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Lucifer Morningstar And His First Love

Lucifer Morningstar And His First Love

Author:Lucifer The Devil Himself



This is a story about Lucifer Morningstar and his first love Detective Chloe Decker,inspired by Netflix show "Lucifer" But with changes and, with a, happier ending.Ending was inspired by many fans of Lucifer and i hope you will enjoy it.Note This isja my first novel and, ia amkoga sorry for some grammar errors

A jet-black vintage sports car sails down Sunset, cruising through the adult Disneyland that is nighttime Los Angeles. Neon and billboards reflected on the windshield. The Devil himself. Say hello to LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR

POLICE OFFICER: Turn the music down, sir. POLICE OFFICER: Hey, cut the music. LUCIFER:


I'm sorry.

music volume decreases

POLICE OFFICER: You know why I pulled you over? LUCIFER: Well, obviously, you felt the need to exercise your limited powers and punish me for ignoring the speed limit. It's okay. I understand. I-I like to punish people, too. Or at least I used to. POLICE OFFICER: License and registration. LUCIFER:


Coming right up.

Lucifer brings out a lot of cash...

POLICE OFFICER: Are you trying to bribe me, sir? LUCIFER: Yes, of course.

LUCIFER: Is that not enough? Take more. It's only money. POLICE OFFICER: It's against the law, sir. LUCIFER:


You people are funny about your laws, aren't you?

Lucifer:You break the law sometimes, don't you? POLICE OFFICER: Sometimes... I put my siren on and drive really fast for no reason at all, just 'cause I can. LUCIFER: Right? And why wouldn't you? It's fun. It feels good to get away with something, doesn't it? POLICE OFFICER: Yeah.

LUCIFER: Uh, it's okay, Officer. People like to tell me things, those deep, dark, naughty little desires that are on their mind. It's a gift. Must be something about this face. You're tempted to keep that, aren't you? Well, what are you waiting for, permission? Go on, take it, buy yourself something pretty. You deserve it. But if you don't mind, I really must be on my way.

POLICE OFFICER: Oh, yeah, of course. Hey, have a nice evening. LUCIFER: You, too, Officer. You, too.

Lucifer pulls up in front of his bar, Lux

Hey, boss.

Lucifer glides through... soaking up the sights and sounds of elegant debauchery like a proud, modern-day Gatsby. His eyes land on the exotic, dark-haired beauty tending bar over yonder. MAZIKEEN. But she’s always been just MAZE to Lucifer. She leans seductively with her back against the bar, doesn’t turn around as Lucifer approaches...