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General Romance

August Villin was a name people feared. Cruel and powerful, his anger was a storm that never went away. He was the monster that lurked in all of your worst nightmares, waiting for you to cross onto his dangerous path. But the gates of hell swing open and all hell breaks loose, When they cross paths.


  I slammed the door as I left the house, angrily walking down the sidewalk.

  I hated my stepmother.

  Why did you have to leave me with her, dad?

  Sighing, I crossed the street and walked further down the road.

  I had no clue as to where I was going. I just moved here.

  All I knew was that I needed a break from her constant degrading words.

  Sighing, I kicked a pebble and looked up at the stars.

  It was cold outside. Probably around midnight. But I loved it.

  Nighttime was the ideal time for me. Rarely any social interactions.

  I found comfort in the darkness.

  I kept walking until I heard a scream. It startled me for sure, as a gasp escaped my lips.

  What the fuck?

  I walked over to where I heard it. At the side of an abandoned looking house.

  Peering around the corner, my heart sank at what I saw.

  There was a man laying on the floor, blood spilling out onto the grass around him.

  He cried like a baby as he cradled his stomach.

  Around him stood five tall figures and I felt like I was watching a movie.

  "Fucking Chainsaw Massacre." I mumbled and my eyes instantly widened as I realized I said that out loud.

  They all looked in my direction and I took that as a sign that I should start running.

  So that's what I did.

  The Usain Bolt in me came out and I sprinted back down the street desperately.

  Ha! Not today, Satan!

  My heart sank into my foot as I heard footsteps running swiftly behind me.

  But I was smart. I ran behind a few house, taking random turns but memorizing the direction of my house.

  I jumped over a fence and listened as the footsteps ran by.

  I did track at my old school, so this was honestly a breeze to me.

  Sighing, I dusted my jeans before standing on my feet and making my way back home.

  Dealing with her, beats getting killed, I guess.

  Truth is, she was beautiful. I loved every aspect of her appearance.

  But when my father died, she decided to take out her grief on me.

  So I started caring less and less.

  As I opened my door, I made sure that I didn't make a sound.

  I rushed up the stairs and went into my bedroom, locking the door and sighing.

  But when I turned around, I was scared shitless.

  There was a figure sitting on my bed. I knew it couldn't be my stepmother,

  As he was tall and his shoulders were broad. His exposed arms were covered in tattoos, straight down to his fingers.

  He stood up and I caught sight of his face. He was fucking gorgeous.

  His eyes were a colour I couldn't describe. A blend of silver, blue and green.

  They shone brightly under the dim light of the moon.

  His jaw was perfectly sculpted and his eyebrows were arched naturally.

  His lips were almost red and he licked them before crossing his arms,

  And that's when I noticed the gun in his hand.

  "Done?" His extremely deep voice asked, making me shiver against my own will.

  This must be the sexiest man I've seen in my entire life.

  He had a scar running through his eyes, giving him a look that screamed 'Death'.

  Dear God,

  If this is death, could you please resurrect me so he may visit me again? Amen.

  He rolled his beautiful eyes before aiming his gun at me.

  I was scared, but my outside appearance didn't show it.

  I was poker faced. Absent-mindedly I started humming the song and amusement flashed in his dead eyes.

  He lowered his gun before placing it in his waistband.

  I sighed in relief, letting out a breath.

  "What can I do for you?" I asked casually, as if he didn't just hold a gun to you head.

  "Depends. What did you see?" He asked, adjusting his watch.

  "Nada- Nothing- I'm legally blind- I mean- Fuck." I rambled and his eyes scanned my face.

  His features told me that he wasn't as old as I thought he was.

  He looked to be around my age.

  Tattoos ran up his neck and he ran a hand through his hair.

  "You're new." He stated and I nodded, wondering how he knew.

  This was a big city, after all.

  "How'd you know?" I asked and he tilted his head slightly.

  "You don't know who I am, yet." He answered and I furrowed my eyebrows.

  "You'll see." He shook his head before going over to my window.

  "That's weird, you know. Appearing in my room like that." I stated, leaning against the door,

  His lips tilted at the end slightly, a sign that he has smirking.

  "Goodbye, Victoria." He said and I was stunned.

  He disappeared into the darkness as I blinked. Like he was never here.

  How? I live on the second floor and I knew for a fact that there was nothing to climb onto,

  To get into my room. Even if you jumped, there was nothing but hard concrete below.

  And again I ask,

  What the fuck?

  Shaking it off, I locked my window and took a shower before laying in bed.

  Tomorrow would be my first day of school here and I was honestly not thrilled.

  You know that thing teachers make you do, where you stand and introduce yourself?

  I always try to act like my legs won't move.

  It never works, trust me.

  Rolling my eyes, I grabbed my phone and texted my old best friend.

  She never responds anymore. But I get it. Distance puts a gap in a relationship,

  When you're accustomed to seeing that person everyday.

  But I also knew that when you wanted something to work,

  Effort was needed.

  In this case there was no effort, and after a little coaching I decided,

  Fuck it.