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Love After Marriage, Bossy Him And Elegant Her

Love After Marriage, Bossy Him And Elegant Her



Because of her ex-boyfriend's legs, Yuan Ziqin firmly believed that "Life is in the world, enjoying life in time, and being worthy of herself is the life belief." Because of a blind date with Wei Chi, in order to deceive the families of both sides, they signed a contract and became a "unreal couple". Unexpectedly, the fake couple gradually became real step by step...

In the past two days, Yuan Ziqin's mobile phone had almost exploded.

It was no wonder. No matter who heard that the person who claimed to be "unmarried" every day suddenly had a flash marriage, it had to be this rhythm.

Yuan Ziqin was twenty-eight years old this year. Although she could not be regarded as young, she could also be considered to have officially entered the ranks of the " survivors". Although her face could barely be called delicate and pretty, she was definitely not a good-looking woman. The title of a female doctor made most men retreat.

What kind of fierce man could conquer this Mount Zhumu in such a short time? It really made everyone itch.

In the research room, someone calmly turned off the phone that had been ringing dozens of times. His eyes swept over the people who tried to keep calm but failed to hide the gossip. Finally, he said faintly, "Don't you feel uncomfortable?"

"Professor, who are you exactly? Why don't you pull it out?"

"Teacher, curiosity kills the cat. What's more, we are more lovely than cats, aren't we? You can't bear to see the flowers of our motherland wither just like that, right?"

"It's okay if we don't see the real person, but we don't mind showing you a picture!"

"Yes, yes!"

The atmosphere suddenly became very enthusiastic. Where there were people, there was no lack of gossip.

Putting down the pen in her hand with a faint smile, Yuan Ziqin smiled and said, "It seems that you are very free. Remember to translate the documents before this afternoon!"


There was already a scene of " sorrow everywhere" below, and Yuan Ziqin's heart finally relaxed. "In the beginning" was supposed to be "in pain".

She picked up her bag and walked out with a much lighter pace. However, when she saw the old man who had obviously been waiting for a long time at the end of the corridor, her heart sank even more. However, when the man saw her, he obviously breathed a sigh of relief. "Madam!"

"Uncle Li, go out and talk. Also, don't call me Madam in the future."


The old man nodded respectfully and made a gesture of invitation. He was obviously living in a feudal society. Why was it that the remnants of this feudal society could not be cleaned up?

Thinking of the man who was now her legal husband, Yuan Ziqin's face became even darker. The capital who lived in the financial industry was indeed an capital!

"Is our grandmaster married into a rich and powerful family?"

"Why are you still being kept in the dark?"

"Professor Su!"

"Good boy, you bastards, if you want to know what will happen in the future, I, Su Qian, will definitely tell you everything I know and tell you everything I know!"


"You're late."

"It's half past ten. It's only ten twenty now."

"Yuan Ziqin, I have an obligation to remind you that a couple who have been at odds with each other since they just got the marriage certificate will attract too much attention from their parents at the beginning. If you don't want to be watched by your father-in-law and mother-in-law 24 hours a day, you should pretend now!" Wei Chi grabbed Yuan Ziqin's arm. Looking at someone who was reluctant but had to obey obediently, he was finally satisfied. This woman was finally right.


When he was facing his parents, Wei Chi was the model of a filial son-in-law. Looking at his parents' faces, he almost burst into laughter.

"That's right. He's handsome and rich. No matter how I look at it, it's more than enough to get rid of a nun like me."

"Xiao Qin is really a good girl. Our Wei Chi has found so many people. Ouch!"

Wei's mother, Zhao Xiang, suddenly shouted. Yuan Ziqin also laughed secretly. As the future mother-in-law, she was really simple and lovely. It was the first time for her to see an old lady who could tear down her son's stage. "Mom, come and eat this sea cucumber. A Chi said that you like seafood the most."

"Your mother, you're so lucky. Where can you find such a good daughter?"

"We're all family. Xiaochi, come and eat this."

"Well, since I've got my certificate, I think it's better to prepare some wine as soon as possible."

Wei Hai, the head of the Wei family, coughed. As soon as he said this, Yuan Ziqin secretly complained in her heart. Sure enough, the two mothers who had been talking to each other just now had stopped. "Of course, both of us have a child. I have watched the hotel for a long time."


"Shut up. You don't have the right to speak!"

Zhao Lingling glared at her daughter. It was not easy for her to find such a good son-in-law. How could she not tell the world in public? Those relatives had been gossiping behind her back. This time, they had to hold their heads high. "In-laws, in my opinion..."

"Zi Qin and I are going to travel and get married. Her choice in the second half of the year is in Europe. I plan to take her to Europe. While we are on our honeymoon, we can familiarize ourselves with the terrain. The company's business in Europe is also going on. If we go there now, we can also check it out."

"Ridiculous! Son, marriage is not a job! Do you have it or not?"

"Zi Qin, what do you think?"

Mr. Wei interrupted his wife's words and stared straight at his daughter-in-law. Yuan Ziqin couldn't wait to strangle the man beside her to death. For no reason, she kicked the ball to her again! "Dad, I will listen to A Chi."

"Since the children think so, let's listen to them."

Chang Yuanzhen, a member of the Yuan family, finally spoke. Zhao Xiangling instantly got angry. "My father!"