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Immortal Dominator

Immortal Dominator


Xuan huan

The young man, Tang Xiao, was a God's favored one. He awakened his supreme talent: the soul of the Palace of Death, but he was cruelly taken away by others. He became a disabled person, abandoned the barren mountain and snowy night, and died on his own! Before he died, he awakened the memory of his previous life and opened the Archean Divine Palace. From then on, he rose to the top of the palace, ruled all realms, and climbed to the top of the world!

Tantai Shengchao, Cloudy Dream Province, crouching in Dragon City.

It was midnight. It was late at night. It was a barren mountain outside the city.

"Hu hu—"

The cold wind howled like a ghost weeping, and the heavy snow swallowed heaven and earth. Everything was so quiet that it was suffocating.

On the snow-covered ground lay a dying teenager.

The tendons of the young man's hands and feet were cruelly broken. Blood was flowing out of his seven apertures. He looked extremely miserable. Drops of blood were like blood blossoms blooming in the snow, which was particularly dazzling.

"Hahaha, Young Master Tang Xiao, the spirit palace has been destroyed and the soul of the palace has been taken away. How does it feel to become a good-for-nothing from a genius?"

"Your Tang Family wants you to join Tantai Sacred Academy and become a disciple of an ancient power. You must be dreaming!"

"Let me tell you, your Tang Family will be trampled by our Murong Family for the rest of your life. Don't even think about turning over!"

The five masked men in black looked at the twitching young man on the ground and grinned.

The young man lay on the snowy ground with disheveled hair. His breath was weak, as if he would die at any time.


"Good job. I'll reward you with 100,000 Lower Spiritual Stones."

Accompanied by the sound of nature, a tall girl in a white dress walked out of the snow curtain like an otherworldly fairy. She condensed a light curtain of spirit power on her body, blocking the falling snow outside.

The girl was about 20 or 18 years old. Her skin was as white as snow, her nose was like a jade, and her eyes were like phoenix's. Her exquisite facial features were like the Flower of the Hidden Moon and the Fish in the Fall.

Leng Shiyin, the third young lady of the Leng family, was both beautiful and talented. She was the most beautiful woman in the city of Longcheng.

He was only 15 years old, but he was already a cultivator at the seventh level of the Spiritual Palace Realm. He was extremely talented!


Leng Shiyin threw out a spiritual ring containing the spiritual stone and embedded it in the snow.

"Thank you, Miss Leng..."

When the five men in black leaned over and were about to pick up the ring, they suddenly screamed in horror.

"Please spare us, Miss Leng. We won't tell anyone about what happened tonight..."

"Puff, puff—"

"I only believe in the words of the dead!"

A cold female voice without a trace of emotion sounded, and blood spurted out. Leng poetry had already made her move. Five heads flew out of their bodies, and five heads were severed from their bodies!

It was obvious that he was trying to silence her!

"Leng Shiyin!"

The young man lifted his head with great difficulty and looked at the beautiful girl in a white dress in front of him, who had once made him obsessed with her. His bloody eyes were filled with endless chill!

"Tang Xiao, please forgive me. If the Murong Family takes up the post of city governor seven days later, my father will have no chance to be the city governor. For the sake of my father, I can only do this..."

Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by Tang Xiao. "Shut up!"

The ice-cold snowflakes fell on Tang Xiao's pale and twisted face due to his anger, which looked particularly ferocious.

"Leng Shiyin, drug me in your wine, join hands with Murong Zheng and his son to take my soul, and transfer my soul to your adulterer, Murong Rong. In exchange, you let the Murong Family give up the idea of fighting for the position of the City Lord. Is it really for your father, not for you?"

"A adulterer?" Leng Shiyin's eyes became cold. "Since you already know the relationship between me and Murong Rong, I might as well let you die a clear death."

"Yes, it's all for me!"

"The Tantai Sacred Academy is an old sect that I dreamed of joining, but I haven't opened the soul of the palace yet. It doesn't meet the requirements of the Saint Academy."

"However, as long as my father takes the position of the City Lord of Hidden Dragon City, he can guarantee my entry into Tantai Saint Academy!"

"Also, the Murong Family is the head of the four major families in the Dragon City. Your Tang Family can't defeat them. If I fulfill the engagement and marry you, I will have no choice but to die!"

"But Murong Rong is different. Now that he has obtained your palace soul, he can replace you to enter Tantai Saint Academy."

"Seven days later, when my father becomes the next city governor, Murong Rong and I will be able to join hands and enter the Tantai Sacred Academy to train..."

"Leng Shiyin, you are so despicable!"

Tang Xiao's eyes were full of rage. He stared at Leng Shiyin and said, "Even if I turn into a ghost, I will not let go of your Leng family and Murong family!"

"I won't let you two off the hook!"

"Get lost!"

Leng Shiyin frowned and looked at Tang Xiao, who was on the verge of death. She said coldly, "For the sake of our love, I'll leave you with your whole body. You can live on your own."

"I will inform your family to collect your body. In addition, I will send someone to the Tang Mansion to cancel the engagement tomorrow."

After that, she turned around and disappeared in the snow...

"God, I can't accept it... I, Tang Xiao, can't accept it!"

The snow was getting heavier and heavier, and Tang Xiao smiled miserably. A drop of blood and tears fell down her cheeks. He was too unwilling!

Tang Xiao, the young master of the Tang Family in the Dragon City!

He was extremely talented. At the age of six, he had condensed a spirit palace and entered the first level of the spirit palace realm. He had become the youngest cultivator in Dragon City in the past few thousand years. His name was renowned throughout Dragon City!

A month ago, when he was promoted to the fifth level of the Spiritual Palace, a dead palace soul was condensed in the Spiritual Palace, which shocked the whole city!

The palace soul was the source of cultivation, and the attribute of the palace soul represented the potential of cultivators!

There were very few Spiritual Palace Realm cultivators who could condense the soul of a palace. For example, Tang Xiao not only condensed the soul of a palace, but also had the attribute of death. It was extremely rare!

The Death Palace soul was a supreme-grade talent. It could absorb the power of death between heaven and earth, integrate it into the Spiritual Palace, and quickly improve one's cultivation!

There was no doubt that Tang Xiao's talent was very high. With this talent, he didn't need to be selected. He could enter the world and dream of becoming a disciple of the Tantai Sacred Academy, one of the three Sacred Academies in Cloudy Dream Province!

But tonight, she was betrayed by her fiancee and was cheated by Leng Shiyin to go to the Cold Manor!

The soul of the palace was dug out by Murong Yutian and refined into his son, Murong Zhuling Palace!

The spirit palace was seized, and the dream of becoming a disciple of Tantai Sacred Academy was shattered!

The tendons of his hands and feet were also cut off by Murong Rong, and he abandoned them in the wilderness outside the city!

Murong Rong had become a genius and had successfully become a disciple of Tantai Sacred Academy!

As for him, he had become a cripple and had to die on his own!

At this moment, Tang Xiao, who was in the snow, gradually lost consciousness. The moment when she lost consciousness, a shocking thing happened!

"Buzz buzz—"

A majestic and sacred terrible energy surged out of his mind, and the snowflakes within a radius of hundreds of feet were torn into pieces!

In the next moment, wisps of milky white airflow filled with an ancient aura emerged from between his eyebrows and spread to his four limbs. Immediately, the wounds on his hands and feet were slowly recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye...


The next day, the sun rose from the east.

In the side yard of the Tang Mansion.

"Oh... Tang Xiao, do you still remember? I'm Fang Qianjin, the woman you protected with your life."

"I'm sorry, I broke my promise. I once promised you that you would live a good life in the Ancient Divine Imperial Court and wait for your return."

"But... but I can't accept the fact that I didn't have you by my side for so long."

"I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid that you'll be lonely in the mortal world alone."

"Tang Xiao, I'm here to accompany you. I'll return the Archean Divine Palace to you. I'll be in the Sacred Imperial Court of Tantai. I'll be reborn in the Dreamy Cloud Province's Tantai Sacred Academy. I'll wait for you to come find me."

"Remember, you must come!"


Tang Xiao woke up from her dream and suddenly sat up from the couch. She was confused and said, "It's this dream again. Who are you, Fang Qianjin?"

"Why did you always appear in my dream?"

For the past 16 years, Tang Xiao had the same dream!

In his dream, he could not see the woman's appearance clearly. He could only hear her sorrowful cries.

"Forget it, I don't want to think about it anymore. Now that my Spirit Palace has gathered a Death Palace soul, I can become a disciple of Tantai Sacred Academy. When the time comes, I'll see if I can find you..."

Tang Xiao suddenly stopped talking to herself. The scenes from last night surfaced in her mind!

He stared at his hands and feet and said in surprise, "Last night, the tendons in my hands and feet were obviously broken by the people of the Murong Family. How did they recover?"

He moved his limbs. Except for a little pain, there was no scar at all!

"Hmm, what's this?" Tang Xiao frowned. She could feel an ancient aura spreading from the depths of her mind to her limbs.

His entire body was filled with a terrifying power that he had never experienced before!

At the same time, under this kind of airflow, the pain in his legs and hands gradually disappeared!

What surprised him even more was that he did not need to cultivate deliberately. The Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi drilled into his glabella!

"Level 3 of the Spiritual Palace Realm?" Tang Xiao's face was full of disbelief. "My soul was taken away and my Spiritual Palace was destroyed. I'm already a cripple. How could I reach the Third Step of the Spiritual Palace Realm?"

With a sense of confusion, Tang Xiao closed her eyes, entered meditation, and began to check the destroyed spirit palace between her eyebrows...