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All-rounded Farmer's Road to Rich

All-rounded Farmer's Road to Rich



Xiao caught a jade bottle from his girlfriend's mother in the temple of the public king. She learned how to make clouds and rain to protect the climate, so that the village could be comfortable with the wind and rain. She could plant whatever she wanted, raise what she wanted to make a fortune, lead the villagers to make a fortune, dominate the village, and marry a beautiful and lovely woman. She was as happy as a fairy.

"Xiao Shansheng, you're just a worker. Do you want to marry my daughter? Why don't you do the same thing as a toad? Get out of here as soon as possible, so as not to dirty my eyes."

A snobbish middle-aged woman, with a look of disdain, rudely pushed a strong and handsome young man out of the door.

Inside the door, there was a beautiful and charming goddess-like young woman with long legs. She cried sadly and cried across the door, "Brother Shan, Yun'er is waiting for you. You must come quickly to marry me..."

His beloved woman's sweet words made Xiao Shansheng's eyes red with anxiety. He wanted to rush in and be with her, but was stopped by the snobbish beautiful woman.

In the face of his future mother-in-law, Xiao Shansheng did not dare to push her away. He could only plead with her, "Auntie Wu, please marry Yun'er to me. I promise that I will let Yun'er live a good life in the future."

"Let my daughter live a good life? You are a poor worker with no money, no house, and no car. How can you give my daughter happiness? What right do you have to promise me?" The snobbish woman scolded with disdain.

Xiao Shansheng was suddenly speechless. Although he was tall and handsome, he was a worker, and his salary was not high. He only had more than 3,000 yuan a month, and his family was farming. It was good enough that he could not die of hunger. It was a dream to buy a house, buy a car, and marry a goddess-like beauty.

"Humph, you have nothing to say, right? Then get out of here." The snobbish woman said with a look of disdain.

Yun said anxiously, "Mom, you have to trust Brother Shan. He will definitely buy a house and a car to marry me."

Then he said to the door, "Brother Shan, didn't you say that you have a treasure that has been kept for 23 years? Are you going to give it to me? You can sell that treasure to marry me."

"Did you sell the treasure that you've kept for 23 years?" Xiao latter was both embarrassed and speechless.

However, Xiao Shansheng did not dare to reveal the truth. He could only reply, "Yes, yes, I have a big treasure. I promise that it will make Yun'er happy."

Yun'er's mother saw that her daughter was desperately winking at her, so she hesitated for a moment before deciding to give him another chance to get rid of Xiao Shansheng.

"Xiao Shansheng, as a worker, you don't have to think about marrying my daughter. But as long as you can take out 100,000 yuan within a month to prove your ability, I can consider marrying Yun to you. Otherwise, you can never see her again in the future."

Xiao Shansheng was both happy and worried. He had less than 1,000 yuan in his pocket now. Even if he added the five-year savings he had given Yun'er, he was still several times worse than 100,000 yuan.

However, Xiao Shansheng had to marry Yun'er. For her, he would do everything he could to get Yun'er, let alone 100,000 yuan a month.

After Xiao Heaven promised Yun'er and her daughter, he finally left Yun'er's house with a reluctant and full of fighting spirit.

As the footsteps in the corridor gradually disappeared, Yun'er, who was crying bitterly inside the door, had no tears on her face. Looking at the 20,000 yuan in her hand, she smiled proudly with her mother...

Xiao Shansheng walked on the streets of the county, looking at the high-rise buildings on both sides and the endless traffic on the road, but none of them belonged to him. He felt that his life in the past 23 years was really a failure.

He came out to work after he graduated from high school at the age of 18, moved the bricks and washed the walls, carried plates, washed the bowls, and slept in a large street. Five years had passed, but there was still nothing he could do.

The only thing he was proud of was that he had met such a girlfriend as Yun'er recently.

Yun'er was beautiful. Her face was pink and tender, and her figure was excellent. Her two long legs were even more attractive. She was a completely goddess-like beauty.

Yun was as arrogant as a goddess, but she didn't think that Xiao Shan had a low salary and was capable. She was willing to follow him and promised to marry him.

This time, Xiao Shansheng and Yun'er came back to their hometown to propose marriage to her mother. Before returning, he also told his parents that he would bring his daughter-in-law back to see them, but was suddenly kicked out by Yun'er's mother.

Now Tu Shansheng didn't dare to go back home even if he had a family. He really didn't want to see his parents' disappointed eyes.

But no matter what, he still had to go home. Compared with the disappointed eyes of his parents, he, who was filial, was more afraid that his parents would be anxious to wait until they saw him. Moreover, he had to find a way to get 100,000 yuan to marry Yun'er.

In the end, Xiao Shansheng could only take the bus back to the town alone. After more than half an hour, he arrived at the town and called a motorcycle in the town. Then he was sent back to the small village where Xiao Shansheng raised him.

The village was located in the middle of the mountains, with its back against a hill that was more than a thousand meters high. The village was named after the mountain, and it was called the Horned Hill Village.

The horned mountain was not only high, but also steep. A clear stream flowed down from the foot of the horned mountain. On both sides of the stream were rows of fields. Every time the rice was ripe, it showed a golden scene.

Every time the mountain wind blew, the golden rice waves rose and fell, sending waves of rice fragrance, intoxicating people. Every year, it attracted a lot of photography fans to pick the wind.

But today, Xiao caught sight of the clear and surging stream. Now, the rocks of the stream were exposed, and the stream was about to stop flowing.

Because of the lack of water, the rice in the fields looked weak under the sun in the sky. It was almost dead. If it continued to dry, it would probably be confiscated.

In the fields, some anxious farmers were sighing. Xiao caught sight of two men from the production team. In order to fight for more water to water their fields, they argued with each other with red faces and ears. In the end, they even fought with each other.

"Why is it so dry this year? Even if it's a drought, we can ask for shelter from disasters. Is there something wrong with the Public King Temple?" Xiao caught on worriedly.

Thinking of the Public King Temple, Xiao Shan and the Sheng family were not in a hurry to go back. They put their luggage on the road and turned to the mountain road in the corner of the mountain. He wanted to go to the Public King Temple to meet someone to solve the doubts in his heart.

Five years ago, when Xiao Shansheng went out to work, Xie Sizhu from the Guiwang Temple in the Horned Mountain specially came to see him off. He also told him that if he returned to the village because of women's problems in the next five years, he must go to the Jiaoxian Temple to find him.

In the past five years, Xiao Shansheng did not take much notice of Xie Sifeng's words. When he brought Yun back this time, he was very pleased with himself. He felt that Xie Sigong was making a mystery of himself.

But after the blow of refusing the marriage today, he began to feel that this wish was a little mysterious. Was there really fate? Did he know that my proposal was not going well five years ago?

It was because of this doubt that he didn't have time to go home immediately. He just wanted to find the answer and see if there was a way to solve it so that he could marry Yun as soon as possible.

After climbing for two hours, Xiao Shansheng finally arrived at the Temple of Duke Wang, which was halfway up the mountain.

He panted and searched every corner of the temple, but he didn't see anyone. He only saw a letter on the desk.

"Xiaosan Sheng, tear it down personally."

It seemed that Xie Sizhu was sure that he would come to him. Without hesitation, he opened the letter and read it.