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Loveless Marriage-D.Ya

Loveless Marriage-D.Ya



General Romance

Isabella had been unable to warm Christian's heart for the past three years. After seeing him cheated on her, she resolutely chose to let it go.She handed him a divorce agreement. "Since you don't love me, then let's get a divorce."Unexpectedly, she found that she was pregnant right after divorce.When the ex-husband saw her vomit, he directly blocked her in the bathroom."Whose baby is it?""It's less than a month. Don't worry, it's definitely not yours, Mr. Miller." Isabella smiled faintly.

It was midnight. As if in a dream, Isabella felt a man's weight pressing on her body, and she couldn’t help but shiver from the burning heat of his body.

Next second, he thrust his hips and penetrated her...

Mmh…” The pain made Isabella open her eyes.

She then realized that she was not dreaming.

It turned out that the man who only came home once a week was now lying on top of her. The warm light at the head of the bed cast a glow on his body, illuminating his defined chest and slender arms. It made him look beautiful.

Isabella was stunned.

Wasn't today Saturday? Why did he come back?

You're awake?” The man asked. His voice was deep but cold.Even he saw that Isabella was looking at him dazedly, he still didn't stop his movements. Instead, he thrust into her even harder, then he leaned down and kissed her.

To him, sex was merely for fun not for love.

The next day, Isabella was woken up by the sounds of cars outside.

She sat up in bed with the sheets pulled up to her chest. After ten seconds of confusion, she heard sounds coming from the kitchen. She ran out of the room only to see a slim man cooking in the kitchen.

The man was dressed comfortably. His thin waist and long legs made him appear lanky, but juding from last night, he didin’t seem weak at all...

Isabella blushed at the memory of the sex they had, and she felt a little embarrassed.

What on earth was she thinking about in the morning!

Christian went out from the kitchen with the breakfast that he made. When he saw that Isabella was still dressed in her nightgown, he frowned and said, “Get changed.”

“Oh, okay.” She looked down at herself. She was wearing a silk nightdress that exposed her arms and thighs. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so her nipples were clearly visible. She couldn’t help but blush and run back into the bedroom.

By the time she finished washing up, Christian had already started eating without her. Isabella took a seat opposite.

The sandwich and fried egg that Christian made looked and smelled delicious. Isabella ate them in small bites. Neither of them talked; only the sounds of cutlery could be heard.

Isabella was already used to this kind of lifestyle.

After breakfast, Isabella took the dishes to the kitchen. When she walked out, she accidentally stubbed her toe on the door frame. The pain made her gasp.

Seeing that, Christian got a bandage from the cupboard and handed it to her.

“Thank you.” Isabella had always known that he was cold, but she couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Usually, a husband would show concern when his wife got hurt. However, she and Christian were an exception. They were just like two strangers living together.

Without any response, Christian simply turned around and put his jacket on.

It had to say that some men were naturally made for suits, especially those who had a slender figure like Christian. He looked dashing.

"Remember to wash the dishes after you finish. Don't leave them in the sink." When he spoke, he put on his leather shoes.

After Isabella could respond, she only heard the door closing.

Isabella remained hunched over on the floor. If Christian’s behavior earlier made her feel disappointed, then his actions just now chilled her to the bone.

She was aware that Christian married her only because his father had forced him, but not because he truly loved her.

Christian had even made her sign a contract about their lives before and after getting married.

The contract included stipulations such as splitting household expenses evenly, no children in four years, and getting divorced after four years…

Isabella had signed the contract. She had naively believed she could warm his cold heart.