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Dumped My Husband To Marry You

Dumped My Husband To Marry You



Ningxiang never thought that she would marry an old man. But she just got married. If you're going to marry, then so be it. It just so happens that you've run into a handsome man. Chen Xiang couldn't resist the temptation of the handsome man, so she dumped the old man at home and ran away with the handsome man.

It was snowing outside.

This was the third day after the marriage of Chen Xiang and Liang Bozhao.

Early in the morning, Liang Bozhao went out of the door. After he left, Ningxiang slowly got up from the bed. Until now, she was still in a trance, as if she didn't know where she was.

She was obviously dead and had died in a bowl of tonic from the house owner's mother. But when she opened her eyes, what came into her sight was not the underworld, but the bridal chamber after she got married at the age of sixteen.

She found herself in a mirror. In the mirror, there was a fair and lovely oval face. On her extremely beautiful facial features, her watery eyes were crystal clear, like a new moon hidden in the clouds.

Ning Xiang had always been beautiful. She was famous for her beauty in all the villages. Since she was a child, her neighbors had said that she was so beautiful. When she grew up, she would definitely enter the palace to be an imperial concubine for the emperor.

Luo Xiang Village was a small village. Although it was beautiful, it was also very remote. No one had ever seen the emperor, not even the county magistrate. Although the neighbors were joking, everyone felt that it was not a bad thing to marry a handsome husband to a rich and honest family.

Therefore, when Mr. Dong gave his daughter to Liang Bozhao, the villagers all smacked their lips behind him and said that it was a pity.

"Who is this Liang Bozhao? He is just a villageman in the wild. He is tall and strong. No one can tell when he entered the village. He doesn't usually communicate with the villagers. He looks quiet and doesn't look easy to get along with. Some children will take a detour when they see him. His family is also poor. There are two thatched houses, and he doesn't even have a piece of land. It's said that such a delicate little girl like Ningxiang doesn't want to marry him. I'm afraid even Aunt Mi Hua, who is in the west of the village, also dislikes him."

Besides, Liang Bozhao was already in his early thirties, more than ten years older than Ningxiang. If he married Ningxiang, wouldn't he be like a flower inserted into the cow dung?

The villagers were discussing among themselves, and their tongues were almost chewed rotten.

As for why Dong Laohan wanted to marry his daughter to such a barbarian, it was because the Dong family had a young son who went to the river to play in the heat of summer because of his greed. Unexpectedly, he drowned in the water. Liang Bozhao happened to pass by and went down the river to save people, which saved his life. The Dong family was a good family, and Dong Laohan was even more honest. He only regarded Liang Bozhao as his benefactor. Seeing that his benefactor was over 30 years old and hadn't gotten married yet, Dong Laohan decided to marry his daughter.

After getting married, they could not live a peaceful life. Ningxiang was unwilling to get married, so she naturally did not like Liang Bozhao. As for Liang Bozhao, he did not have much to say, so he could not make any noise. They often could not say a word for a whole day. Every time Ningxiang saw a couple of similar age and harmonious love, she would envy them very much and often shed tears secretly. When she looked at Liang Bozhao again, she could not help but feel more upset.

Originally, he had thought that this would only be the end of his life. However, he did not expect that in the next spring, the rich young man in the city, the Third Young Master of Rich Zhang, rushed back from the capital city to return to his hometown. When he passed by Luoxiang Village, his mouth was dry, so he went to the Liang family with the attendant to ask for a bowl of tea. After that, he was amazed by the fragrance. Then, he tempted him in all ways. Relying on his handsome and romantic appearance, he gave birth to a clever mouth, which made his little wife, who had never seen her before, fall in love with him. Her heart was all on him.

Ning Xiang still remembered that Liang Bozhao had gone to work in the city that day, and Third Young Master had climbed over the wall. The two had just spoken a few words, and Third Young Master had sworn that he would marry her back as a Young Madam. The sixteen-year-old woman was immersed in the sweet words of her lover, but her husband suddenly came back.