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My Smart Watch in the Fairyland

My Smart Watch in the Fairyland


Xian xia

Ning Tianhe made an accidental sacrifice in a mission, but he accidentally got the smart watch of the immortal world and opened the network of the immortal world. He didn't know about cultivation? A fairy song! No magic treasure? In the immortal treasure shop, the beauty of things was rare!

"No matter what kind of dog I become, I believe that I will have a bright future!"

This was the last sentence that came to Ning Tianhe's mind before he lost consciousness.

Did he die just like that?

It took me a lot of effort to become a big school...

After an unknown period of silence, Ning Tianhe's eyes suddenly opened!

Ning Tianhe touched his forehead subconsciously. There was no wound or pain!

"Didn't I get shot? The bullet went through my palm and hit my head. Is all this just a dream? But that feeling... is too real!"

"Dad, I'm not dead!" Ning Tianhe suddenly sat up and shouted.

However, before he had time to be surprised, the scene in front of him immediately made him so excited that his eyes widened!

The familiar scene around him made him a little confused. This... this was a small room he rented during the summer vacation nine years ago. It didn't look the same as it did nine years ago!

"It's impossible... It has been torn down a long time ago, hasn't it?" Ning Tianhe said as he looked back at the electronic calendar on the wall. The bright red number on it surprised him even more!

" September 17th of 2008,!"

This was the day when he went to Donghai University to sign up!

"It's apparently the year went wrong this year. Am I dreaming?" Ning Tianhe said as he pinched his face hard, which made him grimace in pain.

She looked down at her clothes. They were also clothes from nine years ago!


"No, it's impossible? Is it time-travel?" As Ning Tianhe said this, his eyes fell on her wrist. The bright " exclusive beauty" made him even more surprised.

This watch was bought at a stall near Mopu Bar at a price of 20 yuan when he was carrying out the last task before his death. At that time, he thought it was pretty cheap!

Then, he went to the bar to arrest a poisonous man. Unexpectedly, the man was not only good at martial arts, but also had a pistol.

However, if that was the case, with his identity as an elite of the special forces, he wouldn't have sacrificed so much!

At that time, he was about to subdue the poisonous man, but no matter what, he couldn't imagine that woman would appear.

That was the woman he once loved deeply, and also the woman who forced him to drop out of school in his second year. Her name was Ji Yuqing. Because of her appearance, he couldn't help being distracted and finally died of a bullet shot. But in order to protect Ji Yuqing, he used all his strength to break the neck of the poisonous man!

"The host has finished the test. I'm glad to serve you!"

At this moment, he suddenly heard a voice, which immediately pulled him back to reality.

"Who? Who's talking?" Ning Tianhe looked around, but he didn't find anyone. So his eyes fell on the "S lava" watch of the stockade in his hand again.

"No, if I had time-travel, this watch wouldn't have existed!" At this time, Ning Tianhe's thought suddenly wavered. He had never heard that time-travel could bring back things in the future!

Ning Tianhe took out a towel, which he thought was clean, and gently wiped it on his watch. At this time, the watch face of the "Binga" suddenly became a little loose, which made Ning Tianhe couldn't help but curse, "It's really cheap, but it's not good. Its quality is so bad."

He reached out and pushed the watch screen a few times, only to find that there was a gap on it. He dug out the screen with his nails and lifted it up.

"Holy sh*t! This is too..."

Before he could finish his words, Ning Tianhe suddenly opened his mouth wide. There was a display on the back of the head, and there was a line of small words on the display: the smart watch of the fairy world!

"To confirm the identity of the host, the title has been unlocked."

It was still a soft voice. The screen suddenly lit up and zoomed into the air in front of Ning Tianhe.

"Who, who is talking!" Ning Tianhe was shocked. He looked around again, but found no one. Finally, his eyes fell on the screen in the air.

The background of the screen was a vast galaxy, and it was constantly moving. It looked very spectacular, which made Ning Tianhe feel like he was watching a science fiction film.

There were a few simple icon on the table that were no different from ordinary mobile phones.

The main thing was: setup, phone number, text message, contact information, music, video, camera, album, browser, application store, incantation perfection, hidden function, and so on.

"What's the match and hidden function of the incantation?" Ning Tianhe looked at the screen blankly and subconsciously clicked on the hidden function.

At this time, a bullet window popped up, and the big red words kept flashing: "I don't have enough authority. Please improve your cultivation and try again."

"To improve my cultivation? Are you kidding me? It's the 21st century now. I've read too many novels about cultivation, right?" Ning Tianhe stared at the screen and asked in confusion.

However, Ning Tianhe didn't give up. After closing the window, he opened it several times again, but it had the same effect. So he gave up the hidden function and clicked on the formula's perfection.

At this time, there was no window. Instead, a bookshelf popped up, and there were three dots on the right top of the bookshelf.

Ning Tianhe took a look and found that there seemed to be no other place to click, so he clicked on three points.

After three presss, two choices of "help" and " entered incantation" appeared.

Ning Tianhe clicked on the "help" without thinking.

Incantation of Law whether it's a formula or not: You can enter the incantation or a skill you want. The spell will be calculated at an extremely fast speed, and the error of the incantation will be corrected and fixed.

"Where am I going to find the incantation for you? This magician is a lunatic! He has wishful thinking!" Ning Tianhe couldn't help cursing.

"Forget it. Let's watch the news!" Ning Tianhe clicked on the browser. Usually, he was very concerned about the development of the country.

After opening the browser, Ning Tianhe was stunned again.

The news of a "immortal song" and the press below made him feel as if there were ten thousand mud horses galloping in his heart.

"Amazing! The true disciple of the Xuanji Pavilion, Ye Zimo, stepped into the Heaven Dan Stage at the age of seventeen, and the Human Clan will win another genius!"

"After the female cultivator passed out, she gave birth to a baby girl. She said that she was pregnant and did not have contact with a male cultivator."

"Amazing! Hundreds of thousands of male cultivators did such a thing to a female cultivator. It's terrible!"

"Yesterday, there was a fierce battle between the Qianyuan Sect and the True Sect, leading to the death of many cultivators. The cultivators were injured, and the casualties of mortals were immeasurable. The impact of the battle was extremely bad. At present, the Cultivation League has been involved, and the specific situation is still being investigated."

"Is this news from the earth?" Ning Tianhe seemed to think of something. He opened the door and rushed out of the room. Looking around, he found that it was still a familiar place. The familiar neighbors finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"I thought I had time-traveled to the Cultivation World. I don't know where these strange news came from!" As Ning Tianhe said this, he suddenly saw the landlord passing by him with his daughter.

"Ning Tao, you haven't signed up yet?" The landlord suddenly said to Ning Tianhe.

" yourself? What's your name?" Ning Tianhe asked with a puzzled look.