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Love Dilemma

Love Dilemma



General Romance

Love between young lovebird been seperated by the interfere of third parties. He disappear without a single words. He left her for few years. She struggle so much in her life meanwhile she was born with silver spoon. She hate him as much she love him. One day, he's back, but is that as the person she love before or not? Will they reunite? So many twist in their life.

  My heart beating so fast. I don't know the reason. Why suddenly i feel like this? I feel like something bad gonna to happen. I can't concerntrated to the meeting. As the CEO of the company, I have to attend this important meeting. We have to complete this million dollar project within a month. I try my best since i took over as the CEO of the company from my father. My father, who is a business thycoon in London, always blessed and back up me. Its not only in business but everything and every moments in my life. Its can be said as 'born with a silverspoon'. Since i was young, I get everything the best in my life but only that, which i would like to delete from my life. Whenever its just 10minutes left for the meeting to break for lunch, i still feel like few hours left. I can't hold myself to get out of the conference room to get a fresh air. " Ma'am, shall we break for lunch right now", asked my GM. Its get me back to the reality. "Oh, yes. We will be back after the break. See you all later. Have a healthy lunch".

  I'm sitting in my office suite during my lunch hours. There is a hot food in thermos at my coffee table which cooked by Aunty Lisa. My family kitchen helper. She was with us as second generation. I love her cook since i was young. Im almost in early 30's. Hahax, i cant imagine, how long her family served for us. But today, it didn't met my appetite. I feel empty and worried. Im not sure why. I'm not sure what's wrong with me. Since I received a call from Bobby, my private investigator and personal bodyguard, i really feel worried. Bobby told me the accident my dad met few days ago was well planned. Luckily, nothing worst happen caused it was Bentley. If it was a normal car, i cant imagine, what going to happen to my dad. Im the one supposed to be the victim. I have cancelled last minute caused im really not feeling well, high fever. Uncle Goh, my family doctor advice me to admitted at his hospital until my fever down. My dad take the iniciative to attend the meeting. While he was returning to home after the successful business meeting, he met the accident with the lorry. Firstly, we thought its really was an accident but the next day i received a warning blank call. After the call, i have asked Bobby to investigate throughly.