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Black Rose

Black Rose




Ryder Xiao, also known as Black Rose, is a branded killer by the government. Kyle Wang is a dedicated police officer. An 11-year-old boy has witnessed the most frightening scene ever right before his eyes. He was locked inside the house with his parent's dead bodies before the murderers planned to burn them to ashes. As young as he is and as weak as he is, the boy didn't get justice for his late parents. The authorities were bribed by the murderer. Putting two stems of black roses over his parent's tomb, the boy pledged to the tomb of his parents, “I Will make them pay; a hundred folds!” Unfolding the conspiracy of the deaths of their loved ones, Black Rose and Kyle Wang discovered something more horrible. Their parents were both victims of Roue Chen's greed. Roue Chen is a mad Pharmaceutical scientist developing a harmful virus in an underground secret laboratory. His goal is to spread a deadly virus globally and develop antidotes for them to monopolize the drug market.

At exactly 8 pm at the penthouse of Xanthe Hotel situated in the middle of the bustling city of Beijing, a man celebrating his 50th birthday was standing on the podium with spotlights focussing on him with four bodyguards two meters back. Oblivious to what is going to happen, he spoke to the guests. "Tonight, let's not think or worry about tomorrow. Just enjoy the night and thank you, everyone, for coming at this very important moment in my—"

"Thud!!!” A loud thud echoed through the whole room. The old man couldn't finish his words as a bullet suddenly buried his forehead. A moment of silence and everyone started to panic and scream. The three bodyguards immediately checked the surroundings whilst the other one checked the old man's pulse. “He's Dead,” the bodyguard declared.

Meanwhile, on the 31st floor of the Wangs-Royal Hotel and Restaurant. A man in his late 20's wearing all black from head to toe, a face mask with rose petals engraved on it. He is fixing the sniper rifle with a silencer and putting them together in a hidden compartment of the black guitar-like case.

With a smirk on his pretty face, he dangled a few strands of hair and quickly changed his clothes into ordinary black jeans and a plain white t-shirt. With his new look like a pop star with a slender body, who can tell that he killed a man just now?

He then picked up the guitar case containing a sniper rifle together with his black suit and mask. He fished out his phone and then dialed a certain phone number. The other end of the line picked up his phone in just one buzz.

"Hey, Black Rose, how's your job?" Asked the man on the other end.

"Piece of cake," Black Rose replied, shrugging his shoulders.

“Now work with the hotel CCTV, you know what to do, right.” He said with a smirk plastered on his bow-shaped red lips.

The man on the other line grins and says, “ok give me a second.” He gently pushed his eyeglass up, then his fingers began dancing over the computer screen in front of him.

Black Rose puts on a small device in his ear and then strides towards the elevator. He speaks, “hey Neutron I'm going down now,” he said while the elevator was closing.

“Hey, man, I told you many times to stop calling me Neutron,” Luke on the other line grumbles while working and hacking the hotel CCTV cameras and deleting Black Rose footage and records at the hotel.

The elevator stopped at the ground floor of the hotel and Black Rose with his normal attire walked out as if nothing had happened.

He was busy admiring the hotel lobby interior designs and was walking without looking at the front when he suddenly crashed into something or more like someone.

“Ahh... ahh...Ouch!” He was taken back and internally cursed at himself for not paying attention. Meanwhile, the other man he collided with was staring at him with astonishment. Black Rose immediately bowed and apologized.

“I'm sorry, sir, I was just admiring the elegance of the hotel and didn't mean to bump with you. I wasn't looking, I'm sorry again.” He said then bowed.

“Oh, It's fine, it didn't hurt me at all, so it's okay,” the man replied with a slight smile on his lips.

Black Rose bowed again then excused himself then quickly sprinted out of the building, leaving Kyle who was still in a trance.

“How can a man be so handsome and yet so beautiful at the same time? wow!” He thought after snapping out of his trance. Pulling himself together, his eyes wander looking for the said man. He ran outside hoping to find him and introduce himself to the beautiful man, but unfortunately, the beautiful man disappeared just like that. So Kyle came back inside the hotel then entered the private lift and pressed the button to the highest level where he lives.

While in the car, “Hey, Ryder, Who is that guy, huh?” Asked Dylan.

“I Don't know, I didn't bother asking his name,” replied Ryder while shrugging his shoulders as if he didn't care.

“So how's the Job?” asked Dylan while starting the car engine. “Well done, I think the police are coming in any minute, let's go, hurry up!” Ryder taps Dylan's thigh and Dylan just grins then accelerates the car.

Dylan drives off to their headquarters where they meet with the team.

Luke is an expert in terms of computer jobs like hacking and so on. Ryder called him Neutron as he is not only an expert in hacking but also has a very high IQ. Luke is a small man with 167cm in height, a cute face, and looks like a junior high schooler but has the brain capacity of 3-4 people combined.

Dylan on the other hand serves as Ryder's buddy and driver when they're on the job and is also an expert in martial arts and close combat fighting. Like Ryder, Dylan is handsome and also beautiful. The team called him "White Fox" as he can move swiftly like a fox. Beautiful yet dangerous.

At the Headquarters

“Let's celebrate guys, today's job is well done," Ryder said while flopping his bottom on the couch.

“We always do our job well, you know?” spat Dylan

“Marius is on his way, I told him to order some food and beer,” said Luke while dabbing his fingers on the computer keyboards.

A few minutes later and Marius arrived, he pressed the high-tech gate of the house with his right index finger. The gate has a fingerprint scanner and only registered fingerprints could be able to open the gate, same as the doors in the not-so-big house that also serves as their headquarters.

Marius enters the house, but the house is empty, then he sighed. He stood in front of the bookshelves and then pulled the thick book before pressing the keypad on the bookshelves. There was a hidden keypad behind the thick books. After he pressed some number combinations, the bookshelf slowly turned. There is an elevator going down, Marius then enters the elevator then presses the keypad inside then the bookshelf slowly turns to its original place.

Arriving at the headquarters basement, Marius rolled his eyes and stomped his feet. There he saw his friends watching the news.

"Oh, come on guys, why are you here and not upstairs? You know I don't like coming here, ahh! This house is so annoying, why do you have to install so many tricky security systems?’’ Marius complained but was ignored by others

“Marius, come here let's watch the news” Dylan motioned his hands asking Marius to sit down.

“I already know what that is about, duh!” Marius rolled his eyes.

“Here are the foods and beer, let's dig in first," he said.

“Ah, You're the best Marius,” said Luke then got up from the computer seat.

"Wooaahh!!! look at the guy on the TV, isn't he the guy you just bumped into earlier at the hotel? " said Dylan

“Oh, ho. . . ho. . . so he is a police officer, huh?" Ryder smirk

"Hey man, be careful, don't get stumbled into him next time," Said Luke.

"Better to avoid him next time you see him… " said Marius, agreeing with what Luke said.

"Hey! Hey, easy, guys, easy." I'm not that careless, you know?" Ryder said confidently.


"It's a long day for Kyle and he wanted to take a nap before dinner after arriving at his place. But before his bottom could even touch the bed, his phone buzzed. It's a call from the chief.

“Officer Kyle Wang, we have a new case, go to the hotel Xanthe penthouse, let's meet there with the team.” Chief Wells on the line

“Roger, sir,” Kyle responded, then picked up his key and then shoved it into his trousers pocket.

At the Xanthe hotel penthouse, the lifeless old man was still laying on the floor with a bullet stuck on his forehead. The visitors have already gone, only the family and the bodyguards with the hotel staff are there when the Police and the media arrive. The Police immediately checked the place then they saw the glass window with a crack on it where the bullet made its way to the old man's forehead.

“Chief, I think I know where the shooter had positioned, at the W-Royal Hotel," said Kyle, after examining the hole in the window.

“There was only one taller building, across from the Xanthe hotel, the Wangs Royal Hotel. there are five lower establishments between the Xanthe hotel and the Wangs-Hotel so impossible that the shooter came from there, the only choice is the Wangs-Royal hotel,” explained Kyle.

The Chief examines the old man's body to look for some evidence, while officer Kyle immediately calls the Wangs-Royal hotel and requests the CCTV footage and guest's information, and so on.

“Officer Kyle, come here,” called Chief Wells.

"Yes, Chief?" Replied officer Kyle

"Look at this, aren't they rose petals?" Chief Wells while holding the petals he found from the old man's suit. Kyle and Chief Wells exchange glances and nods.

Chief Wells called officer Kole to gather the evidence and so on. Then they requested the media to retreat as the body will be brought to the laboratory for an autopsy.

The police put some yellow caution tape around the crime scene then left and headed to the W-Royal Hotel for further investigation.

"Gather the managers and the security staff of the conference room, right now!" Kyle ordered the staff. After a few minutes,“ How is this possible? Why is the footage empty!?" Chief Wells shouted

“We're very sorry Chief, maybe the security cameras had been hacked,” one of the staff said.

"Give me the list of the guests right now!” Kyle said

"Sir, here is the list," the staff swivel the laptop in front of Kyle showing him the guest list. Kyle then looks at the computer containing the list of the guests that are facing the Xanthe hotel from the 30th floor and up…

Kyle's brows farrowed,

"Black Rose" damn it! this man struck again, huh? "I think this case is close," said Chief Wells. "We have to find out why Black Rose killed that old man.

Kyle sighed, then ordered the hotel staff to go back to their respective work. He knows how Black Rose handles the job. It's not the hotel staff's fault why there's no CCTV footage. Black Rose leaves only his name after he does his job and disappears without any trace.

They have been following Black Rose cases for quite a while now, it's just that they can't figure out who this Black Rose is and why he's doing all of this. Although they know that Black Rose only killed those who are corrupt Politicians, greedy rich people, and those people who abuse innocents and commit heinous crimes.

However, Kyle believes that you should not put the law in your hands and seek the right justice. But Black Rose didn't think like that, he lost his trust in the justice and law system of this country.

The Police returned to their office quarters then after an hour they received an email from the unknown sender containing the information of the old man.

Philip Wen, 50 Years old

Running for the next prime minister was involved in human and drug trafficking. Molested and raped the four minor age girls 15 and 16-year-old high school students and two 17 years old senior high school students. Threatening the family of the victims, killed two of his house workers, and did numerous evil deeds.

Along with the email is all the evidence that the said man had done that the law keeps on turning a blind eye.

Chief Wells and officer Kyle just heave a sigh...

"Why is this man always ahead of us?" Wells mumbles.

Kyle didn't answer, he also didn't know what to say, whether to thank Black Rose for doing their job or chasing him as he was putting the law into his own hands.

The evidence is also sent to the media, Black Rose believes the people should know what kind of people is the old man that running for the next prime minister of the country before wasting their tears for such a hideous man that they think is a very good man and because the old man had his reputation for being good Samaritan behinds his heinous and evil deeds.