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Y/n a girl who committed suicide. She gets a second chance at life and tries to find her wife but ends up falling in love with a different person and will do anything to be with her even if it mean she has to murder.(idk anything else to say to just read it.)

The old street lights shined on Y/n who was running in the rain to get home. Today was Jennie's son's birthday he was turning five today. Y/n had to work late that night and forgot to tell Jennie

Jennie was Y/n's wife. Doyoung was the son of Jennie's last relationship. Even though his dad is not in his life y/n treats him like he is her son.

Y/n tried calling Jennie but she knew she wouldn't answer she was probably mad.

This is doyoung's first birthday without his dad and he was so excited to see Y/n since she said she was getting him something he has always wanted.

A dog that's what was in the small cage y/n was carrying.

Y/n soon makes it to the house unlocking the door with the spare key Jennie gave her.

Just as she thought the house was quiet and all the lights were off.

Y/n walks upstairs to see doyoung sleeping in his bed. She walks over to the boy kissing his forehead before going to the bedroom she shared with her wife.

"Why did you get home so late," Jennie asked y/n sitting on the bed. "I'm so sorry my boss told me to stay longer." Y/n apologized taking off her coat.

"Doyoung was sad. Did you at least get the dog?" Y/n lifted the cage letting the small dog out.

"I'm going to take a shower," Y/n told Jennie. Jennie nodded getting up to leave. Y/n quickly grabbed her wife's wrist turning her to look at her.

"Are you mad at me?." Y/n asked. It was obvious yes she was mad at her but she didn't need to be it was a mistake.

"You missed his birthday you know how happy he was," Jennie yelled. "It was a mistake I'm sorry. My boss made me work late." Y/n tried to defend herself but it was no use Jennie was pissed.

"You could have told your boss no y/n. I don't even know why I let you around my child you're worse than his dad at least his dad would be there for him on his birthday. Let's get a divorce I don't want to be with you anymore." Jennie told Y/n to take off her ring.

"Really over one damn birthday. I have taken care of him like he was my child but you get mad at me for one birthday." Y/n was in disbelief at how Jennie was acting.

She had to work late it's not her fault she didn't want to be fired then they would be homeless.

"Y/n it's not just about his damn birthday. It's every day you don't spend time with me anymore it's like you are always at work or therapy for your damn depression. You are always sad and bringing down my and doyoung's mood. If you're so depressed just go kill yourself" Jennie yelled at y/n.

"Do you really want me too," Y/n said, tilting her head down to hide her tears? "Yes." The pair stayed in uncomfortable silence for several seconds maybe even twenty minutes.

Y/n didn't know if Jennie meant what she said or not but if it is going to make Jennie happy then she will do it.

Y/n smiles at Jennie one more time walking out of the bedroom and going back into the rain. The rain didn't feel like it did before this time it felt more cold and gloomy.

Y/n didn't know how she should do it. Maybe fall off a building or drown. She could do anything.

Life was getting a little too hard for her.

She didn't tell Jennie she got fired a week ago from her high-paying job and that some of the bills are overdue.

She was working as a janitor and doing other small jobs to make money and she didn't tell Jennie that her mom that has been sick for a year now died.

Y/n was always seen as happy. She was always smiling and trying not to let others see her pain. Maybe Jennie was just having a bad day but Y/n didn't care now.

She has been thinking about this for a few days now she even has tried to overdose.

Y/n has been struggling and no one has known they all treat her badly she was just tired at this point but she kept going for doyoung and Jennie.

But now that Jennie was gone what was the point she lost the last thing she cared about her son.