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General Romance

In the end of the winter it was the end of her happiness and the beginning of her struggle and sadness , NISAN who was warm person , now faces a harsh and cold life on her own , will she find someone who bring back the shine and warmth to her life again?!

  It’s 2 o’clock now in a rainy day I was laid on the bed trying to sleep but I couldn’t, I was thinking about all the memories of me and my family one year ago.

  how just a one year could change my life completely !!


  “Ah it’s finally the last exam in my college life, I’m so happy , I wanna back to home and sleep “ Nisan said .

  My friend Ruby was also the same as her “ I feel like 90’s elder lady, I wanna sleep for a week, so don’t expect from me to get out with you this week “ Ruby said

  I wasn’t Listening to her , I was looking to my college with a teary eyes “ well I think it’s the end here , we will leave this place, don’t you feel anything about it?”

  “ mmm to me I’m really happy because I will graduate, Nisan even if we leave the place here we still have the memories of us and we still have each other and everything will be the same , that’s the important to me and that’s how I feel “ Ruby smiled .

  I still silent, looking around her for a bit , then we walking together to the bus stop .

  At this time I didn’t now that after this there’s nothing will be the same.

  “ I’m home “ , “ mom , dad , I’m finally going to graduate “ I hugged my parents with happiness , “ oh look to my beautiful daughter how she grew up “Nisan mother said



  “ Even if she grows up, she is still my spoiled girl “ With kissing her forehead Remas father said



  I laughed and asked “ mmm then what would be your little girl gift ?”

  “ it’s a surprise “ my father winked to me .

  “Ok I will wait “.

  “ Go rest now , I’ll call you when your brothers and sister come to the dinner “ mother pushed me to the room.

  “Ok I’m going I’m going “ ,I went to my room and sleep for a while.

  After sleeping a little while I wake up then and took a shower and dressed nicely and I got down to the kitchen “ mom what is the dinner?”

  “Oh I cooked steak ,pasta , pizza and salad”

  “Mmm it’s look delicious”

  “mom I want mash potato too can you cook it please?”

  “ ok ,but can you help me ?”

  “Yes mamy “I said with a smile on my face and start to cook with my mother .

  The door knocked ,my father went to open the door , his first daughter Julia and his both sons was on the door ” hello father” .

  They went inside, Julia hugged me “ congratulations sweetie, finally you are finished , I’m so happy for you “.

  “Thank you sister, I know I caused a lot of trouble to you, I will compensate you everyone when I will get my first salary “

  They laugh as my second brother said “ I’m waiting “.

  We all gathered on the table for the dinner, First brother looked to the wall clock “ third brother doesn’t want to come? Didn’t you tell him?”

  “I called him and told him but I don’t know why he didn’t come “ father looked disappointed, with a bothered face on My mother , she says “ I hope he will not come, we want to enjoy this night, if he come he will make this night awful “. “Mom , don’t say that , you always fought with him why can’t you say anything nice to him?!!”

  “First brother and mom please can we change the topic, it’s our sister celebration” Julia said .

  With a frown face I start to cut the steak and eat it , I remained silent but I know deeply in my heart that my third brother hates me , anyone can know it because of how he treats me badly , even treats his mother badly what would I wait from him, tbh I really don’t care about him, and always hoped that he wasn’t my brother.

  After that day me and my friend went to the pharmacist association and then to the Ministry of Health to join, I want to prepare my papers quickly so that I can start working , Then I booked a photo session for graduation and started taking care of my skin. Two days left for the photo session, I was very happy, but suddenly it was announced in the country that curfews were imposed and people were forced to stay in their homes due to the Corona virus , The news was very bad for everyone, fear spread among people, “how could this happen?” I saw my dreams fade one after another.

  “What will happen to us?” , my mother was ill for a years she was and still suffering from diabetes and my father have heart disease, I was scared that something would happened to them.

  “You must be disappointed honey!” Mother looked to me , “ don’t worry, everything will be good when they found the cure and now as pharmacist you should thinking of way to the cure” father teases me ,I smiled to them but I know that my parents were trying to comfort me “dad, mom I’m the youngest daughter , I was born after 13 years , I think god give you a gift like me so that I can take care of you as you are elders , so rest assured I will do everything and I will make you both look like you live in a hotel” , as I said those words to my parents , they start to laugh at me , I was pleased at the sight of them laughing , I felt a warmth in my heart , I didn’t want to lose this warm ,parents or my home “ please God protect me and my family, please give us the strength in this ordeal, God I know you’re with us whenever we are “.