantasia, a vast beautiful world divided into six kingdoms. The Fantasians in the various kingdoms perform their respective duties and tasks entrusted to them…

The Fantasians who live on the Plane of Water, purify potable and drinking water, ocean water, and guards the Tears of Water Deus – It is a well believed to contain the Tears of the Water Deus, Deus Mar Fluindo, that can nullify even the curse of the Dea and Deus the God and Goddess of this land…

While on the Plane of Fire. Prisao dor sem fim or the prison of the wicked is guarded by cinder waste people, part of the Plane of Fire, to prevent the prisoners from escaping. While the queen of Reino do Fogo was preparing to give birth to their third child, the Royalties' head healer confidently announced that she would give birth to a handsome and powerful prince.

Meanwhile, on the Plane of Air. Santos Esmeralda is currently negotiating through the use of her Bosom Fera


, Nemean

a cat riding a book of prophecy

with the king and queen of the Estados de Brisa Onidos to ask them for permission to use the Sacred Cloud Tree – A tree made of cloud and serves as the mother of all communication incantation all throughout Mundo da Fantasia. Santos Esmeralda was planning to use it to publicize a Prophecy that the Deus and Dea of Mundo da Fantasia revealed to her through her dream.

As for the Plane of Earth. The Fantasians that live here are enjoying their work, such as farming and gardening. Soberania das Terras manages the supply of food, raw materials, and land resources for the entire Mundo da Fantasia – but their king is currently scared, because of what his chief adviser told him, who is currently in the Estados de brisa Unidos delivering a supply of food and raw materials for the kingdom.

While Casa de Luz is also worried because they were warned by their minister who happened to visit the Estados de Brisa Onidos today. They were told that a new prophecy would be revealed by Santos Esmeralda and she's now asking for permission to use the Sacred Cloud Tree to reveal the prophecy to the entire Mundo da Fantasia.

While on the side of Pais das Trevas or the Dark Continent. The king and queen were trembling in fear because of the report given to them by their scout in the Estados de Brisa Onidos. The king is trembling while walking around the throne – he's extremely terrified of what Santos Esmeralda might reveal while his queen tried to calm him down….

"Eu sou Santos Esemarlda, cheia de comunicaço ouça minha dobradinha e ela seguirá," Santos Esmeralda chanted with the use of Namean in front of the Sacred Cloud Tree.

[Translation: I am Santos Esemarlda. Mother Tree of communication, listen to what I want and follow it.]

After she chanted, the crystal clear sky suddenly darkened all over Mundo da Fantasia, with deafening thunder and dazzling lightning, along with heavy rain. Santos Esmeralda's voice resounded throughout Mundo da Fantasia using Nemean….

"I am your Santos Esmeralda, my fellow Fantasian. I'm speaking today using the Sacred Cloud Tree to reveal the prophecy." Santos Esmeralda's voice echoed all over the water, land, sky, bottom, and hidden places of Mundo da Fantasia. In a few moments, she announced the prophecy that everyone was waiting for.














The prophecy sent chills and fear to all Fantasians throughout Mundo da Fantasia… And—

"Manuel Kagura Anastaciao! Wake up! You will be late to school! You still have a performance today, don't you?" Mom shouted like an alarm clock waking me up from my deep slumber.

Jezz, what the heck! What was that dream? Where is the princess? I wasn't able to kiss the princess! Mama is always a killjoy! I looked at the clock beside my bed, my brows furrowed as I saw the time, it's only 4:39 in the morning. Isn't it a bit too early?

The one who woke me up earlier was my lovable mama, Yolanda Marquez Anastacio. A certified public accountant at SM Pampanga. She is also a single mom and she raised me alone as my papa died early. She is very hysterical as you can see because my last rehearsal will be by 6:30 am.

As you heard, I still have a performance today, as I'm one of the best singers in our campus and I need a long—time rest but because of that ear—breaking scream, I immediately went to the bathroom to do my morning routine…

Hello, by the way, I'm Manuel Kagura Anastacio, Kagu or Manuel for short, 19 years old, 2nd year college nursing student. You're probably wondering why my second name sounds like a girl? Well, that was the work of my lovable mom, because according to her, the word Kagura is a Japanese word which means entertaining the Gods.

Doesn't my name sound very holy? But even if it sounds feminine, I really love it – I like my second name because it makes me feel like I have Japanese blood, and I like to watch and read isekai anime or manga about protagonists who are reincarnated in another world and become super strong.

Just like that dream… Mundo da Fantasia. It'll be nice if I get reincarnated to that beautiful world and be an overpowered character! Just like the newest anime I'm into. I'm actually looking forward to the next episode of that time I reincarnated as slime. Hays, Rimuru—sensei!

Buttoning my shirt, I can't help but notice how average my look is. I'm just a fat guy, cursed with a swarm of pimples on my face, cleavage, and back.

My eyes are blurry too, so I always wear thick framed eyeglasses to fix my vision. My height is 5'6", so they call me a troll. They also call me ugly, fat nerd and other nasty nicknames. I was also told my actions are too feminine, so I'm always being bullied at school. But I can say that God is still fair because even if I'm not blessed with good looks, I'm still blessed in terms of talent. I'm a singer at my school and I'm a top achiever too.

But still, you know sometimes, I can't help but wonder… Am I just adopted? Mama is an undeniable beauty, Papa is as handsome as a prince too, so why am I like this? I always ask myself why? Whenever I asked mama if I was adopted, she always answered no.

She answered something that went like this, "Son, you are not adopted. Look oh, there you see the baby that I breastfed? That's you, the baby who is sucking my nipples," Mama always said to me every time I asked if I'm adopted, she showed me a picture, pointing at a child sucking her nipple.

Most of time, due to harsh judgments and painful words thrown at me because of how I look or how I am, I dreamed to be reincarnated in another place where everything is equal and discrimination doesn't exist.

Like in the Japanese isekai anime that I watched and read – but I don't want to leave Mama since she is always hysterical and a worrywart in all aspects…

I went downstairs to sit in the chair of our round dining table. My mom won't allow me to go to school without eating my breakfast. So, I ate my breakfast…fast…

"Ma, why did you wake me up so early? The princess was finally going to kiss me but you woke me up. You're such a killjoy, Mom," I joked, laughing. But Mama's brows just met as she frowned when she looked at me, and by that, I knew that she took my joke seriously. "Ouch! Ouch! Let go of my ears mom!" I shouted when she pinched my ear and pulled it lightly.

"Hmp! I should be the one complaining, I'm the one stressed instead of you. You know, Manuel? You should thank me for waking you up early because if I hadn't woken you up. You might not have been able to perform at your school. Moreover, you will be mad at me and say, 'Mom, why didn't you wake me up early?' Gosh Manuel!" she angrily lectured while imitating my lines and actions when I was late for my performance. I couldn't help but let out a loud laugh.

"Am I still to blame? Aren't you tired because you slept late, as you watch cartoons too much? Be mature Manuel, you're not a kid anymore." Mama hissed but I just laughed again.

"Ma, it's anime, not a cartoon—" I held my stomach stuttering with my words while laughing "You really make my day full of laughter."

But seriously, this is the difference between anime and cartoons. Listen, the difference between cartoons and anime is when Japanese animation, or anime, was first introduced in 1960. However, there is debate as to whether or not anime should be considered a cartoon. Most westerners consider anime to be another form of cartoon.

Nevertheless, Japan does not want anime to be considered as a form of cartoon. Japan is covered with anime images, and they use anime in everyday life. It is part of their culture. Anime is used in Japanese education, marketing strategies, magazines, movies, and books.

Anime are Japanese animated productions, and come in all formats, such as television series. Such as Dragon Ball and Inuyasha, animated short films, and full—length feature films.

A cartoon is a form of two—dimensional illustrated visual art. While the specific definition has changed over time, modern usage refers to a typically non—realistic or semi—realistic drawing or painting intended for satire, caricature, or humor.

"By the way ma, the anniversary of Papa's death is tomorrow am I right?" I asked. But regretted instantly because of the sudden change of atmosphere between the two of us.

Mama's eyes were filled with sorrow as her eyes started to water. Why am I always in bad times in terms of sensitive issues?

"U—Uhm yeah, I almost forgot it," mommy stammered. I knew she was holding back her tears because until now she couldn't forget papa's death on their wedding day…

I let out an exasperated sigh. "The pain and scars are still present, every time it comes to mind… that we lost your dad on the day of our wedding."

I'm sorry Mama, I can never understand your pain but seeing you this sad is enough to feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest.

"It's just a great challenge for me. We thought he had backed out of the wedding because four hours passed but he still hasn't arrived. Your grandparents started cursing him inside the church as they thought he had backed out of our wedding – and it took us by surprise when his driver suddenly announced that he had been hit by a truck," Mama continued explaining anxiously, while reminiscing about the past. "I would've preferred he backed out of the wedding then…"

A moment of suffocating silence enveloped us; I saw her tears dripping. And that's when I knew my cue to show Mama, she still has me. I stood up, hugged and caressed her back.

"Wait son! I have an idea. I will talk to your professor tomorrow and I will ask him to excuse you and leave the class early tomorrow," mama exclaimed.

"Why Ma?" I asked.

"Uhm, you know. We're going to your dad's grave. After we go to your dad's grave and pray for his soul, let's go to your dad and I's favorite place, because in your nineteen years of existence in this world, I haven't shown you that favorite place of ours yet," mama said while wearing a deceptive smile.

"Oh, sure Ma! I'm super excited about tomorrow!" I said excitedly and gave her the sweetest smile.

"Mom, I'm leaving. I might be late to school. You know, I still have a performance at the Flag Ceremony. It would be a waste if I didn't attend, because it has plus one direct to the card. So, I'll go ahead mom, muah. " I said, then I kissed her cheek and ran out….

I arrived inside the campus in just a few hours and I wasn't late which is great, because I still have time for the last rehearsal for what I would be singing later.

I went to the back of the stage where the music room can be found and enter into the music room, there I saw that I'm just the only one missing from the band. Well, I won't introduce them because I don't know them either. It was just my first time seeing them, as they were just commanded by the teacher to work with me, so I'm a bit shy.

Many people say that my voice sounds like Antony Rosales' voice – a contestant of the Clash that has been held in Channel Seven, but for me, my voice is unique, since I inherited my very beautiful voice from my dad.

"One, two, one two." As the leader of the band counted that as an indication to the instruments player to start playing their instrument. The drummer started to hit the drum in a few moments for me to sing.

"Kagu my friend!" a familiar voice tried to get my attention, so I turned my back. Then I saw my two friends at school and my childhood friends. The twins of the Wong family, Zhey Wong and Mae Wong. They shouted my nickname at the same time.

"Oh Zhey, Mae, why are you guys here?" I asked.

"Nothing, we just wanted to say good luck to you and also to hear your beautiful voice while you're rehearsing," Mae replied. That gave me fear.

"Oh bro, start rehearsing while you still have 30 minutes haha," Zhey reminded me, so I did.

The song that I will perform is entitled Reflection from the Disney film Mulan. This is what the teachers want me to sing, because they wanted the song Reflection to be sung by a man.

By the way, Zhey and Mae are Mama's boss' son and daughter. They are twins. Our friendship was formed back when Mama always took me to work with her, as no one else was there to watch over me when Lola Feli died – our neighbor whom Mama left with me every time she left for work.

Her boss agreed and told Mama to leave me in his office during mama's work hours, so that she wouldn't be disturbed and his children could also play with me because Mr. Wong didn't want to lose sight of Zhey and Mae. The rest of our friendship was history…

Zhey Wong is considered the older of the two. He is dark—skinned, tall, and rich. Of course, he is considered as the campus heartthrob. He is also a varsity player in basketball, volleyball, and tennis, but he is stupid. So there, he is great proof that NOBODY IS PERFECT, but don't be too harsh. Zhey is very kind and helpful despite his prestige and fame.

While Mae Wong is considered the youngest because she was the last to appear between the two of them, she is a woman everyone fantasizes of. She has a slender body, big ass and boobs, and most of all, smart… but stupid in love haha, she has over 20 exes and all of them cheated on her.

And here I am, been in love with her for long time but still unnoticed. I started practicing and singing my heart out, trying to forget all these mixed—up feelings. Only when the emcee called us did I realize that thirty minutes have passed. We hastily positioned ourself in the stage.

"To inspire us, Manuel Kagura Anastacio of 2B Nursing and the new school band are here to present a very beautiful song entitled 'Reflection' from the Disney film 'Mulan'. Give them a round of applause," the emcee enthusiastically introduced us to the crowd.

The band has already started, so I have prepared myself…

After a few hours…

When I finished singing Reflection from the Disney film "Mulan" people applauded me.

After I perform, other performers perform as well, those who dance, recite poetry or speak poetry…

After a few hours…

When I came out of campus, many people greeted me and complimented me – but there are people who bullied me and always say that even if my voice is beautiful, my face still sucks. Hays, why are there so many people wanting to bring down their fellows?

"Hey Kagu, hop in, we'll accompany you to your house," Zhey said and offered me to ride in their service van.

"I don't want to hop in, I'm just going to walk home. You know our house is near, also I could use some little exercise. Look, I'm getting fat," I said while laughing and pointing at my stomach fats before I started to walk.


"It's okay, bro," Mae interrupted Zen. Then Mae looked at me, "You can refuse just for today, but not next time, because if you still refuse, our friendship will be over," Mae said seriously, so I felt frightened suddenly…

"Y—Yes boss," I said and saluted like a soldier giving respect to their commander, then I continued walking….

When I arrived home, Mama was preparing dinner just in time, so I ran towards her to kiss her cheeks and help her with the chores.

"Good afternoon, ma. You can just sit there and I'll be the one to manage these things," I said and after I managed all the things here in the kitchen we just ate quietly.

Mama is really like this when the anniversary of papa's death is approaching. She is very quiet. After we ate, I washed the dishes. Mama went to the living room to do her paperwork. After I cleaned up, I kissed mama on the cheek and said goodbye, going to the bedroom to rest….

I went straight to the bathroom to do my night routines, then went to bed to pray to God, ask forgiveness for sins that I committed today and give thanks for the graces that we received today, and lastly, pray for the forgiveness of the sinful souls in Purgatory. I went to bed and the darkness gradually engulfed my vision because I was so tired……


"Kill all Fantasians who believe in Deus and Dea! There will be no survivors, even the infants, children, and the elderly are no exceptions "…


"King Equinox, we have freed all the prisoners in Prisao dor sem fim."