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Supreme Phenix: Watch Out, My Lord

Supreme Phenix: Watch Out, My Lord



He was the Devil Realm's Devil Emperor. He was devilishly handsome, cruel and overbearing, but he only loved and doted on her. She, the God of War, Huang, was born in the Chaos. She was noble and indifferent, but she fell in love with him, who was a Devil Emperor. The love of gods and devils could not be tolerated in the world. Once it was revealed, the gods would attack. They were forced to self-destruct and reincarnate into the human world. "A good-for-nothing that can't be cultivated? A b*stard without a mother? He was bullied and starved to death? How ugly and stupid he is!" She pursed her lips and smiled. From now on, she would repay those who bullied her a hundred times over. What? He lost his memory after his reincarnation and had to break off the engagement? "Well, well, well. Now that you've gained the ability to reincarnate once, I'll help you to think about it." Palm the divine fire, refined the divine pill, found the soul, drove the divine beast, and moved heaven and earth.

In a shabby room full of spider webs in a shabby courtyard in the human realm.

A thirteen or fourteen-year-old girl was curled up in bed.


The vague consciousness gradually became clear, and waves of pain seemed to swallow Jun Huang.

"Cold!" The bone-chilling coldness and the piercing pain were like a mountain pressing down on her, making her unable to breathe. The bone-chilling chill felt as if someone had thrown her into an ice pool. The ice-cold water seeped into the water one by one, like needles stabbing into her bone marrow.

"Cold? Little bitch, how dare you shout cold? I'll call you, I'll call you!"

In the wake of this sharp female voice, there was a sharp pain when the whip hit her body.

Where the whip fell, the skin and flesh were torn open, and even a few deep bone-deep scars were left.

Jun Huang, no, to be exact, the original owner of this body had not eaten for eight days. In addition, the woman whipped him from time to time, so her body was extremely weak. She wanted to avoid the woman's whip, but she was powerless.

After an unknown period of time, perhaps the woman lost interest in the "body" of the whip, and the sound of the whip breaking gradually disappeared.

"Hu, bitch, don't let me see you again, or I'll beat you every time I see you! Hu!" The woman shouted arrogantly. Perhaps she was a little tired from the beating, or maybe the anger in her heart had been relieved. Finally, she left the room with the woman who had been watching the show.

A long while later, Jun Huang, who was lying on the bed, finally recovered a little of his strength. The long eyelashes of his face, which was covered with scars, slowly trembled. His eyelids struggled for a long time before finally opening a small gap. His bright red watery eyes were slowly opened, much like a red crystal that had been polished out of a rock. His clear eyes appeared extremely beautiful under the setting of this ugly face.

The first thing that came into Jun Huang's eyes was a dilapidated roof. The wood that was used to make the roof was already on the verge of rotting. The wooden shelves that were fixed in the surroundings were already on the verge of collapse. It was as if the room would collapse with just a stomp of his foot.

Jun Huang's consciousness moved and his mind sank into the sea of consciousness between his brows. When she saw a wisp of green flame the size of a fingertip floating in the center of an empty sea of consciousness, she slowly heaved a sigh of relief.

She struggled to sit up. A simple movement affected a few of her muscles, causing her to suck in a breath of cold air in pain.

Jun Huang stared at the pieces of cloth that had already been whipped into pieces by the whip. The clothes could only barely cover a few important parts of his body. His clothes, which were already covered in dirt and dirt, were now soaked in bright red blood, making it even more difficult for him to catch sight of them.

Through the clothes, the skin inside was engraved with complicated scars. After careful count, more than 10,000 scars could be seen all over the body. Some of the wounds had been healed, leaving ferocious scars. Some of them had already turned into blood scabs. Some of the blood scabs had been slapped away by the woman just now, and blood kept oozing out.

But most of the time, the whip marks were still bleeding. They climbed on the old scars, like bright red insects attached to the skin.

Jun Huang raised his hand and touched his tiny face. As expected, there were more scars on his face than on his body. One by one, his entire face had been completely destroyed.

Jun Huang's gaze was indifferent when he saw the scars on his body. It was as if he was looking at a stranger's body.

In fact, it was exactly the case. After Jun Huang and Mo Ye exploded their Divine Souls, they were separated by a mysterious force. Jun Huang didn't know how long he had wandered in the space-time gap unconsciously. When she opened her eyes, her Divine Soul was already in the Mortal Realm.

She sadly found that her Divine Soul had exploded into nine wisps. She had never heard that the Divine Soul after the self-detonation would be divided into nine wisps, and the remaining eight wisps would disappear. In the whole human world, there were hundreds of millions of countries. The population of a medium-sized country could reach billions, and the population of a middle-sized country could reach more than 10 billion. Finding the remaining eight wisps of Divine Soul was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

There were nine strands of soul, and each strand contained a strand of Jun Huang's divine flame. Fortunately, Jun Huang's remaining soul contained a wood spirit divine flame that represented life. This divine flame's attack power was the weakest among the nine types of divine flames, but its benefits towards Jun Huang were much more important than any other divine flame.

It was just like how all of the gods that had self-destructed and reincarnated would lose their memories after being reborn. However, Jun Huang currently possessed the complete memories of the God Realm. He relied on the ability of the Wood Spirit Sacred Flame.

Jun Huang, who possessed the Wood Deity Sacred Fire, would be able to completely heal his body's injuries in a short period of time as long as he wasn't killed by an enemy in one move. There wouldn't be any side effects.

In addition, this fire was the divine flame that had refined medicine with Old Lord Taishang in the God Realm back then. As long as a medicinal herb seed was placed into the Wood Spirit Sacred Fire, it would allow it to mature in a very short amount of time. Furthermore, the Wood Spirit Sacred Fire was able to completely extract the essence of the medicinal herbs to refine medicinal pills.

This body was the foundation of Jun Huang's future survival. After her soul exploded, the body she chose would accompany her for the rest of her life. She would never have the chance to choose again. Therefore, a good body was extremely important to Jun Huang.

This was Jun Huang's body that had been carefully selected after having consciousness. The main reason was that this body had a trace of the blood of an Undying Bird, and it happened to have just died.

There were quite a few people in the Mortal Realm who had the bloodline of a divine beast. However, Jun Huang could only choose young ladies who were of suitable age and had just died. If they were too old, even with their talent for cultivation, it would be difficult for them to achieve anything in the future. Moreover, if it was not for those who had just died, with Jun Huang's current Spiritual Strength, he would not be able to possess a conscious person.

Jun Huang endured a wave of pain that extended from his flesh to the end of his nerves. If an ordinary fourteen-year-old girl hadn't fainted from the pain, she would have groaned and screamed to relieve the pain in her body.

Jun Huang's expression was calm and the corners of his lips were pressed into a straight line. He sat cross-legged on the wooden bed and mobilized the wood spirit sacred fire within his sense of perception. He was just about to remove the scars on his body when he was shocked to discover that the meridians in his body were broken inch by inch. There was not a single trace of the spirit energy that a martial practitioner from the human realm needed to cultivate.

Jun Huang slowly let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she had just inadvertently swept her gaze across the Qi Paths in her body. If not for this, she would not be certain if the energy of the Wood Spirit Sacred Flame would be able to repair her inner Qi Paths after it had repaired her body.

If his body was repaired and his meridians could not be repaired, then there would be no difference between Jun Huang and a useless person in the future. However, if his meridians were repaired and he possessed spirit energy, it would not be a problem for him to use the Wood Spirit Sacred Fire to repair his broken body.

Jun Huang's eyes flickered. It seemed like he had to take a good look at his body's memories.

In order to prevent any accidents from happening, Jun Huang's consciousness entered his mind. He found the memories of the original owner of the body and slowly flipped through them.

With the flow of time, Jun Huang's originally indifferent expression gradually became filled with anger. When he saw Jun Huang's chest violently rising and falling in the end, a raging anger began to burn within his heart.

Jun Huang inhaled a deep breath of air when all the memories of his original body flashed past Jun Huang's eyes. He slowly spat them out. Her eyes roamed around her body. Both of her eyes were narrowed. A cold glint suddenly appeared. The corner of her mouth was lifted into a soft mutter, "Relax, I will not let off any of those people who have hurt you."

It was only now that Jun Huang realized that this strand of undying bird blood in his bloodline was not a good thing for the original owner. In fact, it could even be said to be a disaster.

For example, the original owner's death was caused by ten days of hunger. During that period of time, he suffered six beatings similar to today's, until he could no longer hold on and let go of him.

In fact, death was also a blessing for the original owner. She had never thought about what she would do since she had been stupid in killing people for six years. She had experienced such a cruel beating countless times in the past six years. The original legitimate Miss of the mansion had experienced the changes six years ago and lived worse than a servant.

Jun Huang didn't think too much about it. He slowly calmed down and became agitated.

A long while later, Jun Huang's emotions finally calmed down. With a slight movement of his consciousness, the Wood Spirit Sacred Flame followed Jun Huang's consciousness and flowed into a Qi Path. The gentle energy that was like water began to slowly repair the damaged Qi Path.

One by one, the broken meridians were re-formed into new meridians after the pale green strange energy flowed.

About two hours later, the energy in the Wood Spirit Sacred Fire began to dry up. When the last wisp of light green energy seeped into Jun Huang's meridians, the broken meridians were finally completely repaired.

The meridians in Jun Huang's body were much wider and tougher than before. It was an indescribable benefit for Jun Huang's future growth in martial arts.

Jun Huang slowly exhaled a mouthful of murky air and slowly opened his eyes. Although the environment in the room did not change in the slightest, Jun Huang still felt that something was different. It was as if there was a lot of tiny energy floating in the air. This was something that she had never felt before her meridians had been repaired.

Jun Huang didn't know whether it was because he was in a good mood or because his meridians had been repaired, but he felt that the burning pain in his body had eased a lot.

Jun Huang slowly climbed down from the trembling wooden bed that was about to fall apart. He searched the muddy ground under the bed. He did not have shoes and looked at the cabinet where a door had fallen. Helplessly, he shook his head. She did not have anything other than the cloth that was folded to barely hide her embarrassment.

It was at this moment that Jun Huang felt a sense of hunger from his stomach. His heart was filled with a desire for food. She had never experienced such a feeling in the Heaven Realm. It was only through the memories of this body that she realized that she was hungry...

Jun Huang shook his head helplessly. When she was in the God Realm, clothes were all formed from divine power. Heaven and earth energy was the food of gods. She had never been worried about food and clothing.

Knowing that it was impossible to find anything in the room, Jun Huang pushed open the door and saw the familiar courtyard in his memory.

The courtyard was not big, about five meters long and wide. It was surrounded by several broken fences. In front of the gate stood a dead crooked tree. The two sides of the courtyard were covered with weeds. It was late autumn and looked a little withered. A half-meter wide path was stepped in the middle.

Jun Huang swept his gaze across the courtyard and walked directly into the weeds on both sides. He squatted down and lifted the roots of the weeds as he continued to search for something.

A long while later, a pale yellow seedling the length of a fingertip appeared in Jun Huang's sight. Her calm eyes emitted a circle of joy.

Jun Huang carefully dug through the soil next to the bud. In order to prevent the fragile bud from being harmed in the slightest, he dug out the soil along with the bud's roots.

With the first harvest, Jun Huang obtained another three seedlings that were similar to them, as well as two seeds that emitted a faint black aura of death.

Jun Huang flipped through the entire courtyard. After making sure that there were no other seedlings, he finally stood up.

Jun Huang carefully carried the six young shoots back to his room.

Putting the seedling and its roots on the bed, Jun Huang sat down beside the seedling, picked up a light yellow seedling, pulled its roots out of the soil, wiped the soil on it randomly, put it into his mouth, chewed it a few times, and swallowed it.

After the seedling entered his stomach, a warm current gradually rose from Jun Huang's lower abdomen.