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He was hunted by some Centuars and Satyrs after he'd breached the orders of the underworld. Then they pursued him till he lost them to a forest. He was found by some of the creatures who he killed. He stayed in the forest for a while till a lady came to the forest. He was surprised to realize that other creatures existed and stole after her till he found a voluptuous village. He returned to his stead (the trunk of a tree) and would go to steal the babies of the inhabitants of the village. He kept on this and travelled to other parts of sewn villages whenever there was no baby to steal anymore. Nemesis caught up with him when it was time for him to be stolen. Ah! He who steal will be stolen.


      His heart was in his mouth. He wanted to allow the breath a space. He had been running and needed to rest. He wasn't sure if that was the best time for him to nurse that feeling.

     The numbers of trees there were beyond expectations. He hadn't thought he was going to see anything close to those. The trees were scattered in spree across the forest and he couldn't awe their undaunted stance. His heart wasn't his anymore.

      His hoofs were sticky and his chest heavy. There was a rhythmic jive which his reasoning had supplanted. His rage could not sway on it. He looked.

      There was nothing in sight. The view was clear and dainty dusk was dragging by. He looked up. He saw mists in groups and felt like elevating to touch the recently growing-moody sky. He remembered. That was not the time for the thought.

      He took few steps backwards and decided to seat by the root of a tree. He tottered towards the tree and had his back to its bark as he slid down on his back down the root. Then he heard the crunching of leaves few steps away.

      He stood abruptly. He needed to be sure that he wasn't hallucinating. He thought he had lost them. But it did seem as though he had fed himself from the bowl of sapid lies. His back was to the bark.

     He watched keenly and curiously. He wished that he could pluck his eyes out and send it to figure out who was there. He knew that he wouldn't be able to stand a chance with five of them at a time.  He wouldn't take chances.

      Then like he was caught in a trance, he saw a Satyr and Centaur making for him. He had no idea how they had seen him.

      "How wrong I to think that you're this sensible."

        He moved forward. There was no point in hiding anymore. No dignity to that of course.

       "You two don't want to end up like your mates."

       At that, the Satyr seemed to be really vexed. His eyes were like ember tensed and beaten. He knew that anything could happen at that moment.

       "May hell kiss you!"

      He said charging at him as he ducked the ferocious pounce that he was going to lance. Thank goodness that he was smart enough. But two of the Satyr's fingers had made tracks in his flesh.

       "Armageddon personify you!"

       He was at the middle. The Satyr was to the right and the Centaur to the left. Twas no cake walk anymore. The two charged at him at once.