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Contractual Lover

Contractual Lover



Realistic Urban

In a luxury hotel, Helen’s dear sister, Ava gave her a drink with drugs in it, and introduced her to a middle-aged man. Ava was intended to ruin her reputation! Helen knew she had to fought back. So she came to Ava’s fiance, Frank’s room with this drink. Then Frank was drugged by the drink Ava gave her and slept with her. When Ava thought Helen was raped by a greasy middle-aged man, and brought many reporters to her room, Ava only found Helen in bed with Frank! Helen did it as revenge for Ava’s cruelness, but she didn’t notice the key point in this scheme. She was meant to ruin Ava’s marriage, but she didn’t expect that Frank would haunt her for the rest of her life! “Helen, don’t even think about running away from me!”

2 A.M

The atmosphere after the battle was filled with a strong sense of debauchery. Clothes were scattered all over the floor. Helen Smith got up from Frank Williams' bed, physical discomfort causing the look of sad on her face to disappear in a flash. Then she pretended to be happy soon and walked towards the bathroom.

It's comfortable that hot water poured down from the shower head to her body. Helen paused for a moment, then turned around and smiled widely at the man through the translucent glass.

Frank was half lying on the bed, a cigarette burning between his beautiful fingers. Behind the smoke was his handsome face, his hawk—like eyes staring at the people in the bathroom without a trace of warmth. No one knew what he was thinking about at the moment.

Helen didn't mind at all. She had never expected Frank to give her any face, much less any love.

In any case, her goal was almost achieved, and nothing else mattered, even though she had just lost the most precious thing.

Helen walked out of the bathroom after the shower. The scratches on his body made her eyes twinkle, and she was a step away from him. The curve of her lips deepened, "Brother—in—law, do you want to take a shower as well?"

That's right, the man in front of her was her sister Ava Smith's fiance. They were going to be married next month, so it would be non troppo to call him brother—in—law now.

Frank turned a deaf ear to her words. He threw the unfinished cigarette into the ashtray beside the bed. He stared at her without any emotion as he asked, "Why did you do this?"

Despite knowing that he was her brother—in—law, this woman still dared to use such a shameless method. She had truly lived up to her good reputation for shameless!

He lowered his gaze and pupils suddenly contracted. A biting cold aura emanated from his entire body, and the warmth from before was completely gone. He looked at Helen with a look of disgust in his eyes.

"I don't understand what you're talking about. Brother—in—law, you have to understand that you're the one who raped me."

Helen's smile was overflowing with joy. Her words were shameless and annoying, but there was still a trace of disdain in her words to prove that she had no feelings for him.

Frank suddenly moved his body and grabbed her throat. Although he didn't say a single word, his deep eyes seemed to tell her that he was angry and suspicion. No one could scheme him, but she did this and succeed.

Helen continued to smile faintly, her eyes shining like the stars in the night.

Helen understood his anger. She pretended to be Ava to invite him here, and even tricked him into drinking a special bottle of drink. The drug's effect and her intentional seducing made it to happen in a minute.

Now, it was time to settle accounts with her afterwards!

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Frank increased his strength a bit, "I’ll give you one million dollars, and don’t speak it out."

Helen stirred up eyebrows, "If I say I don't want money, I did this because I like you, would you believe me?"


His answer was straightforward without any hesitation at all.

He was right if he did not believe it, even Helen herself did not believe it!

Her sister, Ava Smith, was a sweet girl who was easy going. Her words were always warm and gentle, as if she would never get angry.

That was the kind of woman he liked, but Helen wanted to know more if Ava knew that her fiance drank the drinks she prepared for her younger sister and even slept with her. As for the middle—aged man arranged by Ava, had been knocked out and tied up in another room in the hotel by her younger sister, what kind of expression would she have?

Would she remove all of her disguises from so many years in front of the crowd, and tear her apart angrily?

Just by thinking about it, Helen felt very interesting!

When Frank saw that she didn't answer him, the aura around him became even colder. With an unquestionable dignity, he spoke again, "Helen, don't be delusional, and don't even challenge my bottom line. Take the money and disappear immediately."

Then he let go and took out his cheque from his pocket and filled in the sum.

Helen didn't waste this great opportunity and pretended to be wearing clothes as she quickly took out the phone and typed: Things went smoothly, room 1608, and then sent it over to Ava.

It was the greasy man’s phone, and she had taken it with her when she left that room.

Frank handed over the cheque and Helen tore it into pieces without a sight. She casually waved her hand, "I said, I don't want money!"

She clung to his neck, her red lips were seductive.

"Frank, I want you!"