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A Wildfire

A Wildfire

Author:Misty Dawn


General Romance

A young woman (Khloe) finds herself in bed with a sorority girl(Dani) after meeting her at a party. The pair soon finds out that they fit together with a very special bond. With the help of Dani Khloe begins discovering a part of herself she never knew existed. The two engage in a Mommy/girl relationship, but Khloe is struggling to keep a heavy secret.

  Chapter 1


  'Go for it! Get it baby girl!'

  The younger blonde I had my eye on all night retrieved the shot glass from my cleavage and tossed her head back, emptying it into her mouth.

  Everyone clapped.

  'You're a natural. Are you a future pledge? What's your name?'

  She wiped her mouth, blushing.

  Khloe: 'Ka-Khloe. I'm Khloe, with a K, but I don't know. Maybe. I haven't decided.'

  'Well, maybe I could help sway you? Let me show you around?'

  Khloe: 'Oh, uh-huh, yeah, sure.'

  She seemed to be flushed.

  Not knowing if it was her being nervous, the warm temperature with all the crowded bodies, or the booze, I decided to take her up to my room.

  Being one of the top scoring sisters for the Colympics

coed Olympics

I got one of the four private rooms on the front of the house with balconies.

  They are smaller, and have smaller bathrooms shared between two rooms.

  She held my hand tightly as we went up the stairs.

  She looked a little confused when we got in my room.

  'Don't worry I'm not making a move, unless you want me to. You looked a little worked up, so I thought some fresh air on the balcony would do you some good.'

  I continue to the glass door and open it, motioning for her to go out.

  Khloe: 'So your big convincing tour is just your room?'

  I sat on the small cement bench and took her hand pulling her to my lap.

  'And the balcony, keep up kid. I like your watch, is it a smart watch?'

  I grabbed it to examine and she took it off to show me.

  Khloe: 'Yeah. It's not very attractive, and I need to have the band fixed, but it's handy. I keep my phone in my pocket if I have one, or my clutch. So, as long as I'm in the same room as my phone, I can get incoming notifications.'

  'Professional party girl. A smart one, too.'

  Khloe: 'It's very useful. Especially if I misplace my phone. I can make it ring, even on silent. Out of the Bluetooth range, it only does basic stuff. Stores basic info, tells time, counts steps, and I think there's a calculator.'

  'See, you should clearly join next year. This is the only time in my life I've had a fine ass girl in my lap, and had a calculator be mentioned.'

  She was blushing again.

  Khloe: 'So you want me to be your sister, but you think I look good?'

  'More than good, baby girl, you're the only one at this party who even caught my eye.'

  Khloe: 'Oh, but still, your sister?'

  'Unless you'd rather call me Mommy. I would be your superior.'

  She couldn't think of what to say, and it was noticeable.

  'I am just talking smack sweetie. Any questions about our little greek home here?'

  Khloe: 'I really don't even know what to ask. As nice as the fresh air is, it's a little chilly tonight.'

  She crossed her arms and I ran my hands over them, feeling goosebumps.

  'Come on in, I'll give you a shot of a little something special, warm you up.'

  She stood up and I went to the drawer where I kept my better liquor stashed.

  She sat on my bed.

  'OK, all will warm you up. This is a really good shot, but nice and sweet, you'll go out and party your ass off. This will help you wind down, you could chat a bit, but you'll be ready for a good night's sleep before long. Then there's this....'

  I took two small glasses and sat them on the bedside table, then sat beside her.

  'It's not really strong, at all truly, but this is the one you take to just toast to a good night. It's the one you take if you are OK keeping the party in here, with me, mainly in my bed. Don't let me pressure you, at all. I'll pour whatever you'd like, or nothing at all, you can just go right back out there with no hard feelings. But, I do love that last one I mentioned. It tastes just like cherries.'